To be honest, i am really impressed with the new Lee Chong Wei in 2010. Chong Wei didn’t had any problems winning the Korea Super Series 2010.

Chong Wei finished off all his opponents in straight games. Boonsak Ponsana, Chen Jin and Peter Gade was wipe out by Chong Wei’s speed and shuttle retrieving in court.

To be honest, before Chong Wei took the court against Peter Gade, i was 100% confident that Chong Wei would win the Korean Open. Although Gade showed good spirits when he beat Chen Long and Park Sung Hwan but the way Gade played wasn’t that convincing.

This Proton Malaysia Open Super Series will be no different as Chong Wei looks set to win it again with the absence of Lin Dan. I wouldn’t say that Chong Wei is ready to beat Super Dan but with the Chinese dragon absence, i don’t see anybody stopping Chong Wei.

Bao Chunlai, Jan Jorgensen, Chen Jin, Chen Long, Simon Santoso, Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade step aside this time around. I don’t really see any of those players giving problem to the new resurgence of Chong Wei.



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  • Peter 8 years ago

    Agree. We dont even know if Super dan is even training as much as he used to, since his absence has been so long. Maybe he will have another resurgence too 😛

  • Whr is the match of LCW vs PG? Pls upload! 🙂

  • rahim 8 years ago

    please upload the match LCW vs Chen Jin and LCW vs PG in korea Super siries 2010. thanks..

  • Studx 8 years ago

    i think lcw is ready to take down the so called “super dan”. in my opinion lcw will beat lin dan in two straight games.

  • the jockey 8 years ago

    Well, if LCW stumbles in the Malaysian open there's always Hafiz Hashim. This will be the year that Haifz rules the badminton world and all that money that BAM spent on him will come to fruition! To all you Hafix haters, get ready for the power of …the Hashiminator!

  • simonex 8 years ago

    I think you may see the world in one side. Now I can confirm that Lin dan can stop lee. isn't it?

  • chfromhk 8 years ago

    lin dan can stop lee chong wei in elsewhere, but not in malaysia

  • the jockey 8 years ago

    Nobody in world badminton wins everytime but everyone in world badminton loses. LD, LCW, Gade, Taufik, they have all lost's nothing new. What counts is who will win the big 3 tournies, the AE, the worlds and the olympics. All the hall of fame greats have won big tournies. In this day and age, I think that Indonesia and Denmark and Malaysia should thank god and appreciate that they have Gade, LCW and Taufik…because if you look at the facts, China has over 1 billion people and by sheer numbers it is not surprising that they always seem to have a pool of up and comming great players. I dont understand why so many ppl are surprised when China comes on top in terms of badminton? They should be surprised and grateful that they even have players in the top 10 . I mean, if Gade and LCW and Taufik did not exist the badminton scene for these countries would be pretty dismal.We may be in the golden age of modern badminton and mark my words, once LD, LCW, Gade and Taufik retires, you may not like what's comming after them. Enjoy this golden age of badminton while it lasts.

  • Soundrarajan 8 years ago

    Hey u guys anyone cant stop Dato Lee Chong Wei in Malaysia Open he is a legend in badminton!!!!!!MALAYSIA BOLEH………….1 MALAYSIA…..

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    6 months ago, I said the tide (LCW Vs LD) will change, glad you are now convinced but time will tell.

  • Ava-eggtart 8 years ago

    To BE the man you have to BEAT the man. LD is the MAN until someone can beat him consistantly and soundly in the big tournies. Whether LCW can beat him remains to be seen, as they say ” talk is cheap” and “the proof is in the pudding.” I will be convinced along with others when I see LCW raise the world and AE and olympic gold.

  • loveindonesia 8 years ago

    yah lagi jaya2nya aja dia… semua jg ada masanya…

    cm lin dan maen, mngkn ceritanya akan lain

  • If anything.. I hope the tourneys will be entertaining. If they both play awesome badminton the better for us, who watch.. and the better for the sport!

  • kingkong 8 years ago

    hm, LCW, i rather disappointed him last year, cuz he lost few games and sometime played without soul specially in Lining tournament, but seemed he is getting stronger in 2010.Okei, maybe too early to comment, but let see when he faces LD. btw, he often plays perfect matches in Malay, but let's wait until All England. Anyway, while watching him played in Malay, he is faster, more agile, taking shuttle very early, had many unpredicted movements, more strenghts and more accurate shots.

  • Jan Jorgensen. Let's see if he can get as far as even having the chance to beat Lee Chong Wei… again 😉

  • markborj 8 years ago

    Can anyone tell why LD withdrew from proton malaysia super series? I was excited to see his name in the roster of players but was surprised that he withdrew. If LCW beats LD three super series tournaments in a row, i will be convinced LCW has become a better player. But now, it seems that LD is not joining tournaments anymore after winning the Olympics.