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Hand, wrist and forearm strength exercises for badminton

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In badminton, you need strong hand, wrist and forearm. There are a few exercises that you can do to strengthen all the above. Watch the video now and learn!

How to be more flexible on badminton court with shoulder stretching?

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It is important to be flexible on court but before you can be flexible you will need to do some shoulder stretching. Watch this video and the coach will share with you some of the most effective ways for you to do...

Body building for badminton

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There are many different exercises for badminton player especially if you want to build your body specifically for badminton only. You wouldn't want to do body building exercises for badminton with the conclusion o...

How to be agile in the badminton court?

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Want to be agile in court like Lee Chong Wei and company? Then watch this video and do all the practice and exercises on court so that you can have more agility!

They are the best in changing from defense to attack

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Lee Yong Dae the prince of badminton and his partner Yoo Yeon Seong are the master of changing from defense to attack in a nick of time. They always counter punch their opponents. Most of the rallies, they will in...

The future of Malaysia badminton – Goh Jin Wei

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Goh Jin Wei will be the future of Malaysia's women single as she is doing well in the international badminton scene. The petite Jin Wei made to the Finals of the Taiwan Open. She lost out to Saena Kawakami of Japan in...

The right way to do the backhand clear in badminton

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The backhand clear is one of the toughest shot in badminton. I am sure most of us have this problem when playing badminton. So in order to make this shot right, you need to learn from this coach on how to make the bac...

The right impact point for clear, drop and smash in badminton

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You must always hit the shuttle at the right sweet spot at your racket. For these shots like your clear, drop and smash, the right impact point is essential. Watch this video and the coach will share with you where...

Right grip and right elbow setting is essential for you smash

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When doing a smash, there are two things that you need to take note which is the right grip and also right elbow setting. Watch this video and the coach will share with you all the secrets when doing a badminton smash!

Do you know how to change grips during a badminton rally?

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I am not sure whether many of you realize that you are suppose to change your grips during a rally to suit the type of shots that you are making.

How to do the cross court net shot? Lee Chong Wei’s favorite shot

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The cross court net shot is one of Lee Chong Wei's favorite shot. In this video, the coach will teach you how to execute this shot so that you can try it out during a match. If you know how to use this shot well, you ...

This is what happens when you challenge Lee Chong Wei

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You are very lucky if you can get a chance to spar with Lee Chong Wei. These kids wasn't expecting an easy time against the great Lee Chong Wei. Let's see how they fare against him!

Badminton legends in action

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These legends took the court once more and they gave the crowd a hell of a time. Lee Yong Dae, Peter Gae, Yoo Yeon Seong and Ha Taekwon!

Chen Long Vs K Srikanth Australia Open 2017

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K Srikanth seems to be on fire of late and he will be taking on Chen Long for the Australia Open 2017 title. Can he win his 3rd title of the year?

Lin Dan Vs Chen Long Australia Open 2017

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Clash of the two might dragons of China. Lin Dan taking on his younger compatriot in a mouth watering match at the Australia Open 2017. Watch the full match video now!

What’s wrong with Goh V Shem & Tan Wee Kiong?

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Another early lose for Goh V Shem & Tan Wee Kiong at the Australia Open 2017 after they crashed out in 3 sets to unknown Japanese pairing of Takuto Inoue & Yuki Kaneko. Something is just not right for this Malaysia...

Hendra Setiawan-Tan Boon Heong Vs Lee Jhe Huei-Lee Yang Australia Open 2017

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Hendra Setiawan & Tan Boon Heong would want to continue their journey at the Australia Open 2017 championship when they take on Lee Jhe Huei & Lee Yang of Chinese Taipei. Can these two legendary players beat their ...

Lin Dan Vs Lee Dong Keun Australia Open 2017

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A tricky first round match for Lin Dan taking on a South Korean youngster Lee Dong Kuen at the Australia Open 2017. Watch the full match video and see whether mighty Lin Dan will struggle in his first round match.

Have you seen Lin Dan warm up before?

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Have you watched Lin Dan warm up before? The legend is caught on video during his warm up session before a match of a tournament.

Tan Boon Heong trying to emulate Lin Dan’s super trick shot

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Tan Boon Heong tried to do a legendary trick shot just like Lin Dan at 0:55 and to our surprise he managed to do it. Watch the video to believe it!

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