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How to master the jumping smash in badminton?

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In this video, the coach will share to you the ways and method to master the jumping smash which is very essential for your game if you want to increase the pace of a badminton rally. Not only that, you can also finis...

Are you always prepared to return a serve?

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The return of service is one important aspect of your game. If you can't return you opponent's service well, you will be put under loads of pressure from the word Go. So learn from basic knowledge from this video.

Training of accuracy the Korean way

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Do you want to send the shuttle where ever you want the shuttle to go? Wait no more and watch this video to learn the training that you need to practice in order to do the above!

How to do the badminton lifts correctly?

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In this video, you will learn how to do the lifts correctly. The lifts is done when your opponent plays a drop shot or a net shot. Then you will need to lift the shuttle as deep and high as possible. Try it out!

How to do the backhand drop shot?

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One of the hardest shot to do in badminton is the backhand drop shot. The shot is made from the rear court of your backhand and hit a delicate shot to your opponent. This will make the opponent move to the front court...

Do you know how to cover the full badminton court?

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How to cover the full badminton court? If you are up against an intelligent opponent, they will make you move all over the court. So you must be prepared to move all around the court. This video will give you some tra...

Can Jan O Jorgensen outdo himself in this orange challenge?

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How accurate is Jan O Jorgensen with his serve? He will try to hit oranges with his low serve. Let's see how many he will get!

Shadow play drill to improve your footwork in badminton

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Shadow drill is one of the most important exercises in badminton or any other racket sports. It emphasizes a lot on your footwork and movement when you are doing the drills. Watch this video and follow some of these d...

Your positioning and body power while doing the smash

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As we have shared earlier, the smash is very important. How do you position and your put your body power when doing the smash? This will be share in this video. Stay tune!

China team training preparing for the Olympics

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Badminton training is not all about hitting the shuttle only. As you can clearly see from this video taken from the training camp of the China team preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympics. There are many fun activities th...

The secrets of doing the power smash

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The power smash is a very important skill for every badminton player. This power play is important to finish off a rally. It is important for the single and also double game. If you can generate enough speed and power...

A backhand smash just like Taufik Hidayat

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Ratchanok Inthanon did a Taufik Hidayat backhand smash. What do you think of this backhand smash?

Front court footwork secrets for badminton

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Moving to the front court is as important as moving to the rear part of the court. Drop shots and net shots from your opponent are some of the various shots that you need to be able to entertain when you are in a matc...

Cross court smash practice

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Do you want to perfect your cross court smash? Watch this video and learn the drill that the players are sharing in order to improve on your cross court smash!

Korean team national badminton training 2016

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Have you seen how the Korean badminton team train before? If not, sickness this is the video for you! Watch how the intensity of the training being shown here and enjoy!

Badminton footwork training – Squares and triangles

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A very simple way to train your badminton footwork by using squares and triangles. Many different kind of variations can be train with this method. Try it out as it's fun too!

How to defend opponent powerful smashes?

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How to defend against an opponent's powerful smashes. The smash is the most dangerous of the shots in the armory of a badminton player so the shot is often used by most players. If you can defend an opponent's killer ...

Movement training in badminton

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This clip shows a demanding movement training. It develops leg power and timing of stop, sovaldi sale start and transfer from place to place. When a player is regularly training this way he/she will be able to feel t...

You want to smash like the China players?

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This video will share with you some of the secrets from the Chinese team on doing the smash in slow motion. Fancy some power play from Fu Haifeng?

Lee Yong Dae – Do you miss him?

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As we know, Lee Yong Dae has decided to hang up his racket but we hope it won't be long as he is still very young. Anyway this video is a tribute to a great badminton player from South Korea, Lee Yong Dae!

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