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The match that ended Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan quest for gold in Rio Olympics

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Indonesia's quest for gold in the men doubles department was ended by Chai Biao-Hong Wei after Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan lost their 2nd match consecutively in a group match. The Indonesia pair was suppose to be o...

Derek Wong vs Soren Opti Rio Olympics 2016

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Soren Opti was on the receiving end after being trashed by Lee Chong Wei and will not have a chance at all against Dereck Wong of Singapore. Will Soren Opti give a better performance in this match?

Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan knocked out of the Rio Olympics 2016

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A gold medal prospect, Mohammad Ahsan & Hendra Setiawan kiss good bye to the Olympic dream after loosing twice in their group matches. They beat a pair from India after that lost to the Japanese pairing of Hiroyuki...

A quick guide to Olympics in badminton

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Watch a video compilation for the on going Rio Olympics only dedicated for all the badminton fans in the world!

Lin Dan Vs David Obernosterer Rio Olympics 2016

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Lin Dan's second Group E match at the Rio Olympics 2016 was against David Obernosterer. Lin Dan should win easily in this match.

Lin Dan vs Vladimir Malkov Rio Olympics 2016

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Lin Dan gunning for a hattrick of gold medals at the Rio Olympics 2016. Lin Dan takes on Vladimir Malkov of Russia in a Group E match. Is the China dragon ready to defend his title?

Lee Chong Wei vs Soren Opti Rio Olympics 2016

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In a Group A match, pharm at the Rio Olympics 2016, Lee Chong Wei took on Soren Opti of Surinam. Watch the full match video.

Badminton Live Stream Rio Olympics 2016

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Catch all the live badminton matches from Rio 2016 Olympics. Do not miss all your favorite badminton players in action in the live stream which will be broadcast to you for free. Please share this website with your ...

How to return a smash shot with interest?

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In this video, ed the coach will share you with on where, when and how to return a smash shot from your opponents. If they opponents smash is not strong, we cant avoid all the above said points. If your opponent can ...

How to hit a high serve in badminton?

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This serve is mainly use in singles and it is important to make sure that your serve is high and deep towards the rear part of the court. Make sure don't serve out of the courts ya!

How to hit a short serve in badminton?

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If you can't serve well, then you should start to practice it as it is one of the most important skills that you need to master. You can win or loose a match with just a serve. No point giving away free points to your...

Jan O Jorgensen preparing for the Olympics

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A dark horse for this year's Olympic in Rio, let's catch a glimpse of Jan O Jorgensen when he is training!

How to grip your badminton racket when smashing?

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If you want to get the right power and feel when smashing, order you need to have the right grip. Watch this video on how to grip the racket when smashing. Learn it right, and you will have fun playing badminton.

Cross smash practice drill

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In this video, buy you will learn on how to do the cross smash practice drill. The main purpose is to improve your cross court smash in this drill. Enjoy and happy learning!

Kento Momota during his younger days

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This is an epic video which was taken when Kento Momota was 14 years of age. Ranked No.2 in the world just 7 years later, cialis it is really an achievement for the left handed player. Watch this video to enjoy the m...

For beginners – The badminton swing

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In badminton, stuff your swing is very important. If you have a proper swing, there are many different shots you can make and also different angle of shots you can make. Learn from the coach on the badminton swing in...

You shouldn’t turn your body too early while you are smashing

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One of the mistakes that most badminton players do when or while they are doing the smash is they turn their body too early when doing a smash. In this video, sovaldi sale the coach will share and rectify this mista...

Best badminton dives for 2016

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Enjoy a compilation video where you will get to witness the top 10 best badminton dives for year 2016!

Can you do the forehand spinning net shot?

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In this video, recipe the coach will teach you the right way of doing the forehand spinning net shot. A good spinning net shot will enable you to get a poor or weak respond from your opponent in order to finish off t...

Do you know how to do the backcourt jump smash?

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Jumping smash from the back court is very common in the modern game now as it adds power to your game. In this video, recipe the coach will share to you the tricks and secrets of doing the backcourt jump smash!

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