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Peter Gade trick shot – Fake hook then lift

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Peter Gade's favorite trick shot which is the fake hook then lift. Peter Gade show how it's done for this trick shot. Learn it and use it in your badminton matches.

Badminton skill – Net kill

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In this video, the coach will teach you on how to do the net kill. If your opponent send you a weak shot at the front court, you must be able to finish off the point with a net kill. If your opponent manage to retriev...

The root of badminton – Service, Return of service, Net deceptions and Tactics

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The root of badminton or the basic of badminton comprises of service, return of service, net deceptions and also tactics. You should master all this basic and simple skills in order to play good badminton. Come let's ...

Lin Dan is back with Yonex but he is branded as a traitor

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Lin Dan will be looking to win a hat-trick of Olympic gold medal at the Rio Olympics 2016. Lin Dan previously won the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic gold medals defeating Lee Chong Wei on both occasion. ...

Badminton drill – Attack and defense positioning

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This drill will allow you to position yourself correctly when attacking or defending. It is a useful video as your positioning is very essential in badminton.

Judgement day for Chong Wei early of February 2015

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After prolong delays on Lee Chong Wei's doping case, there will be no more extension to the date for the hearing of world No. 2 Lee Chong Wei’s case. According to Datuk Norza Zakaria (BAM deputy president), Bad...

Badminton skill – Forehand underarm drive

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Learn the technique of doing the forehand underarm drive from the coach. Listen carefully and try it out.

Badminton training – How to defend a smash?

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This video will teach you how to defend a smash. The standing position to defend is also important. Watch this video and it's very educational for badminton players.

The Five Most Important Things in Badminton

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Do you know what is the five most important things in badminton? If you do not know it, please watch this video.

Badminton training – Backhand Deceptive Across Net Shot

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This shot can we used as a secret weapon especially in men singles where you can move your opponents from one end to the other with a deceptive backhand across net shot. Try it out freaks!

Badminton training – The best way to practice backhand clear

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More often than not, your opponents will most likely attack your backhand in a badminton match. In the early stages of the match, you still have the energy and strength to get round it and make a forehand clear. In th...

Badminton skill – Netplay

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The badminton netplay is important regardless whether you are playing single or doubles. Master this skill up and train well so that you can have loads of easy shots from your opponents if you fix this matter up.

Badminton skill – Backhand drop shot

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This will be one of the toughest skill in badminton. The backhand drop shot. Generally, badminton players do not have any problem with their forehands. Backhand usually is the weak link of the players. In this video, ...

Badminton skill – Forehand reverse slice

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Peter Rasmussen will share and teach us how to do the forehand reverse slice shot in badminton. Learn it to catch your opponent off guard so that you can capitalize on his weak return to finish him off.

How to do backhand drive?

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Another skill that you need to learn is the backhand drive. The coach will show you the right technique to do the backhand drive. You will need to master this skill as your opponents tend to attack you on your backhand.

Footwork exercise

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Interesting method to train your footwork. Simple and effective. Try it out.

What shot should I hit?

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Picking the right shot is not easy in badminton. You must pick the right shot at the right time. If you make the wrong choice of shot, your opponents will capitalize on this putting you in a tight spot.

Badminton fun warm up – Step on each other’s feet

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What? Step on each others feet? Try this fun and interesting way to warm up before you start your match. A minimum of two person will be needed for this fun warm up. Try it out.

How to improve finger and wrist power?

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Ever thought the methods of improving your finger and write power? Your wrist power is very important especially in badminton. This video will show you some simple yet interesting methods to improve your wrist power.

Return of low service in doubles

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We are usually face with low service if we are playing doubles. How do you return the shuttle is very important as this will determine whether you are going to attack or defend after returning the bird. This video wil...

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