From my humble point of view, my home country, Malaysia, will not have a bright chance to carry the cup that they last won in 1992. A semi final appearance by them is considered as an achievement. I was watching the 1992 finals on the TV and trust me i was pumped up every point that Malaysia won.

It was 18 years ago. It took Malaysia 25 years to win the 1992 Thomas cup! Maybe i have to wait another 5 editions before i can see Malaysia carry the cup again?

My pick will be China again this year. China have a strong singles and doubles lineup. I don’t see any other country stopping them this time again. The only country that can give China a run for their money will be Denmark.

Denmark have 2 strong doubles pairing. Not only that, they can bank on Peter Gade, Jan O Jorgensen and also Joachim Persson for the points.

Sadly, Indonesia and South Korea wont have the depth to challenge China. China for the wind. What do you all think?



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  • Hey, I heard the Malaysia team was hit by the swine flu? Is this true?
    I hope it's nothing too serious =/

  • Barry 8 years ago

    I wish that my home country will win the Thomas Cup – Malaysia boleh!!!
    But to be tealistic….. i think China n Korea will be in final on both Cups… Tooo SAD to be true…..:(
    Hope that our Boys can prove me WRONG….

  • i disagree..only malaysia can stop the china run.. kkk & tbh are the top seed now ..lee chong wei as well..last point will be the malay pair..maybe china is strong but only malaysia can stop their run..

  • RayChiang 8 years ago

    I'm looking forward seeing the tourement, any country wins the cup is equal to me.

  • David 8 years ago

    I hope China will take the crown.

  • The Comedian 8 years ago

    I always cheer for Denmark. I hate hoe the Chinese play Badminton. The just Smash everything. It's gay. The Danish play real badminton.

  • Andy KL5800 8 years ago

    As Jason mentioned, my estimate is Malaysia enter semi-final. Of course hope that we can go further.

  • no doubt~(for me) Malaysia of course, even if they have lost~ support!

  • martin_ger 8 years ago

    i dont know man….i hope the indonesians can pull it out…they got taufik as single , kido and setiawan in double, and widianto natsir in mixed..but their appearances were not that overwhelming the last few month (except widianto/natsir in all englands).. i dont know if thats enough to stop the chinese power of lin dan and BC yun/haifeng and some good mixed pairings…

    greetings from germany

  • I fully support Malaysia will WIN!!! If LCW can get 1st point, it will boost up the spirit of the team like year 1992. As a malaysian, we also don't support Malaysia, who will support?

  • tdsis 8 years ago

    i think final gonna be malaysia vs china!but if malaysia have to face indonesia or denmark,thats gonna be tough for malaysia,i prefer malaysia can face korea at semifinal and beat korea since korea not include yong dae in their squad and their doubles not that tought as denmark and indonesia. as for china nothing much to say,a full complete team with 4 top single rank player and 2 top 10 double players,malaysia gonna have 40/60 chance up againts china if they were destined to meet at semi or final,lcw vs ld = 50/50,cai yun/haifeng vs koo/tan = 50/50,choong hann vs chen jin = 40/60(since choong hann once beat chen jin,i've got confident he can beat him again),dong/xu vs zackry/fairuz = 70/30(dont think they can beat the inform chinese pair),IF thien/hock vs dong/xu = 50/50(the malaysian 3rd pair is amazing!),BC vs hafiz = 80/20(BC in great shape) but IF chen long vs hafiz = 50/50…if indonesia or denmark vs malaysia in semi or quater…indonesia would win the 2nd single,2nd double,and 3rd single if againts malaysia,as for denmark,they would win 1st double,2nd single,2nd double and even 3rd single…korea..i can say they cant win againts malaysia,denmark,indonesia and china coz they gonna lose point to 1st single,1st double,2nd single to any of top 4 seeded team…im still wondering why they not field yong dae?injured maybe?

  • kunju 8 years ago

    u r dodolly wrong …

  • Willy 8 years ago

    Hey, smashing is also badminton. I believe the Danes would smash as much as possible if they can win points with it.
    China has been dominating and I hope other teams can play up to it, too.

  • kelvin 8 years ago

    hi jason.u r wrong.denmark lost to malaysia in semi final.malaysia boleh!