The match that most of you all waiting for. Lee Chong Wei taking on Lin Dan in the Swiss Open 2009 Men Singles Badminton finals. As promised i will bring this match for all of you at Badmintonfreak.

Actually i just got this match today from the replay shown on TV. Was crossing my fingers as the rain would have disrupted my promise to all of you. Not only that, today i wasn’t feeling that well but since the support and request was overwhelming, i told myself this is a match where i couldn’t lee all of you down.

Thanks God all was fine and good and i hope you guys will enjoy this match as much as i do. It’s uploading to the server now. Give it some time it will be up. So to all Chong Wei and Lin Dan fans, this match is dedicated to all of you!

Thanks for the support and keep it coming ya?

Part I

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  • Andy Chai 9 years ago

    Datuk Lee…. U r the best ….u r proud of Malaysian ….all the best ….your next achievement is World badminton champion!!!!

  • yivon 9 years ago

    thnx ya joson^^

  • carmen^^ 9 years ago

    ya…lee chong wei was win…~~

  • Mate, Where is the Video???
    thanks for sharing

  • you are a gem jason. thanks.

  • Props for your dedication, Jason, and thanks for spending your time doing this. =D

  • Jason,

    thanks a lot for sharing this video…finally I can watch it again..thanks again… 🙂

  • “oops.. the olympic champion is struggling” haha
    Go Lee Chong Wei !! You had finally did it.

    Thanks Jason for the upload, you had really made my day.

    Btw, do you have the semi finals of All England 2009 specifically the match between Lee Chong Wei and Taufik? I heard that my face was shown a lot in that video and was so eager to see it !

  • thanks for the vid!
    do you have the womens singles from all england and swiss? I would love to see those matches to 🙂

  • Matze 9 years ago


    thank you so much, you’re like a hero to me !
    I love badminton in general so much but never thought that anybody would do such things like you do to make it possible, that we all can watch badminton at such a high level.
    Everyday I get out of school first site is always this one to look whether there is a new information about what’s going on in the big wide badminton world:)
    Thank you so much ! And please keep on uploading videos:)


  • badders 9 years ago

    thanks jason for the video, is there no way we can download any of these videos?

  • torkil 9 years ago

    Thank you Jason:-)

  • we should tell more people about this site. Thanks jason

  • Joker 9 years ago

    yo/..hooooooooray!!!!!!!!!!!!at last…i knew..hge can do it..keep on gonig chong wei..we are there for you.yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Welcome to you who loves to read…Im still new to blogging..

  • Hey Jason, i recently discovered this site like 2 weeks ago and wonder why i did not find this site earlier =) thanks so much. God Bless

  • jason,

    million thanks for your vid, it’s awsome

  • oh yes and well done LCW =D

  • Ah~~~~~ it’s on!!!! so excited! thx jason~ ^0^v

  • Andy Chai 9 years ago

    To Jason,

    Really thanks & appreciate your video sharing, i’m always looking for website to watch badminton match, this website really great for all of badminton fans, thank you so much, wish you all the best !!!!

    If Datuk Lee every match play like that, he really can make it for his 1st big tournament champion, cheers all fans……..

  • wirabiru 9 years ago

    Thanks jason. Finally, I can watch this game.

  • Such a high standard of play!! only the world’s number 1 and 2 player is capable of producing. Wish this is August 2008 and LCW’s Olympic medal would have been gold! Malaysia’s first…….its ok, it will happen one day.

  • FINALLY LCW WON….GG ty jason keep it up

  • where is part two???

    • jason 9 years ago

      To == : There is only one part! The whole match is there.

  • Badfan 9 years ago

    Thank you very much for the English version Jason.
    – For those who asked for other videos of AE & Swiss, please search from this site :

    – And the vids that Jason uploaded can be downloaded using Real Player 11’s download function. Just click on “Download This Video” function.

  • hey totally random question, can someone tell me what happened to bao chun lai? haven’t seen him in a while =)

  • mizzcool 9 years ago

    yahoo…chong wei beat lin dan…the best player in the world…serve him right lin dan…chong wei is not a dolls that lin dan can play….cayo’ chongweii…do the best in ABC in Suwon,Korea..7-12 APRIL 2009…ermm bao chun lai maybe ill or he’s busy with his career[model]so..he didn’thave enough time to practice and focus in badminton..china maybe fed up with him…all sort of problem that he has done …it was what i think for him..but ,who knows the real… can anybody tell me?

  • red_blood 9 years ago

    I read at that Bao has to undergo a Knee-surgery. But he will be fine =)

  • lukamaister 9 years ago

    Hi guys!
    Bao Chun Lai is injured. He needs to undergo knee surgery.

  • hey dudes, thanks so much for the update. although i’m not a big fan of Bao Chun Lai, he’s a great competitor with his cut drops and smashes.. he’s creates such great angles!

  • thye chan loong 9 years ago

    i just wanna watch the woman’s doubles btw wong peity chin eei hui n liliyana natsir vita marissa. why is it being removed?????

    • jason 9 years ago

      To thye chan loong : Youtube took it out. Don’t worry give me some time to put it up again! ^^

  • Lefty 8 years ago

    Thanks Jason! There is no badminton TV coverage here in the US so your uploads are just THE BEST!!!!

  • Thanks Jason! Keep up the good work. Great game! LCW is finally starting to read LD’s shots. Gotta say, I love the giant shuttles at the award ceremony.

  • Lim Zhi Xuan 8 years ago

    what ever what u all say lindan will still be the best!!!

  • hasan 6 years ago

    Hi Jason, what happened to this video? this was one of my favorit games.