In Malaysia, malady for every Super Series win, doctor the Badminton association of Malaysia (BAM) will add another RM25, hospital 000.00 on top of the prize money won by the player.

Now to motivate the coaches to produce more champions, BAM is thinking whether to give bonus scheme to coaches as a reward and motivate them to push their players into achieving excellence.

Is this a good way to appreciate and push coaches even further in helping their players? Your comments upon this matter is welcome!


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  • Henrik 5 years ago

    Of course! Every human being needs motivation, and money is important for everyone. Aswell as the players more wants to win if they get money, coaches does the job much better, if they know they can achieve even more for doing so! It means malaysia might get a new LCW, if we do this, because coaches will push the players, and players will push themselves, so that they get the ultimate results!

  • Yes, i think they should do this.

  • Hossein 5 years ago

    I thind this is good idea.They deserve to get reward for what they
    doing and coaching