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Lin Dan Vs Zulfadli Zulkiffli All England 2017

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Can Zulfadli Zulkiffli turn the tables against the mighty Lin Dan at the All England 2017? Watch this video to find out more!

How to be deceptive on a badminton court?

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Deception is very important in badminton. You need to be deceptive to earn easy points or trick your opponents. Try to learn from this coach on the tips of being deceptive on court.

Chong Wei to Oslo for B sample result. Are you with him?

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Lee Chong Wei is on his way to Oslo, Norway for his B sample result together with a top-notch lawyer from Europe. Malaysia's iconic shuttler has been implicated in a doping scandal after he was believed to have fai...

Footwork – Defensive Footwork Rhythm

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It is always good if you have a good rhythm in court. This drill let's you practice on your defensive footwork rhythm. You must always be on your toes and must give 100% in every drill in order to maximize this traini...

Never say die attitude by Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong

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Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong produced a spectacular display when they ousted World N0.2 of Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan at the 2nd Round of this year's All England Championship. In this rally, we can see that t...

The return of service in badminton

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This video share to us on the method to return a serve in men doubles. A good return of service is ample so that we don't give any weak returns to our opponents to attack.

Lee Chong Wei all you need to know!

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This video exclusive about Lee Chong Wei and all his information that you need to know. Lee Chong Wei is a badminton legend and enjoy this exclusive video.

Badminton lesson for beginners – Forehand serve

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Forehand serve is one of the most basic badminton skill. One have to learn this skill before learning other basic strokes in badminton. Without being able to serve well, viagra one will be pun into tremendous pressur...

How to do backhand serve? (Low & Flick)

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The backhand serve used to be very popular for doubles only lastime but it is widely used in singles now a days. By sending the shuttle low, your opponents will not have the chance to smash after the serve you make. L...

Amazing 68 shots badminton rally

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Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng took on their biggest rival in badminton, health Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung and got themselves tangled in a 68 shots amazing badminton rally. Who will prevail?

What destroys your backhand clear?

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Sometimes you might not realize your mistake in badminton unless someone tells you so. One of the most common mistakes for badminton players when they do a backhand clear is too much follow through while hitting the b...

Michelle Li wins gold medal at 2014 Commonwealth Games – A boost for badminton in Canada?

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Michelle Li wins the gold medal at the 2014 edition of the Commonwealth Games against Kirsty Gilmour the home crowd favorite with a score of 21-14, illness 21-7 in 38 minutes. Not only that, Michelle Li also beat th...

Basic footwork moving forward and backward

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One of the basic thing that you need to learn well and master is the basic footwork where you move towards the shuttle. The forward and backwards movement is essential. Learn from this video and badminton will be a di...

How to do the front court forehand lift?

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Learn from the legend Zhao Jianhua on how to do the front court forehand lift correctly. It is always good if we can learn from the legends.

How to practice to make your smash powerful?

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As we know, advice the smash is one of the most important techniques that we need to master if we want to climb the ladder in badminton. Do you know how to practice to make it powerful? If not, watch the video tutori...

Hand, wrist and forearm strength exercises for badminton

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In badminton, you need strong hand, wrist and forearm. There are a few exercises that you can do to strengthen all the above. Watch the video now and learn!

Lee Chong Wei ice bucket challenge

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Enjoy the video where Lee Chong Wei did the ice bucket challenge by ALS.

How to do deceptive shots in court?

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An extra added skill into your armory if you can practice this deceptive shot. Practice makes perfect and you should just do that.

How to serve with backhand serve and also receive serve?

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After explaining and sharing a video on how to serve forehand, here the coach would like to now show everyone how to serve backhand. Backhand serves are often used in doubles play so everyone should learn it seriousl...

Craziest badminton dive ever!

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Watch how Scott Evans tried to save the shuttle while playing against Lee Chong Wei. I wonder what a player need to do just to get a point out of this top players? If you like this badminton blog then please consider...

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