I guess i had too much time and didn’t know what to do. Browse through the China Super Series matches and came up with 3 of the very best rallies in the finals matches.

Not only that, i tried some video editing by putting music into the background of the videos. Hope you all like it. Enjoy the best moments of the China Super Series 2009! 🙂


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  • Ginee 8 years ago

    Y DUN UPLOAD MA JIN&WANG XIAO LI VIDEO…the france and hong kong super series …

  • Lennart 8 years ago

    Nice movie. Lin Dan too fast 😮

  • Martin 8 years ago

    Great vid! Loved the music as well.

  • stewart 8 years ago

    Thanks for the great selections, though I personally hate background music for badminton clips, because it covers up the sound of the shots and the steps. Without the sound of the shots, the video just doesn’t feel as exciting to me. I guess the best editing would be to turn up the original background sound, and fade the music as soon as the rally starts.

  • SWEET!!! love all three rallies!

  • They would also be my picks.

  • hey whats the song?

  • Pepper 8 years ago

    Very nice video Jason, And btw Lennart Mischa Zilberman is faster than Lin Dan and so is Shoji Sato ;).

  • Win s. 8 years ago

    Lin Dan = God!