Forehand drop shot can look like a clear or smash but it is hit much softly. Pull your opponents out of position and you are in charge of the rally.

The drop shot is hit from your rear court to your opponents fore court. It brings your opponent forward and leaves the space at the back where you can exploit.

The drop shot is used in singles and doubles and when played well it is a great way to pressure your opponents movement skills. Really good players diguise the drop shot making it even harder to return.

Start with a split step landing just after your opponents hit. Begin to elevate the forearm and take the racket back with the face downwards using the relax forehand grip.

Create a position with the shoulder and elbows in a line looking over at the front arm. You will need push off with your rear leg. The body rotates forward to the hit which is above to the shoulder with the racket face parallel to the net.

The elbow isn’t lock out and there is an angle between the racket and forearm.
After impact, the racket arm relaxes off and pronation continues as a result of racket head momentum.

Good players can add slice to really add pressure to the opponent. Watch this video to learn the basics of the drop shot.


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