Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong took on Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng in the semi finals of the Sudirman Cup 2009.

Most of you are craving for this match. I have compiled this video and it’s only one video with the whole match.

It’s still uploading as it takes longer time to load now a days due to the quality that i have promised to all of you.

So be patience and enjoy this entertaining match.

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Part I

Click here to download this video

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  • Jason,

    The quality of the video now is good. What did you do? You fed your machine steroids?

  • teddbaker 9 years ago

    excellent job Jason…tnx a lot

  • Taufiq Yusop 9 years ago

    kim: Nice one lol!

    Jason, man you are awesome!!

  • George 9 years ago

    Anybody else having problem with the video after 61:03? The video stopped on me and I could see the last 6 minutes…

  • Sergio 9 years ago

    I have the same problem. The video stopped in the minute 61:03 and couldn’t watch the end of the match.

  • I have the same problem, the video stopped at 61:03 and I’m unable to watch the final minutes of the game!!

  • Ya, I can’t see the last few mins as well

  • barry 9 years ago

    video not working at all =X

  • Jacky 9 years ago

    Video not found.

  • genius 9 years ago

    same here with me, video not found

  • Ryan Q 9 years ago

    The video was not found

  • chiewshi 9 years ago

    yeah,video not found…
    give Jason some time,I guess he is trying to make some adjustment for the better quality video…wait patiently 🙂

  • George 9 years ago

    So … as far as I could find, there is no videos for WS and WD of the finals anywhere?

  • chiewshi 9 years ago

    Video is found !!! 🙂

  • sudirman cup semi final good matched ,but the video stopped after a few sec. ?

  • barry 9 years ago

    video stops right at 00:34 sec is there a problem?

  • Jacky 9 years ago

    Though I found it easier watching it on his youtube account.

  • Patrick 9 years ago

    Is this the full video? I only can watch for few second…then its stoped.

  • noypi 9 years ago

    this is a great video. i can’t download it though. how do i download it? good job on making this vid. really impressive!

  • did anyone have problem running the video? i couldn’t pass 34 s mark and the video stopped.

  • jason 9 years ago

    Wow, i see so many comments on the doubles match. I would apologize for not making it work.

    Had trouble uploading this few days because my line is slow and poor.

    It’s uploading now and will be ok maybe in 30 minutes?

    Enjoy … 🙂

  • Can only watch till the 18mins mark… still having problem with the video…

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Valerie : It’s still uploading. Very sorry my internet line really sux… =(

  • Thanks Jason! I saw your post at 12am last night, so thought already been uploaded… Sorry for rushing you Jason, take your time! =)

  • hope can watch lcw vs ld soon : )

  • Patrick 9 years ago

    now the internet line is very slow…so take your time…or you can upload it to your youtube acc…

  • safari 9 years ago

    why the video is not available for download?

  • Ghost 9 years ago

    LOL KKK fingered his racquet in the second game…wtf?

  • thanks for uploading this match!

  • WEN XIAN 9 years ago

    u can do it lee chong wei

  • aburockzz 9 years ago

    pity koo/tan didn’t win. they played beatiful game though.

    btw thanks 4 the upload jason.

  • ong siew bee 9 years ago

    I found this match in youtube There are part 1,2,3,4,5 of 8. How about part 6,7 and 8 of 8? Can you please download this matches in the youtube? These are all great matches. Thx in advance.

  • pedro 9 years ago

    I wanna know why there is no link to download the video?

  • lol KKK flipped off his racket at 38:47

  • THANKS! ! ! !

  • Kim Lang 8 years ago

    why is the video not play?;-(

  • link download?

  • hiyall 8 years ago

    vid stops at 3rd game

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Koo Kien Kunt and Tan Boon Fuk lose again…