First flash video. Need some comments about quality, speed and etc.. ^^


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  • Nice! happy to watch, fast and clear, glad u can find a great ‘video viewing’ website, haha~~~~ support u always!

  • Quality was fine, speed was not a problem. Nice to see new videos that are not banned like Youtube’s.

  • Quality and speed is perfect. I can see the shuttle 😮
    Can´t hardly wait!!!!

    • jason 9 years ago

      To TJ : Thanks for testing. Going to have bigger problem later. Guess what, will have problem with space in the future. ^^

  • wasedaxiao 9 years ago

    very fast. great!

  • To Bwu : Where are you from?

    Jason- I am from Washington state

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Bwu : From US should be fast! ^^ Didn’t know got badminton fans from the states as well. Welcome! ^^

  • Chris 9 years ago

    Yo Jason, speed and qualitiy is perfect. cant wait for new videos. btw, Gade and Taufik are the best!!!!!
    Greetings from Germany

  • Quality is good. Thanks for your hard work. Really appreciated. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Haha thnx Jason.. this site was too good to turn down. Was tired of watching sketchy clips on youtube!

  • Tianyi 9 years ago

    Nice Jason, definitely as good as Youtube if not better!

  • Fowler 9 years ago

    hi, may i know whether you have the video for european championship 2009 between Joachim Persson and Andrew Smith? Im trying hard to find that match between both of them.. Pls Help!

  • yoonx 9 years ago

    speed is perfect, quality is good. thank you very much for all the videos and up date

  • Hai Jason, the quality and speed are fine. Hope to see more new video from this site.

  • BojBadminton 9 years ago

    Quality good. A good temporary solution till you find a place to stream them, can’t have a huge storage of flash on this website im sure. There is Veoh that may work im not sure how their copyright strictness is but could be worth looking in to.

  • hi jason,
    spaceproblem…. is it posible to use different accounts? 😉

  • or is it posible to download matches on my computer (my faforite…) and you post the latest…

  • Hi,

    great work!

    can’t wait to get some all england 2k9 match ups!!

    I’m from Canada so we don’t get much badminton coverage here…unless somebody could point me to something interesting

  • Quality is great! much better than the standard youtube video, unless it gives you the choice; “Watch in High Quality”, which isn’t very common ( Videos from Cutelyenigmatik are generally of high quality but he has since stopped posting). What would be great is if you could allow us to download these videos and take anywere! Great job!


  • i like the new one. more clear

  • Valter 9 years ago