What more can i say? Malaysia had a great start when Lee Chong Wei and Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong gave Malaysia a 2-0 lead.

After that Malaysia went crashing loosing the next 3 matches. Wong Choong Hann, online Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari-Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif and Hafiz Hashim went down to Japanese opponents.

Once again, Hafiz Hashim has let Malaysia down. Anyway credits to Japan for playing well and stunned the Malaysians in front of their partisan crowd.

Malaysia is drawn to meet Denmark and i foresee another sad ending for Malaysia in front of their home fans at the quarter finals tie.

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  • man that is just cold ><! never expect malaysian badminton turns out to be like that

  • Yesterday only their first match. We can see that they only tried their best to win the match except Zakry and Fairuz. Looking back in 1992 Thomas Cup, the story is totally the same.

  • Cedrick 8 years ago

    Hey guys, it's just not fair to say such things. Japanese players have been improving recently, even LCW had a tough time against Kenichi Tago. Malaysia lost not because they wanted to lose (who watns to lose anyway?), but because Japan played better. That's all there is to it. Don't blame one person for the loss of the whole team, blame the winners because they've beaten your team. Condemnation won't do good to any player at all, just move on with it and focus your energy in supporting them in their next match. What do you think guys? (Reaction on FB posts)

  • tdsis 8 years ago


  • jameschew 8 years ago

    im not going blame anyone because the games always have winner and loser. it actually also depend on luck too. Malaysia lose this game, but still can make a suprise one the future games. gambateh Malaysia^^

  • Get more new players in future and give full support to our current player now……That BAM and fans can do now.

  • OMG!!Realy dissapoint !!

  • so pity……….
    from beginning i dont think that malaysia can stop CHINA and more be the winner….very pity….
    veryyyyyyy pity….
    just be a losser…

  • StepUpOrStepDown 8 years ago

    Just how the hell Choon Hann and Hafiz still playing for Malaysian National Team?

    Where the fuck is all the new boys from badminton school gone? 10 years of new talents went down the drains? I don't believe that. Just stop hogging the spots in the National Team, please retired already. I hate to see Malaysian Team lost in the hands of old and not up-to-par veterans.

    Step up or step down, as for the 2nd double. Get a grip, show some class even if you lost.

  • blastwave 8 years ago

    CW is always striking alone. Poor guy…

  • tdsis 8 years ago

    From 2008 until now, I sympathy to LCW! Open tournament up until Thomas Cup,he done great job and being a captain with all the burden on his shoulder,he really a “MAN”! Clap to LCW and BOOOOOOOOOOOO to those lapsap player

  • Simon 8 years ago

    Malaysia Boleh!! LCW Boleh!!! Try the best for the next!!

  • hello.. first time coming by.. tomorrow is the exciting match.. hope we can break thru the Great Wall.. 🙂

  • Hope we can break thru the Great Wall tomorrow!