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Badminton training – Hitting skills

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Hitting the shuttle right is very essential if you want to be a good badminton player. No point having good techniques and movement but not hitting the shuttle right. Improve further with the correct and accurate hitt...

Badminton training – Backhand clear

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Most of us have weak backhand's whether we are playing single or double. In this video, learn properly on how to move the shuttle with a backhand clear. This video is complete and by watching and following closely, I ...

Badminton training – How to make a powerful smash

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A powerful smash is useful weapon either in single or double. Learn and practice how to make a powerful smash and when the chance arises, finish your opponent off with a powerful smash.

Badminton drill – Deceptive drop shot

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Deceptive drop shot is important to change the pace of a rally. With a sudden change of pace, your opponent might be caught off guard.

Badminton drill – Backhand crosscourt net

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Another badminton drill for you to practice to improve your game is the backhand crosscourt net shot. This shot is useful if you have caught your opponent off guard and this shot is used to finish the point off. In sh...

Badminton training – Forehand spin net shot

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This skill is essential especially for men single where tight forehand spin net shot will help you to get a loose return from your opponent then the kill comes after. Master this and you will be sure to win more match...

Badminton drills – Drop and lift

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Another basic and important drill that you can practice to improve your game is the drop and lift drill. This can be practice with two or more players. Enjoy this drill and improve your game to another level!

Badminton lesson for beginners – Forehand serve

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Forehand serve is one of the most basic badminton skill. One have to learn this skill before learning other basic strokes in badminton. Without being able to serve well, one will be pun into tremendous pressure early ...

Advanced badminton drills – Push and defence

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Push and defence is a popular badminton drill for double players. Push and defense is an essential drill if you want to play good double matches. Practice this skill in order for others to excel in his name.

Badminton drills – Front shot for doubles

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Another interesting badminton drills will be the front shot for doubles. The front part of the court is very essential for doubles as most of the points will come from there. You will need to master this front court s...

Advance badminton drills – Smash and drive

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Let's take the badminton training to another level with an advance badminton drills practice which involves the smash and drive. The smash and drive combination will be useful in a doubles game. This drill will enable...

Badminton drills – Net drop

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A set of training drills to improve on your front court play will be the net drop drill. Practice makes perfect as the more you practice, the more accurate you will be.

Badminton training – How to do backhand low service?

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Backhand low service is very important in the modern game regardless whether it is a single our double game. By serving low, your opponent wouldn't not be able to smash after your service. Besides that, serving high t...

Basic badminton footwork – The step

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One must have the right steps in badminton to ensure the smooth movement in court. The most basic badminton footwork that a badminton player must have is the step. In this video, you will learn the most basic steps...

Badminton skill – How to grip a badminton racket?

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Another coaching video on how to grip a badminton racket correctly. As we have stressed earlier, the grip must be right in order for us to proceed or advance further in the game of badminton. With a wrong grip, we are...

Basic footwork – the lunge

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Learn the most basic footwork in badminton. The lunge is one of the most basic badminton footwork which all badminton players will need to know. The leading foot for the return of the shuttle is also important to main...

Badminton training – How to train to make your smash powerful

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Practice makes perfect. To gain the right method to make a power smash, one must have the right technique n interest in the sports. Enjoy the coaching video and don't forget that practice will always be the main key o...

Badminton Training – Backhand Clear

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One of the hardest skills to learn in badminton is the backhand clear. Most badminton players do not have any problem with forehand shots but when it comes to backhand, most players have weak backhand shots. This vide...

Badminton skill – The right grip

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This is a basic badminton skill where all badminton players must adhere to. The grip, is very important and starting it right from the beginning will definitely help you improve on your badminton skills.

Badminton craziest defense ever

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I can bet with you that you haven't seen the best defense in badminton but this should be the best of all. Watch it to believe it.

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