I have came out with a simple modification of how my files can be download. I have put all the matches links below the videos.

It is called Please Download Me! By Downloading the videos in our site, you badminton lovers are indirectly helping badmintonfreak to maintain it’s website.

So i hope you all can support us by downloading all our latest videos in our site.

Can’t wait for the China Open Super Series matches beginning tomorrow. I mean the semi finals and finals matches!




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  • Hi Jason,

    We spoke a few months ago about the coaching videos I have done with Peter Rasmussen. We are very close to launching the videos and we would love to have you join our affiliate program. Please email me if you get this so I can let you know how it works. All the best,


  • i wannna c how KKK played when he cramped his leg!!

  • bambi manzon 8 years ago

    i like it………………….

  • Hi! I can’t figure out how to download the software to see the files the new way. I downloaded one of the new matches there, but now my computer can’t play it. Help, please:)