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Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat partnering in a triple match

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Have you seen 3 players taking on 3 in a badminton game? Yes in this match you will see Lee Chong Wei partnering Peter Gade & Taufik Hidayat. Standing the other side of the court will be Rexy Manaiky, Tan Boon Heong &...

How to do the attack drive in badminton?

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The attack drive is very important if you want to increase the tempo or speed in your rally. By adding speed to your shots, your opponents tend to be more pressured. If your opponents are pressured by your shots, ...

Badminton secrets – how to quickly return shots at the net

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Let's share a badminton secret with our fans. It is important for you to return shots at the net in order to be prepared for your next shot. The coach in this video will share it with you!

Learning the return of serve from Lin Dan

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It is always good if we can pick up a thing or two from the great Lin Dan. In this video tutorial, he will teach you the ways and some secrets on the return of the serve!

Different kind of swings in badminton

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There are many different kind of swings in badminton and it is important for you to master all of them in order to play good badminton. Some examples of swings are the backhand overhead, forehand swing and many more....

Lee Yong Dae partners Peter Gade in a men doubles match

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Lee Yong Dae partners Peter Gade and takes on his old partner Yoo Yeon Seong and Ha Tae Kwon in The Legends Vision 2017 match. Let's watch this super battle between this two pairs!

Lee Yong Dae playing singles against Peter Gade!

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Who said Lee Yong Dae can't play good men single game? He took on Peter Gade in a Legend Vision Tour 2017 match in South Korea and the Korean ace stood his ground well against the legendary Danish player.

How to play badminton just like Lee Yong Dae-Yoo Yeon Seong?

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In this video compilation, you will learn the way of playing badminton just like the legendary Lee Yong Dae with his partner Yoo Yeon Seong from South Korea. Watch and learn from them!

Warming up the Aerobic way

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We can also warm up before a badminton training or match by doing aerobics. This can be proven effective as the whole Indonesian team was doing aerobic as part of their warm up. Try it out!

Badminton superstars gym training and intense drill workout

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In this video, you can see these players in action doing gym training and intense drill work out. Just to name a few of them, Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Ratchanok Inthanon and also Jan O Jorgensen. Do you think those ...

The strong and powerful Chen Long with solid footwork

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Chen Long is known for his powerful and solid play. With that attributes, he has a solid footwork which will make his opponents look weaker than him in the badminton court. Not only that, you must notive his ever ...

Wild and young Taufik Hidayat deceptions and trickshots

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Taufik Hidayat is not only known for his backhand power smash. This video was taken when Taufik Hidayat was younger and he showed some of his deceptions and trickshots. Even Peter Gade was given any hope with Taufi...

Lee Chong Wei’s backhand also got power leh

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Taufik Hidayat is known to be the king of backhand but don't look down at Lee Chong Wei's backhand. It's quite powerful too. See Lee Chong Wei's smash at 0:53 and you will be amazed the amount of power he can put i...

Do you think that Lee Chong Wei is done?

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Many will write off Lee Chong Wei due to his age. Do you think he is done from badminton? From this video, the answer is no!

10 players destroyed by Lin Dan

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There is nothing much we can said about the might Lin Dan as we know that he is one of the best badminton player in the history of badminton. He has destroyed many players in the badminton court. Just look what he ...

Top 20 mind bending badminton rallies

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These badminton rallies really out of this world. Just watch the top 20 of these rallies here. The over the back return at 1:05 is really crazy!

Explosive jump workout without going to the badminton court

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In badminton, we need to have explosive jump in order to make many different kind of shots especially if we are jumping. Those explosive jumps can give you more power when for instance hitting a jump smash. This...

Do you know how you can jump higher?

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It is always important to jump in badminton. The higher you jump the better for you in badminton. For instance, if you can jump higher to do a smash, you can make you smash sharper. Learn these tricks who knows yo...

Simple way for wrist and forearm strength

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With almost over 1.5 million views in this video, I am sure this video will be a good education video if you want to improve your wrist and forearm strengths. Watch now and learn from it.

Hand, wrist and forearm strength exercises for badminton

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In badminton, you need strong hand, wrist and forearm. There are a few exercises that you can do to strengthen all the above. Watch the video now and learn!

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