The backhand drop shot is usually used when you are under tremendous pressure at the rear court that you cant play a forehand. It brings your opponent forward and let you stay on a rally.

The backhand drop shot is a shot being hit from your rear court to your opponent’s fore court. It brings them forward and you will have more room to exploit when your opponent is at the fore court.

This shot is mainly used more in singles rather than doubles. It is a great shot to get you out of trouble when you are out maneuvered. A good drop shot can reduce your opponent attacking options and also pressure their movements.

Split step and then start to turn. Note a small angle between the racket and fore arm and on approach the elbow is kept well below the racket head. Use the backhand overhead grip.

Lunge or semi lunge into the backhand corner. On the back swing the elbow rises and the racket head drops. This rotates the upper arm inwards and pronates the forearm on the forward swing rotate the upper arm outwards to create a pulling action on the shuttle.

Impact is usually behind the body and here the point of impact is quite low and is possible take the shuttle higher. Note the racket head must be angle downwards.


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