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Let bygones be bygones – Jan O Jorgensen apologized to Iskandar

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Jan O Jorgensen has apologized and said that he wasn't being disrespectful after he threw a t-shirt with the Malaysian flag during a match at the China Open against Iskandar Zulkarnain prompting angry reaction fro...

Iskandar Zulkarnain Vs Jan O Jorgensen China Open 2016

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Much controversy in this match where Iskandar Zulkarnain took on Jan O Jorgensen at the China Open 2016 men single semi final. Watch the full match video and it's free. Many incidents happened in this match with J...

Jan O Jorgensen a dirty player with no sportsmanship

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A very temperamental player, Jan O Jorgensen didn't win many hearts as what he did yesterday in his match against Iskandar Zulkarnain was simply not acceptable. During the mid game interval of the 3rd game, as...

Zhao Yaqi the model and actress that stole Lin Dan heart

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The breaking news of Lin Dan's affair with Zhao Yaqi really shocked the whole world, at the cost of major endorsement deals and the respect of fans worldwide. While many had criticised Lin Dan, who was once dubbed ...

Xie Xingfang will support Lin Dan after his affair

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After an explosive news on Lin Dan's extra marital affair with a Chinese actress and model Zhao Yaqi, his wife came out support Lin Dan and will be sticking by Chinese badminton star, days after news that he cheat...

Jan O Jorgensen vs Chen Long China Open 2016

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Jan O Jorgensen will be looking to silence the crowd in China as he takes on Chen Long for the men single crown at the China Open 2016. The Olympics 2016 champion will be looking to win it in front of the home crowd.

Lin Dan sex scandal

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Lin Dan has issue an apology to his family members after being caught red handed after Weibo user calling himself 'Dtective Zhao' posted pictures and gifs he claimed showed the 2 time Olympic champion with a woma...

Are you a brave badminton player?

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The title says it all. Are you a brave badminton player or otherwise?

What will you do if your partner always ask you to stand at the net?

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If you are face with this situation, there is only a few reasons why your partner ask you to cover the net more often. It's because you are not good enough! So will you partner such player in a double game?

The smash and drive badminton drill

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Another badminton drill combination that you can try it out is the smash and drive drill. Try it out and it will surely improve your badminton game.

How do you receive a smash in badminton?

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When you are face with a task which is receiving a smash, you must know what are the things you must do. Watch this video to learn how to receive a smash in badminton.

2 common mistakes while playing doubles in badminton

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These 2 common mistakes are very rampant in men doubles. To avoid all these simple mistakes, please watch this video now and the coach will teach you how to overcome these mistakes!

How to master the jumping smash in badminton?

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In this video, the coach will share to you the ways and method to master the jumping smash which is very essential for your game if you want to increase the pace of a badminton rally. Not only that, you can also finis...

Are you always prepared to return a serve?

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The return of service is one important aspect of your game. If you can't return you opponent's service well, you will be put under loads of pressure from the word Go. So learn from basic knowledge from this video.

Training of accuracy the Korean way

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Do you want to send the shuttle where ever you want the shuttle to go? Wait no more and watch this video to learn the training that you need to practice in order to do the above!

How to do the badminton lifts correctly?

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In this video, you will learn how to do the lifts correctly. The lifts is done when your opponent plays a drop shot or a net shot. Then you will need to lift the shuttle as deep and high as possible. Try it out!

How to do the backhand drop shot?

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One of the hardest shot to do in badminton is the backhand drop shot. The shot is made from the rear court of your backhand and hit a delicate shot to your opponent. This will make the opponent move to the front court...

Do you know how to cover the full badminton court?

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How to cover the full badminton court? If you are up against an intelligent opponent, they will make you move all over the court. So you must be prepared to move all around the court. This video will give you some tra...

Can Jan O Jorgensen outdo himself in this orange challenge?

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How accurate is Jan O Jorgensen with his serve? He will try to hit oranges with his low serve. Let's see how many he will get!

Shadow play drill to improve your footwork in badminton

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Shadow drill is one of the most important exercises in badminton or any other racket sports. It emphasizes a lot on your footwork and movement when you are doing the drills. Watch this video and follow some of these d...

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