Forehand low serve is use a lot in singles. A good low serve forces your opponent to lift upwards and gives you the opportunity to attack from the word go.

The aim of the low serve is for the shuttle to land at the front of the opponent service box bringing your opponent forward and try to force a lift from your opponent.

The key is to get the shuttle travel low over the net so that you cant be attack. Perfecting your technique will help you to play the shot well even when you are at a crucial point of a match.

Using a forehand grip, pills with a high racket carriage take a balance stand close to the center of the court.

Weight transfer from the back foot to the front foot and the racket head continue to move forward.

The wrist will need to bend back and the wrist remains bend back on impact. After impact, troche the forearm pronate as the follow through is completed.

Note the impact takes place at in front and to the side of the body and remember to look for the next shot.


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