Latest reports from the BAM that Rexy Mainaky’s job is safe for now. According to the officials, if Rexy is committed and does his job well, he will not be sacked or sent home.

The main reason for Rexy’s latest outburst is that he’s not happy with the working environment in Malaysia. I guess, i have stated earlier, too much politics and too much of interference by officials who thinks they know more then the coach.

For Malaysia badminton supporters, we can breathe a sigh of relief at this point of time as Rexy is staying on.

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) are surprised over an outburst by Rexy Mainaky but they are ready to answer any doubt that the Indonesian has on his status as the country’s doubles chief coach.

The BAM felt that Rexy should fear not about his job or his status in the national team set-up if he had carried out his tasks accordingly.

On Sunday, Rexy defended his commitment in serving the national team and justified his role as the doubles chief coach in a press conference last Sunday after his charges, Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, lifted the Malaysian Open title.

The win ended Malaysia’s three-year wait for a men’s pair to win the home title. Kien Keat-Boon Heong were the previous winners in 2007.

Rexy did not give reasons for his outburst but raised enough room for speculation that he was unhappy with his working environment.

He said that he had carried his job faithfully and had done his best as a coach for Malaysia since he took up appointment in 2005.

He felt that the BAM had undermined his role based on the rumours he heard but did not specify.

The BAM general manager, Kenny Goh, said yesterday that they hoped Rexy would thrash out matters close to his heart with them.

“His reaction comes as a news to us (the BAM). We did not know that he felt this way. He had never expressed it to us,” said Kenny in a press conference at the BAM’s office.

“The key word here is communication. He is allowed to speak to us any time. In BAM, we have a system. If Rexy continues to do his work and meet his KPI (Key Performance Index), he should not be afraid of being sacked. He should not be unduly worried.”

Kenny denied that there was a plan to sack the Indonesian. And he did not think that the appointment of Tan Kim Her as a doubles coach for the national set-up had anything to do with it.

“The BAM still have trust in him. In fact, I have spoken to Rexy about Kim Her. He said that Kim Her’s presence was good for the team,” said Kenny.

“He has agreed to come out with a proposal on how best we can make use of Kim Her and will present it at the next CNT (coaching and training committee) meeting.”

Kenny added that the BAM consistently reviewed their programmes and the coaches.

“In the recent Malaysian Open, some players met the target but some did not,” he said.

“Some of the rival players are improving. China quietly took three titles in the Malaysian Open. We have to continually review and see how best we can move forward.”


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  • Barry 8 years ago

    I don't think so…Jason!!! This guys from BAM can't be truseted!!! They are up to something behinde the screen.. we will c……….

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Hope they don't do shit at our backs! -_-

  • well…dat's better than Thailand's case. have you heard about the resignment for the whole thai national team, including all the coaches!???