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The half naked racket grip by Lin Dan

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I am not sure how many of you out there is aware of Lin Dan's racket grip secrets. Lin Dan has a different racket grip if compared to everybody in the badminton circuit. He only put half a grip on the racket handl...

Lin Dan tricks Peter Gade

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Lin Dan tricky wrist work caught Peter Gade by surprise. An easy point for Lin Dan but a tough one for Peter Gade to accept.

Tribute to Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung – The Korean warriors

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Another great double combination is from Korea, illness Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung. This video shares some of their very best moments in court especially against the Chinese duo of Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng.

How to use your wrist when doing a backhand clear?

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More often then not, pharm we always use our arm when hitting a backhand clear because our backhand is not that powerful. In this video, malady the coach will teach us how to use our write when doing a backhand clea...

How to do the midcourt lift in badminton?

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You can perfect the midcourt lift in badminton by learning from legendary players like Zhao Jianhua. Perfect every shot in badminton, pharmacy and you will be a champion.

The secret of the overhead drop shot

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The overhead drop shot is a good weapon to catch you opponent off guard in a badminton match. If you can perfect this shot, you will have the advantage of causing many uneasiness for your opponents in a match.

How to do backhand smash?

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If you have mastered the backhand technique, you can go further by learning the backhand smash. It won't be easy but it's a useful weapon to catch your opponent by surprise.

Badminton drill – China jump both sides

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This exercise is very good for players to practice the timing with the shuttle when jumping. NOTICE: Player uses double chasses to get under the shuttle in both sides. If the shuttle is played in the same side twice, ...

Backhand clear all in one video

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One of the hardest shot to learn and make in badminton is this backhand clear. When you are in ready position, healing after the shuttle been hit, your racket follow the shuttle cock. While you are in a ready positi...

Alan Kakinami can string a badminton racket in 14 minutes and 45s

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This dude, Alan Kakinami has fast hands as he can string a badminton racket in 14 minutes and 45 seconds. If you don't believe it, you must watch this video to believe!

A backhand smash just like Taufik Hidayat

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Ratchanok Inthanon did a Taufik Hidayat backhand smash. What do you think of this backhand smash?

Look who is back on court? Lin Dan!

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Lin Dan made a long awaited comeback after his sex scandal recently. He took on the current Olympics champion in a CBSL match in China. Let's see how Lin Dan is getting on his badminton!

Contact point for the overhead stroke in badminton

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Do you know where is the contact point for an overhead stroke in badminton? If you don't know where it is, you must watch and learn from this coach.

Does Tan Wee Kiong deserve a yellow card for this?

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Tan Wee Kiong was given a yellow card because he thought that Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo flick serve was illegal. Did he deserve it? Besides that, Wee Kiong didn't give a hand shake to Kevin Sanjaya after the match. D...

Hans Kristian Vittinghus: The Danish fighter!

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A player that fights for every point regardless. A player with a never say die attitude. He fights for every shuttle without fear and he is Hans Kristian Vittinghus from Denmark!

Badminton the beauty of life

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Badminton one of the best sports that you can ever enjoy and witness. Speed, help power, reflex just to name a few of the attributes of this sports.

Badminton for beginners – Forehand & Backhand grip

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Your forehand and backhand grip must be right because you can further proceed in learning the other skills in badminton. In short, help basic skills is important. Enjoy this video.

Basic 6 point footwork for moving diagonally

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This video will teach you the basic footwork for moving diagonally. Moving diagonally is often used in single play and is an extension of the basic forward and backward footwork.

Can you get more power and consistency in your badminton shots?

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It is very important for you to get more power and also consistency while hitting the birdie. When you have insufficient power in your shots, unhealthy your opponent will have an easy time retrieving your attacks. Mo...

Shuttle drill practice by Misbun Sidek

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Want to get some tips and secrets from the legendary player Misbun Sidek of Malaysia? Watch this video and he will impart to you his knowledge to those badminton lovers out there.

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