Today’s Star Newspapers titled : Rexy’s tears expose strained relations with BAM

Is the relationship between Malaysia’s Rexy Manaiky with BAM getting bad and sour? The news below is taken from the local daily newspaper :-

NATIONAL doubles chief coach Rexy Mainaky vent out his frustration and exposed a strain in his relationship with the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) after breaking down in tears following the sensational win of Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong in the Malaysian Open yesterday.

He hugged Kien Keat for a long time on court after the victory and at the press conference later, he broke down.

Although he did not state exactly the reason behind his outburst, it was obvious that Rexy was defending his credibility as the country’s doubles chief coach.

He felt that someone from the BAM had undermined his coaching function.

Between sobs, he said: “No one knows the importance of this win. People do not believe in me. I have given my best to the country as a coach.

“I will sit down and talk about this with the BAM management. I want to know whether they still believe in me or not. I will leave it all up to them.

“I am happy to stay in Malaysia and coach the national team. No one knows how much I want to see an Olympic champion from Malaysia.

“Our men’s doubles players have always struggled playing in this stadium (Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil) but today they won.”

Kien Keat-Boon Heong had failed to win the world title at the same venue two years ago.

Rexy also defended his move to delegate the job among his coaching staff.

Currently, Rosman Razak has been put in charge of the elite team and followed by Pang Cheh Chang (back-up), Chang Kim Wai (women’s doubles) and Jeremy Gan (mixed doubles).

“As the chief, I have to oversee everything. Rosman and Pang have the ability to coach and I trust them. I still help and coach the players in every department. I am still in control,” he said.

When asked what triggered his outburst, Rexy said: “I hear talk and rumours.”

He, however, denied that the rumours were related to BAM’s decision to appoint Tan Kim Her as a national coach or whether it was about BAM’s plan to remove him.

“I have nothing against the decision of bringing in Kim Her. Please do not get me wrong here,” he added.

This probably is the third big outburst by Rexy since he was appointed by the BAM in 2005. He dropped a bombshell by deciding to quit after the team event at the 2006 Doha Asian Games and pulled off a similar stunt when the players failed at the 2008 Malaysian Open. But on both occasions, he changed his mind.

My point of view :-

We should keep politics away from sports. This is not the first time we are hearing this. Morten Frost, Park Joo Bong, Indra Gunawan all left Malaysia because those so called people inside BAM thinks they know much better then the coaches.

When Morten Frost was around, our singles players were at their peaks and we almost won the Thomas Cup as well. In the end, all this great coaches left Malaysia due to family reasons or commitments.

BAM don’t try to fool the badminton lovers in Malaysia. If the one of the coaches say that they have family reasons and wants to go home, we can believe but not all of them!

To be honest Rexy is the main reason Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong partnership is formed. Without him, Malaysia wouldn’t have this perfect combination. Without Rexy, we wouldn’t have won the ASIAN Games gold medal.

Not only that, with Rexy, Kien Keat & Boon Heong managed to win the All England. So backstabbers and politicians, stay away from sports. That’s not how to run an sports body.

I really hope this is only a minor confusion between Rexy and BAM! Don’t let the best coaches run away from our grasp.

I would say adding Kim Her into the coaching staff is good but not at the expense of Rexy. Even 10 Tan Kim Her wouldn’t make one Rexy!

So buzz off and don’t touch Rexy… Let him stay and do his job. Let him stay and let him finish his unfinished business which is to produce an Olympic Gold Medal for Malaysia!


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  • REXY SHOULD STAY 8 years ago

    For my point of view, the BAM are sucks….they thought that they can develop without the help of foreign coach. But please see how Lee chong Wei developed from? From Indra Gunawan, then Li Mao…after that only back to Misbun. Not that Misbun did all the honor for bringing Lee Chong Wei to top of the podium, its the former coach…and when achieved of something else, they will feel like local coach are more trustful than foreign..Please Open your BIG EYE and see, BAM MANAGEMENT, NOTHING given from the back up Men Singles squad…Is it called an achievement as well…Well, the politic issues in Malaysia quite serious, if you say something which offence them, ISA awaiting…so..?? Can the what to said 1 Malaysia can be achieved of its main purpose…let the others feel and say it….just that….REXY should stay…because he is the one who bring up KKK and Tan Boon Heong…and he is the ONLY one who bring glory to Malaysia in the Asian Games 4 years ago…without him, with all local coaches, will Malaysia be able to win the gold medal??or even take back the THOMAS cup in MAY???I dont think it can be achieved…~~

  • Barry 8 years ago

    I am absolutly agree of your point of view….BAM should treat him good, and be thankful to what kind of great trainer that they have…And i hv watched Rexy during so many matches with Koo & Tan, he is always committed with heart and blood!!!

