For those of you who missed the live chat just now, here is the questions and answers posted by Badminton fans from all over the world to Danish star, Peter Gade.


Peter could u please tell me what tensions u use?? and why not lower or higher??

Peter: My tension is quite hard – about 14-15 kg on a Babolat Pro Stringing-Machine. I like my tension to be hard/high because it gives me a lot presicion

[Comment From mInhuI]
hie gade. may i know what motivates you to pick up badminton as your career?

Peter: Well – from a very young age – I started when I was 6 and around 9-10 I was already focused that I wanted to do something big in sports – at that time. Football or badminton and the way it went – it was badminton. It all came very natural to – this was my dream

[Comment From clark]
hi peter. among your competitors who gives you a hard time on court?

Peter: No doubt that at the moment, Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are the ones to beat…I think Lin Dan is the best player I’ve ever played. The way he played at the olympics was exceptional. Taufik on his best days is very good but the 2 other guys have been th ebest for the past 2-3 years

[Comment From starry]

Hi peter~If you could choose again what you want to do in your life, would you choose to be a badminton player again?

Peter: Good question…1) I’ve no regrets with my life so far and feel so priveliged to have a live with badminton this way. 2) On the other hand, the sporting world is sometimes a bit one-demensional and a part me wants more..I’m a huge fan of music, so maybe a life in music would be great

[Comment From lk2008]
ok!So who is your bests friends in the badminton world players?

Peter: Well. Wong Choon Hann has been a very good friend for many years, Lee Chong Wei and Taufik are very good guys and speaks english…

[Comment From Ian]
hi peter just wondering how you would advice to gain more power on the smash and what training to do for it?

Peter: Difficult to answer this in a few lines, but a good way is to be very strong and explosive in the midpart of your body. A lot of power comes from this – beside that, practice with a “heavy” racket is very good for racket- speed

[Comment From George]
ok peter, how’s your current condition now? is your broken toe serious? may you get well soon.

Peter: At the moment I’m recovering from this broken toe! Damn! 🙂 My condition before All England and Swiss was the best ever, so I guess it will take a few weeks before I’m back in this condition. But this shouldn’t take to long

[Comment From Steven]
Hi peter, will you play for olympic 2012 ?

Peter: At the moment it’s to far away – 3½ years is a very long time – at my age 🙂 – And Paris 2010 would be a good place to end – But you’ll never know…we’ll see what happens..

[Comment From evan]
hi peter .. u love malaysia ?? what u thing about it ? hehe

Peter: Well, I won the world junior championships in Kuala Lumpur and from that I’ve always enjoyed their enthousiasm towards badminton and the game in generel..

[Comment From Mr T]
hi peter, what was your most memorable win or moment in your career as a badminton player?

Peter: Thomas Cup Finals in Malaysia – think it was 2000 – was very special. In front of 13-14.000 spectators we beat Malaysia at home at came very close to beat Indonesia in the semi and go to the final – I won all my first singles – French Open vwin this year was very special for me..

[Comment From dev]

dear peter, hope you don’t mind..if it’s very personal, you dont have to answer…my Q is you and camilla seem to be the perfect couple in badminton..i had hoped you’ll would have gone on to build a life together..what happened?

Peter: Well – i guess what happend was what happens to millions of other couples around the world. We just grew apart and wanted something else in our lives..thats life..

Comment From asdawos]
hi,peter.i wonder what do you think is the best important during a competition ? Thank you.

Peter: Relax, save up all your energy and when you’re on court – let it all loose !

[Comment From leonard]
gade, may i know when is ur next tournament? will u be playing at the sudirman cup?

Peter: My next tournament will be the Sudirman Cup – we have a chance of doing a good result – but all players need to play at their best

Peter: Not sure I understand this question….but when was young – I looked up to Morten Frost and the way he did he’s career – playing style – I looked more towards the asian players – Heryanto Arbi…

[Comment From Euweng Chan]

Hey Peter, I saw you with Team Attack in KL back in 2004 and even managed to get two photos with you. I benefited from the drills you used to boost my smash. Any tips on how to make deceptive net shots?

Peter: oohh..again this is very difficult to explain this way… need to see a lot of video and practice the small movements, and If you wanna do good deceptive shots you need to practice them …a lot!

[Comment From lk2008]
About music, if you could choose to be part of one music band, which one would you choose?

Peter: oooohhh! This is good…..I guess my first answer would be Pink Floyd….but again Led Zeppelin and The Doors would be great options as well 🙂

[Comment From Mark Phelan]

Hi Peter, How fullfilling for you was it to see Nanna and Jan O perform so well at All England’s and Swiss? Does this take the pressure off You and Tine a bit?

Peter: Well, It was really nice to see some of young players making progress – this is what we need for the future…but it doesn’t take any pressure from me or Tine. There’s still a big step towards the level where Tine and I am and the pressure will always be there….until I stop..thats okay. I like it and it’s natural part of the game

[Comment From adam]
hey peter, how do you get yourself prepared hours before each match in the super series?best of luck

Peter: Relax, sleep, do what like to do, listen to music, eat some good food and in the back your mind you’re slowly getting ready, minute by minute, on court – let go

[Comment From Geert DB]
Peter, how many rackets do you have? Do you have separated rackets for training and matches?

