To all my fans out there, its time now for Malaysia to be stand up and be counted! Malaysia upset Denmark 3-2 yesterday and will be taking on mighty China.

Malaysia will once again depend heavily and Lee Chong Wei and Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong to give Malaysia a good start. Any of this two looses, then we can kiss goodbye to our dream of winning the Thomas Cup after a 18 years wait.

It will be tough, the atmosphere will be good and I will be there. Any of you going? Any of badmintonfreak fans going please do call me up at +60196690168. We can stand together and shout our lungs out for our beloved badminton team.

Win or loose, let’s have fun tomorrow. See you guys there! 🙂


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  • tdsis 8 years ago

    man!I would love to go and lepak together with all those malaysian fans!but unfortunately im at sarawak working 🙁 and cannot go back to hometown kl,but at my office here we cheering and shouting for our country!plus my office got china people!HAHAHAHA so it will be tremendous atmosphere here at my office as well as 65% is malaysian(including me hehehe) 30% china people 5%indonesian people!I bank on choong hann and hafiz to bounce back!these 2 show some promise last night!

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Wasted. If not we can shout together right brother? ^^ Don't worry i will shout on your behalf. Kim Chua (A die hard badmintonfreak fan) just sms me asking me to shout for her as well! ^^

  • We've travelled over from New Zealand to watch – we're in the gold stand – whereabouts are your seats?

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    I am not sure yet Josh. The tickets is with my friend. So drop me a line ok? +60196690168! ^^ See you there! Who you will be cheering for? Malaysia or China? ^^

  • can someone record and post all the games between Msia & China .. plz .. plz … plz …

    I'm in manchester now .. don't have astro, tv1 or tv9 … plz … plzz

  • Malaysia, of course! Will text you tomorrow afternoon. 🙂 You around for the afternoon session?

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Yeah most likely ill be there at the afternoon session. ^^ But will be late i guess… Have a lunch date… ^^ Wish me luck ya.. ^^

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Will do brother… No worries.. ^^

  • wow! wish i could go there too.
    good luck guys! 😉

  • StepUpOrStepDown 8 years ago

    I would be piss off if they repeat their excuses like “It's OK to lose, our opponent is China” or “It's OK to lose in the final, have fun”.

    No, Seriously… it's NOT OK to lose anymore.

    …only mentally weak losers would give themselves excuses to lose, so that they can get their ass off the chopping board.

  • jjjjjjj 8 years ago

    When can we expect the vids to be up?
    I can't get any feeds here in Toronto


  • Wayne 8 years ago

    ouch for Malaysian fans. Being a die-hard china-fan, I would say Chong-wei (and probably KKK & TBH) was under tremendous pressure and didn't give 100% (probably not even 80%). It's not a fair comparison for their skills. Many people missed a key point – Lin Dan has genius personal coach. I believe he can make any player excel.

  • David 8 years ago

    I bet all you Malaysian fans are extremely disappointed. The Malaysian could not even muster a game out of the Chinese team. I think the pressure might have played a critical role here but then again, all the players on the team are veterans and they should be used to the intense pressure. Perhaps better luck next time. Any prediction as to who will win in the final?

  • jjjjjjj 8 years ago

    China will win in the final. Not just because I am a fan. But because China has better players.

    Lin Dan Vs Taufik (I think) Winner: Lin Dan
    Cai/Fu Vs Kido/Setiawan Winner: Closed, might be the Indonesians

    Chen Jin Vs ?(Sony is injured, so I don't know who plays here)

  • ruben T 8 years ago

    i thing china vs indonesia is real final 🙁 maybe 3 – 1 )
    lin dan vs taufik (may be lin dan win)
    cai yun/fu haifeng vs markis/hendra setiawan ( 50 – 50 )
    chen jin vs simon/sony ( 60 – 40 )
    ghuo xen dong /xu chen vs hova/alven ( 40 – 60 with alven / nova (ind) wins )
    chen long vs simon/hayom ( china 60% – ind 40%)
    so i think china maybe the winner agian

  • Jolie 8 years ago

    hey guys, are there any videos coming soon? would love to see lin dan vs lee chong wei but didnt found ANY videos ANYWHERE… so diappointing =(

  • David 8 years ago

    Jolie, we should give Jason a break. Probably he is just back from the games, exhausted from screaming his lungs out. I don't know where Stadium Bukit Putra Jalil is but I guess it's in Kuala Lumpur.
    As someone with a Chinese heritage living in the United States, I hope China will beat Indonesia in the final. I think the matchup also looks favorable to the Chinese. But I'm just a novice.

  • Matthew Miao 8 years ago

    Please do record and post all the games between Malaysia and China ……. as I am Sydney won't be able to fly over there to join you guys at such magnificent moment ! Again, I love this website and all you fans, doesn't matter which team I support !

  • angelo22 8 years ago

    cant wait for you to post the matches even though im a big lin dan fan i still salute lcw he brings the best out of lin dan

  • Not to discredit badmintonfreak but you can already find youtube videos about the matchup between LD and LCW.. ( has it uploaded, it's not full match, just highlights, so for that you'll have to wait for Jason to post it).

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    This match may not be posted for a while yet. Millions of Malaysians are still shell shock at this moment. On the other hand, had Malaysia beat China, badmintonfreak site would be a target of computer hecking.

  • No offense to your MS and MD teams… but aside from those did Malaysia really stand that big a chance? I mean of course it's a disappointing defeat but the odds weren't really in favor of Malaysia if I'm not mistaken.

    In any case why would any badminton fan mind matches being posted of high quality? Even if the one they supported lost, seems rediculous to me.

    If it's any concelation, Belgium doesn't even have top ranked players, cept for women's doubles where I think we're top 50 or something. So maybe Malaysia isn't better than China (which is arguable at some accounts) it's still far superior to many other countries in the world. We just don't have the level of experience / coaches / …

  • Also to look at this from another perspective (not to take away from any individual performance of course).

    They represent more than 1/5th of the world population.. that's just uneven odds xD

  • Well Matty, I think it's the 21-8 in the second set that is difficult to digest for our malaysian friends

  • To correct myself, it's mixed doubles we're top 50 or 100 in not woman doubles xD. Just so I don't sound like a total dumbass hehe (which I'm sure I already do).

  • Matthew 8 years ago

    Jason, when are you going to post the matches… I just can't wait…. Thanks !

  • Gutted we missed you. My phone operated terribly the whole time I was in Malaysia. Many apologies.

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    No problem brother. We still have many chances to meet up right in the future? You back to New Zealand already? How was your trip to Malaysia? Good? ^^ Hope you had fun here…