I will be away for a couple of days to Perhentian Island. The Aviva Singapore Open 2009 Men Singles Finals between Bao Chunlai taking on Boonsak Ponsana will be my last before i comeback just in time for the Indonesian Open Finals.

I will be leaving in 2 hours time and ill be back on Saturday night. Might be able to catch the Indonesian Open 2009 semi finals. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway time to forget about all my work for a couple of days. Island lifestyle is the best. Sun batching, malady bikini girls running around and beach sports… What else can you ask for?

So guys and girls out there, take care and enjoy the videos that i have shared thus far. See you all soon ya! ^^


Yours sincerely,



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  • enjoy dude!

  • chiewshi 8 years ago

    enjoy your Perhentian trip… 🙂

  • Blaap 8 years ago

    Wow what a match! And some incorrect line calls!
    Boonsak has some really unpredictable footwork, so he needs to run alot :p
    Have seem many matches, this one of the best so far =).

    Thanks for the upload and have a safe trip 🙂

  • wasedaxiao 8 years ago

    have a good trip yourself!

  • BAB Hoque 8 years ago

    Thanks Jason, you deserve a little forty winks we can wait, wonderful website I thoroughly enjoy watching those badminton.

  • Matze 8 years ago

    I just can say have fun !:) And again: Thanks a lot for your great work, but unfortunately everytime I visit this site I get some messages that my anti-virus program catched at least 2 viruses……maybe it’s just my problem but it would be really great if you could try to fix that:)

    But at first, have a nice trip !:)

  • chiewshi 8 years ago


    I had missed to watch the live match previous few days for the Indonesia Open,I wish to watch the Indonesia Open matches especially Lch vs chen jin and taufik and chin ee hui and wong pei tyy,do you have it ? Hopefully you will upload it asap…thanks a lot..

  • Philip 8 years ago

    Have you got your hands on the indonesian open matches ? would love to see them …

    P.S : love this website 🙂