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Dubai Super Series Finals 2017 Live Stream

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Watch all the five live matches at the Dubai Super Series Finals 2017 badminton championship. Share this page and live stream to your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. The whole Malaysia w...

Improve your hip agility and strength for badminton

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It's important to have an agile hip and also strength so that you can better movement on court and also minimize injuries if you play badminton. Learn this simple exercise and you will be amazed by the improvement ...

Shi Yuqi Vs Viktor Axelsen Dubai Super Series Finals 2017

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In an intriguing match, Shi Yuqi took on Viktor Axelsen at the Dubai Super Series Finals 2017 round robin match. This match should be for Viktor Axelsen's for the taking but never say never when you take on Shi Yuqi o...

How to improve your cross court smash defense awareness on your backhand side in badminton?

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We will always be attack by our opponent in our backhand side of our court as we are deem to be weaker in that wing. In this video, you will learn on how to improve on the awareness on that wing if you are being attac...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Ng Ka Long Angus Dubai World Superseries 2017

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Lee Chong Wei starts his campaign at the Dubai World Superies Finals 2017 against Hong Kong Ng Ka Long Angus. Ka Long is a very dangerous player and Chong Wei must beware and prepared against this Hong Kong player.

Train your safety shot in badminton

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You must always have a safety shot to execute in badminton whenever you are not quite sure which shot to make. The place that you should aim is the front backhand corner. Watch this video and practice this drill i...

What happens when you see Lee Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat, Viktor Axelsen and Peter Gade in the same court?

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When we have all these 4 legends, Lee Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat, Peter Gade & Viktor Axelsen in the same court, we will definitely have fun. Don't miss out the opportunity to watch all these 4 players in action!

Dubai World Super Series Finals 2017 Preview Video

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Are you ready for this year Dubai World Super Series 2017? All the top 8 players in each category will feature and will be gunning for the prize pool of $1,000,000 Who wants it more for this year's tournament?

Improve your badminton fitness with finger push ups

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Want to develop better fitness for your badminton? Then you can develop your strength in your fingers with these push ups. This video shows you how to make your fingers stronger.

Which Yonex badminton string you should use?

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The dilemma to choose a badminton racket is always tough but not to forget the dilemma when choosing a badminton string is also not easy. Watch this video and learn from these players on which Yonex badminton string y...

How to do the fake smash trickshot in badminton?

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Another super trick shot that can be used to trick your opponents in the badminton court is the fake smash trick shot. A player try to show his opponent that he is going to hit a smash but change last minute to hit a ...

How to do the reverse slice cross court shot in badminton?

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One of the best shots to trick your opponents when playing badminton is the reverse slice cross court shot. Try it out and you will be surprised on the amount of success that you will get if you master this shot!

Best budget badminton racket under $50

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When we are on a tight budget, and when we want to buy a new badminton racket, we will need to find a cheaper racket. So these are some of the best racket that you can get below $50! Check it out now!

Do you know which is the best Nylon Plastic Shuttlecocks?

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Anyone of you badminton lovers still using these kind of shuttlecocks - nylon plastic ones when you play badminton? If yes, then these are some of the very best that you should choose when playing badminton. The a...

Peter Gade sharing some trick shot and smash drills

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One of the best players ever produced by Denmark, Peter Gade is showing to all the badminton lovers out there on how to do the badminton trick shots and also some smash shots. Learn from this legend and I am sure y...

Do you know the top 10 badminton rackets for 2017?

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This might interest all those badminton lovers out there on the top badminton rackets for 2017. Do you know it? OR do you own any of it?

Badminton Agility Training Part 2

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It seems that agility training seems to get many likes and hits. You badminton lovers really love to be agile on court eh? This is another part of Agility training that you can follow or master. Simple and easy!

Agility training for badminton player

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Having agility is very important especially in a sports like badminton. In this video, the coach will share with you some of the easiest way you can train you agility and improve your movements in the badminton court!

Do you know the easiest way to learn the net shot in badminton?

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As we can see that, Lee Chong Wei who recently won the Hong Kong Open 2017, improved a lot on his net shot. Regardless whether you are playing singles or doubles, your net shot is very important to open the play up. ...

Footwork drill with shuttle box

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This is indeed a simple and cost effective way to train your footwork where the shuttle box is used to assist the badminton player while doing the footwork drill. Watch this video and follow these drills closely an...

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