It seems like the drama has not ended as the Chinese national team is rocked by many resignation. Almost the entire ladies team decided to quit the sports and some at a very tender age. Below are the lists of players deciding to retire which I think doesn’t make sense at all as they are still at the top of their games.

1. Tang Yuanting (Women Double)
2. Wang Zhengming (Men Single)
3. Yu Yang (Women Double)
4. Zhao Yunlei (Women Double/Mixed Double)
5. Tian Qing (Women Double)
6. Wang Shixian (Women Single)
7. Wang Yihan (Women Single)

So what is the problem to all these? I guess it got something to do with the recent Rio 2016 Olympics and also Li Yongbo! It is a waste for players like Tang Yuanting who’s only 22 to leave the game just like that as she has many more good years ahead of her. Even like Wang Yihan and Wang Shixian has many more years in them.

Something is just not right!




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