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Your success in badminton is down to your effort

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To reach the top of your game in badminton, you must put in loads of effort. One have to go the extra mile in their training in order to achieve that. The top players like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Keven Sanjaya, Vik...

Marc Zwiebler the German hero

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It is not always about Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan only in the world of badminton in the men single department. Let's pay tribute to one of the fighters on court from Germany, Marc Zwiebler!

How to be deceptive on a badminton court?

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Deception is very important in badminton. You need to be deceptive to earn easy points or trick your opponents. Try to learn from this coach on the tips of being deceptive on court.

Tips for choosing the right badminton racket

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It is always difficult to choose the right badminton racket for your liking but in this video, the coach will share with your some advice on picking the right racket for you.

Lin Dan the fire in him the proof he is the fastest player on earth

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Lin Dan is the fastest player on earth with the proof that he is on fire. Let's enjoy this video compilation of the greatest player on earth!

Kevin Sanjaya brushing off his opponents

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New badminton sensation Kevin Sanjaya is always the talk of late. Watch this video which was compiled since 2014 where Kevin Sanjaya brushed off his opponents to their shocking!

10 rare stunt shots by Lin Dan

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Watch some of the very rare stunt shots by none other the great Lin Dan of China!

How on earth did Lin Dan saved 7 game points?

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In a CBSL match, Lin Dan saved 7 game points and defeated his opponent Guo Kai. Let's watch how he did it!

Lin Dan madness moments

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Lin Dan is a colorful player on and off the court. He has a global following and to be honest there are times when Lin Dan will do the unthinkable. Watch this video for most of Lin Dan's madness moments on court!

Super Lin Dan showing off his superb footwork

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After watching Lee Chong Wei showcasing his swift movement on court, this time we need to look upon Super Dan's footwork on court. Lin Dan's footwork is also good and because of that brought him many success in badmin...

Lee Chong Wei has the most beautiful footwork

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Lee Chong Wei moves on court like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson just like a butterfly. That is why he is still at the top of his game even though of his age. Just watch how he moves on court. Enjoy!

Lee Chong Wei the smash terminator

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One of Lee Chong Wei's weapon is his powerful smashes. That is his forte to finish off a rally. Watch how the smoke came out from his racket when he finish off the rally against the mighty Chen Long!

Lee Chong Wei’s funniest moments

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How often do you see Lee Chong Wei acting cute on and off the court? He is always very serious whenever we see him which is usually in the badminton courts. Let's enjoy some funny moments with our hero!

Impossible trick shots with badminton trampoline

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Have you watched badminton being played using the trampoline as the court? This is an interesting way to play as you can jump and do many kind of tricks while playing with the trampoline. Watch the height the play...

17 Insane net blocks in badminton

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In this video you can watch 17 of the most crazy and insane net blocks in badminton. Watch the net block at 6:48 and you will be amazed how the player managed to respond to such a net block!

Lee Chong Wei’s turn to troll a younger player

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After sharing Lin Dan's video where he trolled a 17 year old kid, now it's Lee Chong Wei turn to troll a young player from Thailand. Looked at Chong Wei's superb wrist work to trick his younger opponent. The wrist was...

Lin Dan Trolling his 17 year old opponent

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Looked at how Lin Dan trolled his 17 year old opponent in a tournament during a match point. Not only that, Lin Dan showed off his favorite trick shot at 0:35 in the video. Watch and enjoy the moment!

The past, present and future of China’s badminton in one court

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The past champion of China is Lin Dan meanwhile the present champion is Chen Long. They also have the future of China's badminton which is Shi Yuqi who made it to the final of the All England 2017. The future look...

Look at Koo Kien Keat’s defense will surely blow your mind away

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Koo Kien Keat returned as almost impossible shot when he returned so many smashes aimed at him an in the end finish off with a winner. Watch this and you will agree with me!

Isn’t Lin Dan more arrogant with this awesome shot while trailing 5-8 in the second set?

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In my previous video where i shared Lee Chong Wei's cool and awesome trick shot, I received my comments about Lee Chong Wei being arrogant and show no respect to his opponents. Let's watch this stunt by Lin Dan an...

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