I guess i am lucky as i am able to write this message to all badminton lovers. Lately i am pretty sure most of you are experiencing slow browsing on the site.

This is due to some badminton addicts download the videos using external methods instead of the hotfile links. This causes the server to jammed up and making it slow for everybody to browse.

External methods such as using Xun Lei is not encouraged as it will certainly jammed it up.

So i asking for understanding on this matter as download links will be up as soon as we upload it into hotfile. This is the first time i get into my site after 48 hours.

Thanks and i hope this problem won’t happen again in the future. Thanks for your time and understanding and care on this issue.





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  • chiewshi 8 years ago

    Jason,thanks for your explaining and updating information,will follow your instruction to download the videos,so that the server wont jam and slow down.

  • Thanks for your great work on posting videos….but, it looks like the site is REALLY taking a hit and not responding too well because its lagging a lot. Videos are almost not watchable now because it takes so long to buffer.

    Hope it’ll clear up soon. Thanks again for your dedication!

  • Say no to download idiots 8 years ago


    Why not just disable download links completely and revert back to stream only? If people want to download, there are other methods out there, I personally this site will be best recognised for quality and fast streaming.

    Dont let the idiots who are exploiting your generosity continue to discrupt other viewers who were fully happy with the services you already provide.

    Kind regards

  • You gotta to do something about this issue instead of counting on people’s understanding.
    It is so slow that it is inpossible to watch the video now.

  • I think it’s disgusting that people are using selfish ways to download videos and ensuring it’s spoilt for everyone else. It’s sad when you spend so much of your personal time to upload videos and a few rotten eggs spoil it for everyone.

  • Chris 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    Why don’t you just simply disable the download links? This website has not been normal since then. Have to search for other ways to watch the games now.

  • Jason

    Make them pay for downloads at US$2.5 each time or no downloads at all. I think majority here says no download, if they can’t afford internet, its tough. Just chew on these figures, more than 90% of Sg and oz people now have internet and Malaysia is not too far behind either. We agree, no downloads.

  • Patrik 8 years ago

    Yes i fully agree wth all of the others, stop downloading or do somting about it because it making us badminton lovers suffeing as we just want to se the very best badminton of the world i have never found any site that was as good as this berfore people startede to do so that the site were going slow and so on

  • hi jason, i really like ur site, i always watch the videos u downloaded almost everyday, but its to slow and impossible to watch it now. pls do something, this is the only site that has the good videos videos that i found & the most watched.. pls do somethin…

  • Celeste 8 years ago

    Hi. I still can’t access the videos. Downloading is so slow. When will I be able to watch? I miss the videos. Thanks

  • Matthew 8 years ago

    Hi Jason, also sad about this problem…., but i am sure it will be solved…. If you have tha clash between Peter Gade and Lin Dan in the Beijing Olympics quarterfinal it would be great if you upload it :), i know you have a lot of work but if you will think about some interesting match, you have one! 🙂

  • Hi Jason,

    I think we all appreciate what you did for us as badminton freaks, and your efforts to promote badminton as a sport. However your site is now practically unusable so it is quite heart breaking for us to see it go down just like this. Is there anything that we can help to fix this technical (or more involved) problem? I’m sure there are a lot of people who are willing and be able to do something about it.

    Hope your site gets well soon!

  • Jason! Do something! Cut off the line and forget the dowloadstuff! Streaming is good enought 4 us! I miss it to watch badminton!!!! So hurry up 🙂

  • Matze 8 years ago

    It works again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    what ever u’ve done Jason, even if you’ve done nothing, thank u so much!!!!!!!:)

  • Jeffery 8 years ago

    Jason..i am happy to death now.. wow…my beloved badminton has back to my arms, numerous thanks to you.. Jason. Ha Ha Ha..

  • it’s faster than before now~ ^^
    thanks jason…. u’ve been a hard time~

  • Jonathan 8 years ago

    Great stuff, speed came back on~ Thanks Jason!

  • Jonathan Truong 8 years ago

    Yeah, the website works again… Thank you for your hard work, Jason.

    Hope you will find time to post other videos of matches (especially the MS final between NTM and WCH).

  • damian 8 years ago

    “Downloading” is the same as streaming: both have to go to your computer. “Downloading” to wherever you save it or “streaming” to your computer cache/temporary files. If anything “downloading” only has to be done once whereas “streaming” is the same as downloading over and over again.
    I don’t think Jason can stop downloading since it is the same as downloading youtube files.
    Anyway best solution is to provide external download links like hotfile. Then again what is the point to upload the same files you use for streaming to hotfile, after all who wants tiny files that are barely watchable for keeping 😉

  • Antony 8 years ago

    This site is back but seems very quiet lately … something fishy

  • Chris 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    China Master is heating up now. Do you have any videos to share?


  • goodmorning 8 years ago


  • goodmorning 8 years ago

    this is bad site