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    You know why Malaysia BAM a lot of politics? Because BAM is dirt rich… It's all about the $$$$$

  • safari 8 years ago

    i do not like his idea to delegate the job. totally no confident with rosman who never play good badminton.

  • Overseas fan 8 years ago

    Construct NOT destruct.

  • Susan 8 years ago

    Politics cannot be separated from BAM and $$$ corruption makes it worse. It is no longer a disease but has become a plague. If this attitude persists then, I believe badminton in Malaysia will diminish. Malaysia will no longer become one of the badminton powerhouses and the destruction phase has started long time ago. Success can't be achieved overnight and changing coaches will not help. There must be enough support and time frame given to the coaches so that they can deliver. But as usual the BAM is blind to all these facts.

  • vinci 8 years ago

    BAM is full with moronic idiots. no one in their sane mind would get rid of rexy. it takes time for results..

    those local coaches, being former players themselves cant even make it while they are playing the sports. what makes BAM think that they can do it as coaches?

    stick with rexy until at least after the london olympics. as for BAM, stop making Malaysia a laughing stock. i am sick of those BAM management ppl. Useless and gutless idiots!!!!!!!

  • Malaysian National Team 8 years ago

    You want to know what's wrong with BAM? Two words…Hafiz Hashim. Enough said.

  • Don't feel bad… Indonesia has Tommy Sugiarto due to Icuk, Malaysia has Hashim because of BAM.
    Well, at least Malaysia has Chong Wei, KKK/TBH and now promising women single.

    At least if BAM decides to take off Rexy, the impact will not be right away. It may take 6-8 future championships to be noticed, which allows BAM to “buy” time and start all over again… as usual 🙂

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Right on the spot Susan!

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Any Malaysian fan who thinks BAM cares about them is an idiot . As long as BAM makes money and the fans fill the seats they could care less. Why do you think Frost and Li mao left? It's all about the money and power. Think about it…why do you think there are so many dictatorships in the world? BAM is like any greedy corrupt human-animal..they dont want their authority to be challenged because they dont want to lose their power and money. And on Hafiz..he must have alot of insider connections and bribes to keep his job for so long even though he hasnt done squat for years.

  • shusupian 8 years ago


  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Like any marriage, BAM and Rexy will have good and bad times. Among other things said here about BAM include corrupt, moronic, don't care about fans, don't know what they are doing and Hafiz. BAM's vision includes:
    To have a big pool of world class players
    To lift the standard of women players to that of China and Korea (kim's note”what about Indonesia and Denmark?)
    To have a bigger pool of back-up players for the men's team and the women's team
    BAM Council and Executive Council comprise of almost a member of each State.
    What I see lacking in BAM is just one word – Communication.
    Even MNC has much to learn from Communication. Both Li Mao and Indra Gunawan left because BAM did not tell them about renewing their contract even when it is expiring soon. To be fair to BAM, it has a difficult job, it is the body responsible for doing a job such as winning an Olympic Gold for Malaysia, to find a few more LCW. Look at their recent record, Women's Team SEA Games Gold, MS Olympic Silver, World's No. 1 rank in MS, MD and WD (albeit for only a few months) and LCW, the most successful SS player and Rexy was promoted to be the Chief MD Coach. Still, BAM can do better and the appointment of Tan Kim Her is a strategic decision. BAM is not corrupt, inefficient or run by a bunch of idiots. PBSI has more problems that BAM. Throwing mud is easy, Hafiz comes from Kelantan but the rest of the 13 member Council do not. Rexy and BAM spat? its only a media beat up, one sided issue and a storm in the tea cup.

  • H. Hashim 8 years ago


  • Susan 8 years ago

    For you info Kimchua, the appointment of Tan Kim Her was made without informing Rexy. Rexy knew about this via the media. Even the MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara) of Malaysia was not made known of the appointment. They are trying to restrict Rexy's authority gradually. It is crystal clear that BAM wants to force Rexy to quit. Just wait and see…..

