As we all know, Lee Chong Wei’s latest lost to Chen Long in an Olympics Games Final in Rio is really heart breaking. It wasn’t easy for the great badminton player from Malaysia to stomach as he has lost two earlier finals. He wanted to bow out from the Olympics in a glittering fashion but to no avail.

A mother (Not Lee Chong Wei’s real mother) with the surname of Lee wrote a heart breaking letter that you make most of us shed our tears. It was written in Mandrin and it will be translated so that most of us can understand the content of this letter.

I was very calm after the match,
I watched the TV screen,
It’s showing scenes of the opponent celebrating as if he was in a concert…
Throwing his racket, kneeling on the ground,
Shouting, crying,
Running around, showing the heart gesture, taking off his top…

I kept on telling myself,
Let me see Lee Chong Wei, let me see Lee Chong Wei,
But when I actually saw you, the way you left the court sadly, I teared instantly…

I cried not because you did not win the Gold Medal,
I cried because I feel for you.

If we look back at Lee Chong Wei’s career journey,
It is an inspirational one.

From the beginning, he was a shy, normal young man,
He loves badminton, he wants to play badminton.

He did not start with a bang,
On the contrary, he was defeated again and again, and was even considered as second-rate player.
Through his own efforts, he finally joined the top players in hall of fame.

Maybe many people will find that,
He always loses to Lin Dan in major tournaments,
But his rank was always higher than Lin Dan.

The reason being that he will not give up the opportunity to compete in any competition.
More competition, means more points, and that pushes up the ranking.

Why can’t he be like any other top player?
Participate only in major tournaments?

It’s because he cannot attain high level trainings back home.
He can only make up to that by joining competitions.
To improve his competitive skills.

Lin Dan once said,
“Lee Chong Wei is a very excellent player,
But I have a excellent team.”

This explained Lee Chong Wei’s hardship perfectly.

Over and over again he surprised his opponents,
Although he looks like he lacks aggression,
But he always managed to force his opponent to focus when they are up against him.

He made Lin Dan fight with all his might – this is Lin Dan’s respect to him.
He fuelled Chen Long’s hunger to win – this is Chen Long’s respect to him.

A person that can be a threat to others, is a good opponent.

And he, threatened his opponents’ status again and again,
Such a person, it doesn’t matter what medal he gets,
Because to his opponent, to play against him is like getting a “Wild Card”.

To me, he has never lost to anyone.
He is just like everyone else, losing to time and age.

No one can be forever young,
There will always be a younger generation that will catch up with us.

He participated in 4 Olympics, 12 years’ time,
He finally won against Lin Dan.
But he will not have another 12 years,
To win Chen Long.

We feel sorry, but not because of the Gold Medal,
We feel sorry for you.
We don’t want you to win for us,
We just want you to win for yourself.

You have spent so much time,
Carrying Malaysia’s flag with you in all the competitions,
You have brought us pride,
Because of your effort,
All of us who are eating Egusi at home,
Can gaze upon our national flag on TV without doing anything.

34-year-old veteran,
There are many reasons to retire.

But because of the lack of talent,
The country needs him.
He fought his very best,
And fought until the very last point.

What was the very last point?
The very last point was the Finals up against China.

He completed “the whole tournament” in the very best way.

Did he lose?
He was World Number 2 throughout the 12 years.

For 12 years, he only lost to World Number 1.
These 12 years, he remained on that position.
But World Number 1 is not the same person anymore.

Perhaps to others, he is forever Number 2.
Perhaps to others, it is his fate.

But to me, he will always be that best Supporting Actor.

He helped propel others, but he himself is not inferior in any respect.

Perhaps many years later,
No one will remember who is the main actor tonight,
But for Malaysians, we will never forget the outstanding supporting actor.

Lee Chong Wei,
For many years, you covered the whole Malaysia Badminton arena.
Today, let us cover you.

Do not apologize to us,
We do not need your Gold Medal,
Because you are our National treasure,
To us, you, are priceless.

Just now my son asked me, isn’t the competition over?
What are you waiting for?
I said,
Waiting for him to stand on the podium to receive his prize,
Waiting for him to wear the medal.
We will accompany you, for the perfect curtain call.

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  • arjunsharma 1 year ago

    It’s great condole from her mother

    • jason 1 year ago

      Not from Lee Chong Wei’s mother. From another lady who is a mother! 🙂

  • We salute you. You are the best and admire your mastery and guts and your never give up attitude to this sport we all love so much. You are a true hero.
    South Africa