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Wow! Lee Chong Wei also can cracked a watermelon with a shuttle

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Step aside Lee Yong Dae! Lee Chong Wei is here to stay as the Malaysian ace showed that he too also can crack a watermelon with the shuttle. Don't believe it? Then watch the video below to believe it! Wow! L...

Lin Dan interview on Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade and Taufik Hidayat

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How does Lin Dan think of his 3 main great opponents (Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat and Lee Chong Wei) in his career life? Lin Dan: 3 of them are in different age and competitive game is like this, no matter how y...

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Badminton Asia Championship 2016 Video

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Once again, troche the match that many will want to watch which is the match between Lee Chong Wei taking on Lin Dan. This match is the semi final match of the Badminton Asia Championship 2016 in China. With home gr...

Raising an Olympic champion – Lin Dan

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This is a short documentary on Lin Dan where his mother played an inspirational role in making him twice Olympic champion. Enjoy this video as it's in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Lin Dan amazing trick shot

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Watch a compilation of trick shot from the world best badminton player, prostate Lin Dan. All his trick shots are very amazing and it is a must watch.    

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Asian Games 2010

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Once again, ed clash of the titans between Lee Chong Wei taking on the mighty Lin Dan at the 2010 Asian Games men single final. It will be a tough challenge for both. Who has the will to go all the way?

Biggest brawl in the history of badminton

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It is a shameful act from two professional badminton players where they go at each other without mercy. Really sad to see such attitude in a sports like badminton.

Longest badminton rally in the history

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Longest badminton rally in the history when Wang Zhengming took on Kashyap Parupalli at the recent French Open 2014. Total of 104 rallies by both of them to break the record.

Badminton training – How to do backhand low service?

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Backhand low service is very important in the modern game regardless whether it is a single our double game. By serving low, your opponent wouldn't not be able to smash after your service. Besides that, serving high t...

Crouching on the floor to return shuttle 4 times

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Koo Kien Keat showed his excellent defence by returning the shuttle while crouching on the floor. It wasn't an easy feat but those were the days for Kien Keat. If you like this badminton blog then please consider s...

How to build your body for badminton?

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Have you ever wondered how you want to build the perfect muscles for badminton? Of course you need to spend time in the gym to achieve it. Watch this video to learn more on how to achieve perfect muscles for badminton!

Train your footwork together with multitasking

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A few examples of multitasking and footwork for badminton players. Younger players has to learn to focus. Most players don't know how to move, to breathe on court. Just watch and see the different way how the move on ...

Is the new badminton rule change for service ridiculous?

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Viktor Axelsen and Kolding practicing their service in badminton as BWF might make a change in the rules. Let's see how these two players cope in case BWF change the service rules.

Chen Long vs Kenichi Tago Thomas Cup 2014

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Chen Long and Kenichi Tago both players will be looking to give their country the head start they need in the Thomas Cup 2014 semi finals in New Delhi. On paper, nurse Chen Long should have a slight edge over Tago bu...

This is a really crazy badminton rally

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This is a must watch badminton rally. Really crazy with everything in it. It will be a waste if you don't watch it.

Cai Yun still can win a point after changing his racket during rallies

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Legendary men double player from China, link Cai Yun managed to win a point even though he changed racket during a rally. One will need fast reaction just to change his or her rackets during a rally.

Taufik Hidayat backhand power just like forehand

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Taufik Hidayat showed to the world the power of his backhand is just as deadly as his forehand.

Badminton drill – Backhand crosscourt net

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Another badminton drill for you to practice to improve your game is the backhand crosscourt net shot. This shot is useful if you have caught your opponent off guard and this shot is used to finish the point off. In sh...

Badminton – Amazing and funny moments!

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Enjoy badminton finest moments where you have amazing and funny moments in it. Watch the very best in court and it is a must watch!

How to do the jump smash?

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Another good video to share is on how to do the jump smash? Powerful just smashes is essential as it is a weapon of destruction in a rally. Watch this video closely as it teaches you the right technique to do the jump...

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