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Footwork training for kids

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If you have kids at home and they are in love with badminton, you can train them with their footwork by watching this video. A very simple and interactive way to train kids. Enjoy!

What destroys your smash – Too much turning

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Another mistakes that most badminton players do while doing a smash is too much turning while doing a smash. Minimize your turning and you will be able to make a good smash.

What destroys your smash – Doing too much pronation

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This is one of the video that I will share on your mistakes while doing a smash. The first mistake that people usually do when doing a smash is doing too much pronation. In short, pronation is a motion of rolling your...

What destroys your backhand clear?

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Sometimes you might not realize your mistake in badminton unless someone tells you so. One of the most common mistakes for badminton players when they do a backhand clear is too much follow through while hitting the b...

How to hit a high, deep serve in badminton

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The service in badminton is one of the basic shots that you need to know how to do correctly if you want to play badminton. In this video, the coach will teach you how to hit a high deep serve in badminton.

Badminton basic swing for beginners

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As a beginner in badminton, you should take note on your swing as this will determine on your next course of improvement in badminton. If you have a good and correct swing, other badminton shots such as drop shot, lob...

Warm up by playing TAG

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A simple but yet interesting way to warm up is to play Tag. This warm up game need more badminton players to take part to make it enjoyable. Happy warming up as if you don't do so, you are prone to more serious injuries.

Lin Dan playing mixed doubles

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It is a rare video to see Lin Dan playing mixed doubles. In some of the matches, it is seen that Lin Dan was against Lee Chong Wei in the mixed double matches.

Interesting way to train your footwork

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Coach Diemo Ruhnow shared a very interesting way to train your footwork using a chair. Try it out and it might just help you improve in your game.

How your elbow should be set for a smash?

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The position of your elbow is very important when doing a smash. In this video, the coach will share with you on the correct position of the elbow before you strike a smash! After this, happy smashing..

How to become an advance badminton player?

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It is always a tough transition from a beginner badminton player to move another step to advance badminton player. In this video, the coach will share some tips of how to become an advance badminton player.

Have you seen Lee Chong Wei playing mixed doubles?

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A rare video where Lee Chong Wei is seen playing mixed doubles. Enjoy it!

Body posture when doing the net kill

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You must have the right body posture when you make a net shot. The coach will share and explain to you the method of doing so. Right posture brings you far in the game.

Badminton training – Finger power training

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This is a very tough training exercise where you need to do push up using only your fingers. This training aims to help you built better and solid hand muscles to prepare yourself for further tournaments. You can inc...

Badminton skill – Service & Return Of Service

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In badminton, it is very important if you can serve well. Not only that, you must be able to return the service well so that you do not add additional pressure onto yourself. Learn the right way of doing the above ski...

Where should I smash in doubles?

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It is often we choose a wrong selection of shots during a match. As a badminton player, you should study your strengths and overcome your opponents weaknesses of your opponents. By hitting and hurting your opponen...

Badminton drill – Smash and net step

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Another simple badminton drill for you to follow is the smash and net step. To improve your movement in court, you should practice this drill.

Lee Chong Wei greatest comeback

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Lee Chong Wei came back from the dead as he was 13-20 down in the final set against Lin Dan in Malaysia. Chong Wei then stormed home with victory with Lin Dan stunned with the outcome. This is Chong Wei's greatest com...

Warming up and set your body

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It is always very essential to warm up and set your body before you play a match or start a training. The reason you warm up is to stretch all those muscles and limbs to avoid injury to you.

Trick Shot – Fake net then lift

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A good trick shot for you to practice and learn where you fake your opponent making them believe that you are going to do a net shot but you trick them and lift the shuttle to the back court.

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