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World Championship Copenhagen 2014 R64 Live Stream (1)

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Watch the World Championship Copenhagen 2014 R64 live stream only from the channels below. Please share this website with your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Channel 1 @Please zoom or enlar...

This is what I call point of the championship!!

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Enjoy the defensive skills of Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong in their last tournament as a pair together. A glimpse of one of the best doubles combination for Malaysia.

Simple and interesting exercise for your footwork

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Badminton footwork is always very important if you want to play high level badminton. The footwork always looks simple but in reality, it is not. So at times, simple exercises will keep the players interested in d...

Park Joo Bong training the Japanese team

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Park Joo Bong an Olympic gold medalist is currently the head coach of the Japanese team. The Japanese team have improved leaps and bound after Joo Bong came into the picture. Some of his charges are like Kento Momota...

Lee Chong Wei vs Soren Opti Rio Olympics 2016

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In a Group A match, pharm at the Rio Olympics 2016, Lee Chong Wei took on Soren Opti of Surinam. Watch the full match video.

Have you seen how the professional train?

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Have you seen the great Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Jan O Jorgensen and many more professional players train before? What have they been up to reach their levels today? Watch this video and maybe you can learn a trick or ...

Chong Wei to miss out on All England 2017

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It will be indeed sad as Lee Chong Wei will miss out on this year's edition of the All England Championship. Chong Wei injured himself in a training at the new badminton courts at the Academy Badminton Malaysi...

Basic positioning practice for doubles in badminton

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After learning the two common mistakes in doubles, today we will learn the basic positioning for doubles in badminton. It is essential for you to know where to stand or where to position yourself in a doubles match.

Indonesia Open 2014 Final Live Stream

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Watch the Yonex Sunrise Indonesia Open 2014 Final live stream only from the channels below. Please share this website to your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Channel 1 @Please zoom/enlarge t...

Badminton lesson for beginners – Forehand serve

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Forehand serve is one of the most basic badminton skill. One have to learn this skill before learning other basic strokes in badminton. Without being able to serve well, viagra one will be pun into tremendous pressur...

How to serve with backhand serve and also receive serve?

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After explaining and sharing a video on how to serve forehand, here the coach would like to now show everyone how to serve backhand. Backhand serves are often used in doubles play so everyone should learn it seriousl...

Badminton drill – Change of grip

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Players need to adapt to a change of grip in a rally because the shuttle might not come to the direction which you are prepared. So a change of grip in a smooth way will ensure that a better return of the shuttle if y...

Malaysia Open 2016 Live Stream

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Watch the R32 Malaysia Open 2016 live stream only from the channels below. Please share this website with your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Channel 1 Malaysia Open 2016 Live

Lin Dan demonstrate the backhand serve technique and shares why it’s a must learn

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The legendary Lin Dan already made his stand on the backhand serve technique. We must take his advice and learn it from him.

The secrets of doing the power smash

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The power smash is a very important skill for every badminton player. This power play is important to finish off a rally. It is important for the single and also double game. If you can generate enough speed and power...

How to add more firepower to your smash?

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Ever wondered how to get extra firepower for your smashes? Two of the simplest way to add the power you desired for your smash will be full stop then restart. The earlier you stop before hitting a smash will add more ...

The return of service in badminton

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This video share to us on the method to return a serve in men doubles. A good return of service is ample so that we don't give any weak returns to our opponents to attack.

Doubles attacking system for badminton

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After learning the two common mistakes in doubles and also the basic positioning, now it's time to learn the doubles attacking system in order to finish off a rally in doubles. Learn the basic of this attacking sys...

Michelle Li wins gold medal at 2014 Commonwealth Games – A boost for badminton in Canada?

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Michelle Li wins the gold medal at the 2014 edition of the Commonwealth Games against Kirsty Gilmour the home crowd favorite with a score of 21-14, illness 21-7 in 38 minutes. Not only that, Michelle Li also beat th...

Lin Dan vs Chou Tien Chen Denmark Open 2014

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Lin Dan will be looking for an easy win against Chou Tien Chen of Chinese Taipei in the R32 of the Yonex Denmark Open 2014.

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