Peter: Currently there’s about 11-12 rackets in my bag. All are the same,Yonex ArcSaber 10. I use this racket for both Training and Matches

[Comment From Roger Smyth]
Hey Peter, How big an impact did having children have on your career?

[Comment From mInhuI]
hello gade. will you let your daughter to follow your footsteps?

Peter: Well, being a father of 2 wonderful girld is the greatest thing in the world. My family means everything to me, but on court it doesn’t matter, I still have the same feelings, determination, temper etc as when I was 18. I don’t know if my oldest one, Nanna, will go into badminton. At the moment it’s more like music or dancing 🙂

[Comment From PoloChon from France]
Hi Peter, what will be your program after your badminton player carriere ?

[Comment From Paul_Achtymichuk]

hi Peter! I am a huge fan of yours and hate to ever see you retire. but when that day comes, do you plan to coach team denmark as Xia Xuanze has done for team china?

Peter: I don’t know yet. I think I’ll be a coach in badminton in some way…in which way – I dont know yet… it could many directions. but i love to coach and feel it’s a natural way for me. Beside that I look forward to spend some more time on my other hobbies, like music…

[Comment From evan]
peter , what u think about taufik ?

Peter: He’s one of the greatest players in our game..He’s a very gifted and talented player. Mentally, he’s a lot up and down and you never know about him on court. But I respect him a lot and I’ve always played some very good matches against him

[Comment From Jason] *** (This was my question) !!!
At the age of 32 you are still at the top level of badminton. How you keep yourself so fit and healthy at this age?

Peter: The physical part is so, so important….I need to practice a lot to keep it at the highest level and at this age I need to work even harder than before…but i like it and it’s big part of my motivation..

[Comment From x-tag]

ok I will try again.. while playing sinlges,,peter.. do u keep ur eyes on the shuttlecocks and pause to see its path or u look at the opponent’s rackets?/ ( its direction)..?

Peter: very difficult again..I’ll have to say that the game is so fast and it’s much a questions of anticipation and intuition all including your opponents racket, body movement, position on court, speed…

[Comment From gade fans]
hi peter, can i know whats your hobby besides playing badminton?

Peter: Music, wine, cooking, philosophy, Liverpool FC

[Comment From Way_T]
Hi Peter, what do you think about the french badminton’s level ?

Peter: No doubt that there’s a lot of fans of badminton in France and therefor it could be great to see more franch players in the super series…I think that there’s a lot potential in the young generation and I like to see more young players come forward during the next 5-10 years..

[Comment From lowjyeran]
In all the places you have been, which one has the best stadium ?

Peter: In Malaysia both Cheras and Bukit Jalil are great stadiums, Istora in Jakarta is a great one as well, but I think my favorite stadium will be the Pierre De Coubertin…I’ve never felt so much at home in a stadium..

[Comment From Roger Smyth]
Peter, what would you do to increase the media exposure of badminton in Europe?

Peter: Most important, we need more good players from the big countries like England, Germany, France etc. And we need personality’s….The media needs to build up a personality containing the young players coming forward – not only the well known players, but there’s a lot of things to be done….dont have the time here, sorry…

[Comment From Jason]
Hi Peter,who do you love to face the most?Chong Wei or Lin Dan? and Why?

[Comment From bernard]

hello peter,can u give some comment about Lee Chong Wei?And can u give some comment bout he recent game lin dan with him.

Peter: Well, to play against Chong Wei and Lin Dan is great – these matches are always ” big matches” and these games are the ones you dream of. Both players play fast, but normaly I’m attacking more against them and trying to take control. For the past months my stamina and speed has become better and I don’t bather the long rallys. But both og them are complete players…Great attack, great defence, deceptive, very fast….but it’s a great challenge and I enjoy every minute when I’m playing them..especially when I win 🙂

[Comment From james]
gade, what’s your favourite drink?

Peter: For casual, Pellegrino is my favorite….For dining, Wine..

[Comment From guest]
What was your most difficult loss and why ?

Peter: I think it must be the worlds at home in Copenhagen in 99. Together with Sun Jun I was the favorite and this year I won Japan Open, All England, Grand Prix Finals coming into the tournement.. I lost in semifinal with 14-15 in the third… really hurt but later I learned a lot from it

[Comment From lorziak]

i was in paris for your semifinale and finale last november, i lost my voice with “let’s go peter, let’s go”. Are you aware of being an example for many young (and older) player?

Peter: thanks for your support ! it was fantastic…Well, off course i’m aware but the only thing I can do is to be myself – that is the best way I can bring on the values that I believe in..thats what I try to do

[Comment From shu cyan]
wat is ur target for 2009???

Peter: My target is to keep the high level all the way through the year and maybe win 1-2 more super series…and first of all – to beat Lin Dan !

Peter: The worlds are the most important tournement and I hope I can get a medal for my country

Facts about Peter Gade :-

Peter’s favourite actors are Al Pacino, Robert de Niro and Jack Nicholson.

Peter Gade is a father of two daughters: Nanna and Alma

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