The Sudirman Cup for 2009 is just round the corner. Every country is preparing their players for this mixed team badminton championship.

This competition comprises of men singles, pilule men doubles, women singles, women doubles and mixed doubles events.

For once, Malaysia will be sending a formidable squad for this championship. It has always been a poor hunting ground for Malaysia as our women players are not on par with other ladies from around the world. Not anymore!

If Malaysia put their squad according to rankings, this will be as below :-

Men Singles – Lee Chong Wei (Rank: 1)
Men Doubles – Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong (Rank: 4)
Women Singles – Julia Wong(Rank :12)
Women Doubles – Wong Pei Tty & Chin Eei Hui (Rank :1)
Mixed Double – Koo Kien Keat & Ng Hui Lin (Rank :28)

I am not too sure about whether has Malaysia made passed the semi finals of the Sudirman Cup, nonetheless i am quite optimistic Malaysia can qualify for the semi finals. If Malaysia could avoid the Chinese dragons, Malaysia might even make it to the finals.

Winning? Quite hard but an improved all round performances will be good.

Those are just my point of view. Ideas and criticisms are welcome! ^^

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  • O man.. can’t wait for the tournament to start

  • looking forward this Sudirman Cup…just wish all the best to Msia squad… 🙂

  • Malaysia has never made it into the semi. It would be the first if they do.. On paper China is 1, korea and Denmark is 2 and 3, then Malaysia, Indonesia follows closely behind. There is a 30 to 40% chance that Malaysia may upset either korea or Denmark if the former has a good day. I wish them luck.

  • yaya……….go go malaysia !!!!

  • Good Luck Choi

  • Denmark has been seeded No. 1 by vitue of

    Ladies Singles – Tine R – No. 1 world Ranking
    Men’s singles – Peter Gade No. 2 WR
    Men’s doubles – Boe and Partner No. 2

    Indon is 2, China is 3rd seed and Malaysia 4th. Korea is 5th!!??

  • Patrik 9 years ago

    Hi Jason if you are the one who will post the videos for sudirnam cup can`t you plese post a match with our swedish basmintonplayer Magnus Sahlberg if it`s possible thanks 🙂

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Patrick : We will try out best. No promises though as i have search on Youtube, there’s only one video of him only. ^^

  • Patrik 9 years ago

    Ok that`s cool, thanks you´re are great video poster 😀 take care

  • Jason, thank you for posting these vids, great work man. Keep it up.

  • Malaysia can win the tittle … Malaysia boleh! I love U !

  • i dont think malay can win. china has too strong of a team. they might make semifinal though

    • jason 9 years ago

      To ren : Yeah i agree with you. For Malaysia to win, they need to win the Men Singles, Men Doubles and Women Doubles. Any of this they don’t win then it’s gone with the wind.

      I don’t see how our Women Singles or Mixed Doubles can get any points against the mighty China.

      Don’t look to far first. We still have Denmark and Korea in our group! ^^

  • i think Malaysia has a fighting chance of winning against China. They could get points from the Men Singles, Men Doubles and Women Singles.

    Our Women Doubles is inconsistent. i think the best play from them is when they fought against Du Jing-Yu Yang of China in the French Open final last year though they didn’t win it. if they can perform the same play then they stand a good chance of contributing points for Malaysia.

  • Jason,

    The order of difficulty to win against China is

    1. Ladies Doubles
    2. Mixed Doubles
    3. Ladies singles
    4. Men’s singles
    5. Men’s doubles

    If Malaysia progresses to the Semi against China, you need everything to happen at the same time such as KKK/WPT to win XD, LCW to win MS and WMC to win LS. Its not a foregone conclusion for WMC to win, the only two top players she hasn’t beaten are Tine R and Zhou Mi.

  • Tim.. 9 years ago

    I hope malasia will win the title.. If they meeting china in the final.. I hope Lee Chong Wei will upset Lin Dan n TBH n KKK will win the man doubles n Ladies double to win oso… Juz wait n See Bax…

  • To Tim,

    Yes … i very agreed with u … Hope malaysia can win over the Denmark team tonight and meet china in semi final …. then continue the good performance to final and win the cup …. this is we .. supporter for malaysia team … move … malaysia boleh ….


  • MALYSIA 3 CHINA 2 YES……….!

  • kim chua 9 years ago

    I am so happy Malaysia won, even though I left Malaysia more than 20 years ago “My Malglish still can. Last time Malaysian girls no good in badminton, now can. You proud, I proud. China be careful, we not scared. Can win one” Hey Jason, pass or not?