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Badminton skill – The right grip

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This is a basic badminton skill where all badminton players must adhere to. The grip, help is very important and starting it right from the beginning will definitely help you improve on your badminton skills.

Lin Dan sex scandal

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Lin Dan has issue an apology to his family members after being caught red handed after Weibo user calling himself 'Dtective Zhao' posted pictures and gifs he claimed showed the 2 time Olympic champion with a woma...

Lee Chong Wei monkeying around in court

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Enjoy some laughter when Lee Chong Wei was caught monkeying around in court.

Agility training for badminton players

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Ever thought on having the agility like Lee Chong Wei in the court? Of course hard work is needed and you will need to follow these sets of exercises to improve on your agility.

Badminton training – smash defense

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This training teaches you on how to defend a smash from your opponent. It is an important skill to learn as there are many attacking players now a days if compared to lastime. Hope this training helps.

Super kids playing awesome badminton

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We have to salute these kids that just perform a great rally. They have showed tremendous skills, physician determination and also never say die attitude in this rally. Well done and keep up the good work!

Nguyen Tien Minh perfect backhand shot against Lin Dan

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Nguyen Tien Minh played a superb and perfect backhand drive against Lin Dan which caught mighty Dan off guard.

Do you understand the science of badminton?

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Most of us play badminton either for competitive or leisure but most of us at times do not understand the science in badminton. We would take a closer look on the shuttle which at times called the birdie in badmint...

Guinness World Of Records – World fastest smash

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Watch the fastest smash recorded in the Guinness World of Records. The record is held by none other than Tan Boon Heong of Malaysia!

Wow 5 year old kid beat 10 year old!

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A 5 year old kid beat a 10 year old kid. Dont believe it? Watch it to believe it!

Lin Dan vs Bao Chunlai exhibition game

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Bao Chunlai took on the greatest badminton player of all time, salve Lin Dan in an exhibition game. Enjoy their skills in this match.

Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng The Chinese Power

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One of the best men double pairing can be none other than Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng. Enjoy their power play!

Sho Sasaki super counter attack against Lin Dan

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Sho Sasaki let Lin Dan taste his own medicine with a superb counter attack play to gain a point against Lin Dan.

Badminton training – Power Smash

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In this educational badminton training video, doctor you will learn on how to do a powerful smash which is important in the modern game especially in men doubles. Without a powerful smash, it is quite hard to gain a ...

2 year old boy playing badminton

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This can't be real as a 2 year old kid can carry badminton racket and return shuttles sent to him with ease. Future champion in the making?

Lin Dan vs Liew Daren Japan Open 2014

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Liew Daren will be looking forward to put behind his nightmare after loosing out to Takuma Ueda of Japan at the recent Thomas Cup 2014 finals. Unfortunately, pills standing in his way will be the mighty Lin Dan of C...

Lee Chong Wei lost to Iskandar Zulkarnain?

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Lee Chong Wei lost to Iskandar Zulkarnain in a friendly practice match. See how Iskandar Zulkarnain takes on the best of Malaysia.

Trickshots by Chong Wei, Lin Dan & Peter Gade

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Enjoy the compilation of trickshots by the very best of world badminton, ambulance Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan & Peter Gade!

Lee Chong Wei winning point against Lin Dan 

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Lee Chong Wei defeated Lin Dan at the 2011 All England final and this is the historic and winning point by Chong Wei.    

Lin Dan I am sure you are proud of this!

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Amazing shot making during a match between Mathias Tisserant and Bruno Lucas which I am sure Lin Dan will be proud of too!

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