All England 2009 Women Singles Champions Wang Yi Han took on compatriot Jiang Yanjiao in the Finals of the Swiss Open 2009 Women Singles Finals.

It is really sending shock waves to the Women Singles event as this 2 players are unseeded in this competition. In the All England 2009 tournament, Wang Yi Han won the event while Jiang Yanjiao made it to the semis but lost to Tine Rasmussen.

So Women Singles from other countries, can you take the Chine Great Wall in this event? Even Xie Xing Fang lost in the quarter finals of All England and 2nd round at the Swiss Open.

Scary fact about this event but that’s the reality. China dominance in Women Singles is very hard to break. Anyway, enjoy the finals.

Part I

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  • thank you Jason for this final match. You are genius!!!!!!
    I miss out the AE woman final match, are u going to upload soon? TQ in advance.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To chan : It’s somewhere in my HD. Must find. Just wait ya… My line is really bad! =(

  • zoomdfw 9 years ago

    awesome video…loved it.

  • Upload the All England WS final video, please..
    I wanna see Tine Rasmussen beaten by the chinese, Wang Yihan…

  • Howard 9 years ago

    Where can we view or download the rest of this video ??

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Howard : To view it’s complete there already. No?

  • jjTan 9 years ago

    Hi jason
    You have the mix double final match!

  • Howard 9 years ago

    Ohh woops . thought it was onlii part 1 .
    Sorry .

  • wang.cly 9 years ago

    cool games..
    i hope for more Wang Yi Han Video 😉