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K Srikanth Vs Kenta Nishimoto French Open 2017

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We presume that Kenta Nishimoto's victory over Lee Chong Wei in the first round wasn't fluke as the Japanese made to the final of the French Open 2017! Standing in his way for his 1st Super Series title will be no...

Akane Yamaguchi Vs Tai Tzu Ying French Open 2017

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A battle for the championship at the French Open 2017 women single title will be between Akane Yamaguchi of Japan taking on Tai Tzu Ying of Chinese Taipei. This will be an even battle as they have 4 wins each agai...

How the pro do the double defense drill?

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Follow this video and learn from the pro on how to do the double defense drill. Look at their footwork and movement in this video. Hope you can learn a thing or two from this one!

Training your defensive dive defense in badminton

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At times, when the shuttle is out of our reach, we need to dive to retrieve the shot. We must do whatever to save the shuttle from hitting the ground. In this video, you can have this drill in order to practice you...

How to do the forehand smash defense in badminton?

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After learning the other day on the backhand smash defense, today the coach will share with you on the importance and also the method to do the forehand smash defense. We must always prepare ourselves regardless wh...

How to hit a backhand clear in badminton?

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Another round of video where the coach will explain and share his knowledge on how to hit a backhand clear in badminton the right and proper way. Stay tune and enjoy this latest one from this experience badminton coach.

How to do the backhand defense practice in badminton?

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People tend to attack more on your backhand so you will need to beef up your backhand defense. In this video, the coach will share with you the kind of practice that you can do in order to improve on your backhand def...

Son Wan Ho Vs Lee Hyun Il Denmark Open 2017

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A match of 2 South Koreans from different generations. It is indeed a pleasant surprise to see Lee Hyun Il come this far which is the semi final in this Denmark Super Series event where he had earlier beaten Chen Long...

How to do the jump smash in badminton?

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This video has garnered 195,000 views on how to do the jump smash in badminton. You wouldn't want to miss this training video on doing this attack shot. The jump smash can gain opening for you in a match or even wi...

How to do the backhand smash defence?

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When we are attacked in the backhand corner, we must know how to defend it. In this video, Shawn will show us how to do it with our leg movements while defending a smash on our backhand corner. We must always reme...

The evergreen Lee Hyun Il

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Lee Hyun Il is really defying the odds big time as he tame Chen Long in straight sets at the Denmark Open 2017. Hyun Il won 21-19, 22-20 and send the current Olympics champion packing. It is really a big surprise ...

How to do the long backhand serve in badminton?

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The long back hand serve can be use to deceive your opponent whether you are in a single or double match. If you are in a double match, make sure you long back hand serve does not over the first line at the back of th...

Lee Chong Wei was undone yet again by HS Prannoy

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Lee Chong Wei was beaten by HS Prannoy for the 2nd time this year at the Denmark Open 2017. Chong Wei lost in 3 sets with the score of 17-21, 21-11 & 21-19. It was indeed a major setback for the veteran player as ...

Big mistake to split Goh V Shem-Tan Wee Kiong?

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Former Malaysia coach, Park Joo Bong insisted that Malaysia had made a big mistake by splitting their top pair, Goh V Shem & Tan Wee Kiong. The South Korean who is currently the Japan's head coach believes that...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Pablo Abian Denmark Open 2017

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Lee Chong Wei opened his Denmark Open 2017 campaign against Pablo Abian of Spain and will be looking for an easy win against his opponent. After finishing runner up in Japan 2017, Chong Wei will be looking for ano...

Denmark Open 2017 Live Stream

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Watch the Denmark Open 2017 live only from the channels below. Please share this website with your friends so that they can watch the Denmark Open 2017 live stream for free. Click on the link below to watch the...

How to do the precise backhand drop shot?

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A lot of practice is needed for this backhand drop shot. Most people have weaker backhand shot if compared to forehand. To be delicate is essential in hitting this backhand drop shot. Learn by watching this video...

How to do the offensive and defensive lift in badminton?

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Whenever our opponents hit a drop shot or net shot we can have these two shots to make. 1 is the offensive lift and another is the defensive lift. The offensive lift is done when the contact point of the shuttle is...

How to do cross court net shot from the backhand corner?

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This backhand cross court net shot is use to trick your opponent at the front court. You can move your opponent from one end to another but this shot requires a delicate touch in order for you to make this shot work. ...

How to return the low backhand serve in badminton?

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It is essential for us to learn and master the return of serve well. As we know, the low backhand serve is very popular not only in double matches these days, even single players are using this serve regularly. So ...

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