This is finals of the World Junior Championship 2009 of the men doubles badminton tournament which was held in Malaysia. Chooi Kah Ming & Ow Yao Han took on another Indonesian pair of Berry Anggriawan & Muhammad Ulinnuha in the finals.

This match is full of drama. Even it’s only a junior event but the stadium is really lively with all the shouting, cheering and jeering. As you know, Indonesia and Malaysia has a big rivalry in badminton.

Junior level or senior level the rivalry between Malaysia and Indonesia is so intense. Nice to see Bambang coaching the Indonesian Juniors and they are really doing great.

Anyway enjoy the match of the finals. To all my Indonesian fans, Jangan marah ya… ^^

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Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

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  • remarkable comeback!!!

  • dicky 8 years ago

    thanks alot to jason posting this video;)

  • 30% of home supporters were already walking out of the stadium at 16-20 down uttering the words “Malaysia tak boleh”. Ow’s body language, the concentration manner reminds me of Cheah Soon Kit, of course they have other things in common, they are both one helluva good doubles players.

  • Well done, Malaysia. Now the problem is can they bring it to the senior level? malaysia has more world junior champions compared to Indonesia, but in the senior level Indonesia still fare better, e.g Yeoh Kay Bin, what happen to him now? Indonesia’s Markis Kido and Lilyana Natsir is only the runner up in junior championship but both of them are the world champions at the senior level, they also managed to grab Gold and Silver in 2008 Olympic Games, hope Malaysia’s junior can fare better in the senior level

  • alicia 8 years ago

    do you have the other finals of the junior championship? 😀

    • jason 8 years ago

      To alicia : Unfortunately no. I thought the World Junior Championship wasn’t a hit but i was wrong.. No worries future will have it! ^^

  • Thanks Jason for both the semi and finals. Fantastic play, so refreshing to see the Jr.matches. This Malaysian pair may well be the next best Malaysian Sr. pair in the next few years. Congrats. Malaysia and Indonesia..what a match.
    Is there a possibilty to downlaod the matches, matches like these are worth keeping for future viewing.

    Cheers and thanks again

  • Ginee 8 years ago

    Jason,when can u upload French Open 2009 wd n ws ? upload faster pls..

  • syafa 8 years ago

    to leon:correction…Lilyana natsir and markis kido won bronze medal in WJC 2002 inPretoria.Lilyana also won bronzed for wd with Devi SUkma Wijaya. But markis-Lilyana won gold in AJC 2002.Both are among the junior medalists who are succeded including LD,LCW,CJ,BCL,DU jing,YU yang,Zhang Yawen,Hanbin and others.Just info

  • to syafa: thks for the info!

  • nice one i like watching the top juniors! good job

  • danny 8 years ago

    i am poor in english, i hope you can see what i say!

    i can’t see the vedio showing in normal,what is the problem? it is my problem only or other either?

    the problem is only this and last vedio( french open “ms”
    lidan and taufik ) can’t show.

    others are showing normal.

    what is the problem?

  • florence siew 8 years ago

    i have seen the men double match. That was interest and wonderful match. But how about the men /women single match?

  • Lennart 8 years ago

    Fantastic to watch!

  • Not only 4 great players. I know 3 of them by person.
    I’ve met them in Holland @ Dutch Junior.
    They all deserved to be in the final!

    It is good to see they make a lot of progression. Personaly I like to follow the next gen of top players!

  • i’m so proud of the M’sian junior players. SYabas dan tahniah to YAO HAN and KAH MING. I hope you guys keep up the good spirit and follow the footsteps of KKK & TBH to the international level.

  • achin 8 years ago

    thanks so much for posting these videos! would have happen to have to mixed final?

  • Carrick_86 7 years ago

    please update faster!