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1 minute flat play with 147 strokes!

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Another simple way to practice your flat play game in badminton is to have a partner across the net and practice the flat play as many times as possible. In this video, both players manage to do 147 strokes in 1 minut...

Do you know the 2 types of backhand long line in badminton?

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This is a coaching video by coach Engholm. In this video you will see 2 types of backhand long line. Type 1 : The first backhand is often used in singles, and is a backhand with followthrough. The backhand is play...

How to execute a backhand just like Taufik Hidayat?

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As we know, Taufik Hidayat is the king of backhand. You want to be like him when hitting a backhand then you will need to watch this video so that you can learn some of Taufik Hidayat secrets on his backhand shot!

Slice drop shot in badminton

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Slice drop shots is used quite often regardless whether you are playing doubles or singles. Learn this skill and it might just help you to another level in your badminton.

Benefits of hanging your shuttle on the ceiling

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Yesterday's' video was about how you hang your birdie or shuttle to the ceiling and today's video will be on the benefits that you can achieve by doing so. Watch it now!

How to hang a badminton shuttle to the ceiling?

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You will wonder why we need to hang a shuttle or birdie to the ceiling? What is the purpose? In this video, you will learn how to hang it to the ceiling and wait for Part 2 you will learn the purpose of it!

Warm up exercise and strength training for badminton

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Before you start a practice session or a competitive match in badminton, you will start with a warm up. This will help you to avoid injuries while training or playing. After that, you can look into adding more stre...

Train your footwork with a square or a triangle

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Hope yesterday's lecture on your footwork did help you on your training. In this video, you can train your footwork with only a square or only a triangle. Simple isn't it? Watch how it's done!

Badminton lecture for your footwork

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I am pretty sure many of you surely have attended lecture classes for your economics and engineering courses. How many of you have attended a badminton lecture for your footwork? If you haven't attended any, this i...

Jumping smash technique by Shawn Whong

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You know the right technique to do the jumping smash in badminton? If not, let the expert Shawn Whong to teach and guide you.

Tai Tzu Ying the great trickster on court

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Tai Tzu Ying is the undisputed World No.1 in the women single department because she is special. This is one of the reason why many is finding hard to beat her because she has a bags of tricks with her. Watch and ...

This is how a woman player change her shirt in the badminton court

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Ever wondered how a women single player change her wet badminton shirt on the badminton court? You must do it like Nozomi Okuhara. She really can change her clothes very fast without going out from the court or asking...

Chen Long Vs Lin Dan Badminton Asia Championship 2017

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Chen Long defeated Lin Dan to be the undisputed king of the dragons in China at the Badminton Asia Championship 2017 final. Chen Long lost the first set marginally but cameback strong to win the next two games to s...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan Badminton Asia Championship 2017 Semi Final

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Lee Chong Wei will be looking to avenge his defeat to Lin Dan at the Malaysia Open 2017 final. Chong Wei have to do this against the home crowd as well. Lin Dan will be the super favorite to win this match.

Badminton Asia Championship 2017 Live Stream Semi Final

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Watch the 2017 Badminton Asia Championship live only from the channels below. Watch your favourite player in action just like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Tan Wee Kiong, Goh V Shem, Tommy Sugiarto, Chen Long, Saina Neh...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan Badminton Asia Championship 2017 Live

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Watch Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan live stream only from the channels below. You won't want to miss another outstanding match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. We will bring you Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan live when th...

Badminton Asia Championship 2017 Quarter Final Live Stream

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Catch up with all the live stream from the Badminton Asia Championship 2017 quarter final matches only from the channels below. Watch live badminton for free. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei will take on the court later...

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan on collision course once again!

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To all Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan fanatics, these two great players are on the same path for glory at the Badminton Asia Championship. Lee Chong Wei defeated Kenta Nishimoto from Japan while Lin Dan defeated Kanta Tsun...

Epic fail in trying to save the rally after badminton strings goes bust

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This badminton player tried his best to save the rally after his badminton racket strings goes bust but instead of just taking a replacement racket, he took his badminton bag as well to the badminton court. Epic f...

Your sweetheart Goh Liu Ying training

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How many of you have seen Goh Liu Ying training? Check out this video and see how much of effort Goh Liu Ying puts into her training!

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