Surprise surprise. Denmark has been seeded 1st in the Sudirman Cup 2009 based on their players world rankings.

Malaysia is seeded 4th and will make history if Malaysia qualify for the last four as Malaysia has not gone to the semi finals before.

Nonetheless, China is still the Super Favorites to win this year’s Sudirman Cup. Imagine how many tournaments their players had skipped earlier. No doubt, China is the team to beat.

If no upset happens, the top 4 seeded teams will meet each other in the semi finals. The only team that i see that could deter the top 4 seeds is South Korea. Guess what? South Korea same group as Malaysia! I smell danger…

For England, Hong Kong & Japan, it’s hard for them to make themselves heard in this competition. They will try to avoid last so that they won’t be relegated! I will try to get the Sudirman Cup draw up later.

Let the Sudirman Cup begins!

Sudirman Cup 2009 Seedings :-
*Had some extra time while waiting for my videos to load up.. ^^


Sudirman Cup Info :-

Sudirman Cup 2009 World Team Championships
Date : May 10 – 17, 2009
Venue : Guangzhou Gymnasiou, No. 783, Baiyun Avenue S, Baiyun District, Guangzhou China

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  • where can i download the surdirman cup videos? because i want to watch australia play 🙂