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Kenny Goh of BAM has confirmed he did speak with Rexy about TKH and the latter was supportive of the idea. The whole aim is to produce more kkk/TBH and Malaysia is very capable of that. There is no conspiracy here and its ok even if you think that's one cos even Mahathir (one of Malaysia's best PM) thinks 9/11 was staged!! My heart goes out for poor Hafiz, the only thing he hasn't been blamed for was the mysterious fires at 6 churches in Malaysia.

  • H. Hashim 8 years ago

    Kim, How dare you or anyone think that I started those 6 church fires! For your information I was no where near those churches when they went up in smoke, I was busy trying to bribe those ingrates in BAM.

  • Susan 8 years ago

    Kim, I sincerely believe you do not know the truth at all about BAM politics. To be more precise, dirty politics. Don't tell me you believe what Kenny Goh said in the newspaper. Use your common sense. He was just trying to save himself and the already “decayed” BAM. They are all helpless. In the case of Hafiz Hashim, Malaysia has been wasting so many resources to groom him…but in the end… he is helpless as well. What I just don't get it is why they still keep him despite of his failures to win tournaments. Don't tell me Malaysia do not have quality players to replace him or there is something “fishy” going on there.

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Well said Susan. Also, with Hashim it's not the fact that he fails to win but it's the fact that he's had so many cracks at the bat. 3 strikes in baseball and you're OUT and Hashim has had much much much more then 3 when it comes to badminton. It's TIME for the old dog to retire. And why should people feel sorry for Hashim? He's had more then his fair share of chances. Would anyone here bet their money on Hashim if he were to face someone like Gade? They'd be an idiot to. And Gade is over 30. Petty politics plays a aprt in every facet of society..and here..and yes, even BAM. Susan, When it comes to BAM ,it's more then just “fishy”…it just plain ol' STINKS.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    How dare you impersonate Hafiz? but I like your sense of humour, good one. Keep burning err.. sorry keep working on those old man at BAM whose average age is 99.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Hi Susan, Politics is everywhere even at home but I have no proof of corruption in BAM. However, there are two certainties in life (Malaysia), politics and corruption. There’s a joke in KL, “If a politician decides to go straight, he will be very poor”. When politics come into play, even MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) cannot agree whether to have bah-kut-teh (meat bone tea) or char-kuay-teow (stir fry rice noodles) for lunch in their monthly Executive Meeting, let alone looking after the welfare of the Chinese Community. Back to BAM, in many ways, they did their best. They do have budget constraints and most of their fund sources come from Government Grants, Sponsorship and PETRONAS. One of the best moves by BAM is the appointment of charismatic Rexy. BAM Council is like a President and Rexy and Sideks are your “A few Good men” In so much as Rexy and Sideks do not tell the BAM Council how to run things, likewise, the Council should not interfere with Rexy’s coaching techniques. The bottom line is – RESULTS. Life is good in Malaysia (I have stressed many times); we don’t have a cut-throat system like that in China. Both Xia Xuanze and Cheng Yu retired in 2006 and 2008 respectively aged 27 and 28 when they were still ranked higher than Hafiz is now. Xia was politely told to hand his racket when he lost 15-0, 15-8 in 2006 Swiss Final to one LCW and when Chen Yu started to lose to Boonsak and Sato, he left the scene too. In Malaysia, we don’t have Cheng Long, Du Pengyu, Gong Wei Ge, Cheng Jin and Bao CL as back-ups. Even LD is not safe, if he starts losing to LCW on a regular basis and Cheng Long especially once or twice, he will be told to hang up his racket before 2012 Olympics. But I doubt this will happen as he is one of the players of the century. BAM sent HH and Men’s back up players to SEA games and were sunk without trace. Tan Chun Seang will rise from this fiasco to be a better player as he suffers from a cut-throat system, Malaysian style, when he was The Man but not selected for SEA Games and was handed a 2-year ban when he tries to switch to KLRC. Back to Hafiz, he has a good record against Bao CL. Malaysia stands a chance to beat China in the Thomas Cup. WCH is always a tough competitor for CJ. That’s the strategic view BAM might take. Denmark is only strong on paper as historically they had lost the Thomas Cup Final twice when it is theirs to win. In world badminton, BAM cares about Olympic Gold, Thomas Cup, The Asiad, AE, world ranking no. 1, the Commonwealth Games Gold and SS tournaments in that order.