Home favorite Boonsak Ponsana took on Vietnam boy, Nguyen Tien Minh in the finals of the Thailand Open 2009 Men Singles badminton event. Could the Vietnamese defy the partisan home crowd to get his 2nd title on his belt? Check it out to find out.

I am back. I guess most of you miss your badminton very much eh? ^^ Anyhow stay tune as i have all the finals matches of the Thailand Open 2009 badminton championship.

Part I

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Part II

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  • After listening to this commentator I kind of miss the British ones…

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Zero : The British ones i think will be on Super Series events.

  • worst commentator ever. yawn.
    There is a difference between describing everything exactly as it happens and actually commentating on a match.

  • Franco 8 years ago

    thanx for the quick upload! Waiting for the WD final videos =)

    thanx for ur effort!

  • torkil 8 years ago

    Congratulations to Nguyen Tien Minh. Nice to see Vietnam have a class-player. Anyone knows how old Nguyen Tien Minh is?

  • toothfearie 8 years ago

    thanks for the uploads!!!
    I have been checking everyday 😀
    Some of the older videos cant be watched 🙁

  • sakaki1 8 years ago

    I love this site. Check it everyday. 😀

  • vincent la 8 years ago

    i love Nguyen Tien Minh…….he can progress quickly.I love Vietnam

  • Blaap 8 years ago

    Boonsak always makes hes matches speciaal!

  • Antony 8 years ago

    To torkil: Tien Minh was born in 1983 so 26 this year!
    Tien Minh played pretty well but Boonsak made some suicided mistakes too which made the whole game lots easier for Tien Minh.

  • Philip 8 years ago

    UNFORTUNATELY – The Commentator sucked 🙂

  • The game itself was great, but the commentator’s uselessly “talkative” comments spoiled the game!

  • Tien Pei 8 years ago

    the commentator said Tien Minh was 32 years old

  • this Nguyen Tien Minh aggressive! he got a powerful smash either

  • Jonathan 8 years ago

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you Jason for your job…

    Is there a forum where we can post and talk further about badminton ?

    I’m a real fan of badminton and even more since I’ve discovered thanks to you that VN has a good player haha…

    GO VIETNAM haha…

    Jonathan From Belgium

  • PhamNgocLong 8 years ago

    I've seen all matches of Tien Minh for a long time ago..His skill was improved alot,so it's nice exciting to watch his next matches..Jason,would you like to update his videos ?thanks very much!


  • PhamNgocLong 8 years ago

    No…Tien Minh was born in 1983,ok?

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Yes, there are a few of which this site is one. try http://www.badmintoncentral.com

  • Boonsak played better the first set.. but too many unforced errors.. 2nd set his fitness got the best of him (like the commentator said, he was in the hospital for 4 days for flue so that didn't help his fitness).

    Boonsak has a very nice backhand smash.. very good wrist action.. very enjoyable player to watch. He can go far if he gets his fitness up to par (and his accuracy on some shots).

    Thanks for uploading!

  • Great blog, this could be the best blog I ever visited this month. Never stop to write something useful dude!