This video is made for you to train your footwork doing various fast feet exercises. These are for you to train your muscles to be explosive and quick when moving around the court.

30 seconds work followed by 30 seconds active rest (keep moving)

1. Split Hop
-Staggered behind, discount shoulder width, viagra staggered in front

2. Rotation Hops (“Scissor kick” hops)
-Like playing a shot in the back court

3. Rebound Jumps
-Straight legs, try using calf/upper body
-High jump, small rebound, High jump
-Explode up on the high jump

4. Mountain Climbers
-Push up position, staggered legs
-Switch legs back and forth as fast as possible, knee to chest

5. Full squat calf jumps
-Full squat down, jump up using just calf power, arms behind back

6. Single legged hops
-“Straight” leg using calf
-30 seconds per leg

7. Single leg square jump
-Jump in a square, land and go
-30 seconds per leg, 15 seconds each direction per leg

8. Single leg side to side hops
-30 seconds per leg

9. Single leg forward backward hops
-30 seconds per leg

10. Lateral Bounds
-Land on one foot load and push off as fast as possible
-Work towards distance and height

And Your Done!


Badminton Training

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