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Badminton skill – Service & Return Of Service

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In badminton, medicine it is very important if you can serve well. Not only that, ed you must be able to return the service well so that you do not add additional pressure onto yourself. Learn the right way of doing...

Lee Chong Wei Vs HS Prannoy Denmark Open 2016

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Lee Chong Wei took on HS Prannoy of India in the R16 of the Denmark Open 2016. Lee Chong Wei should have no issues qualifying to the next round. I wonder how old is this Lee Chong Wei? Still playing at his best at thi...

Do you know how to train your movement in badminton?

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In this educational badminton video, the coach will show you a demanding movement training. This video will want you to develop your leg power and when the timing to stop, start and transfer from one point to another....

Badminton drill – Lurking to attack

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The two players are allowed to return 1-4 short returns, hospital and then making a lift either long line or cross court. The single player runs forward after attacking, look and starts the new round of short return...

Lee Chong Wei vs Kenichi Tago Thomas Cup 2014

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Lee Chong Wei will be looking to give Malaysia the perfect start at the Thomas Cup 2014 Finals against Kenichi Tago of Japan. Chong Wei have a much superior head to head record against Tago but we should not look at p...

Lee Chong Wei playing men doubles

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In a rare video, find Lee Chong Wei partnered former national men single player Wong Choong Hann to a men double match against Lee Wan Wah-Chew Choon Eng in a friendly match. How often do you see Lee Chong Wei play...

Lee Chong Wei did the mission impossible

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10 years ago, Lee Chong Wei did the impossible against Lin Dan at the Malaysia Open 2006 when he cameback from a 10 point deficit in the final game to beat the mighty Lin Dan. This match is one to remember for the ...

Badminton smash technique in slow motion

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The smash in badminton is very important as it is a weapon to open up play or finish off the rally. In this video, thumb you will learn the badminton smash technique and they will show it to you in slow motion in ord...

The mystery behind Lin Dan’s grip

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To be a champion, at times there are things that you need to do differently. There is no difference for Lin Dan as he is different from any other players in the badminton world. His badminton grip is definitely differ...

Badminton skill – How to grip a badminton racket?

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Another coaching video on how to grip a badminton racket correctly. As we have stressed earlier, link the grip must be right in order for us to proceed or advance further in the game of badminton. With a wrong grip, ...

How does the Korean and Japanese trains?

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Our earlier video showed some of the basic things we need know to improve and to make it more interesting in our trainings. The earlier video, clinic the training wad done my Lin Dan. Now, viagra sale we can see fr...

Lee Yong Dae-Yoo Yeon Seong vs Lee Sheng Mu-Tsia Chia Hsin World Championship 2014

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Lee Yong Dae-Yoo Yeon Seong will take on Lee Sheng Mu-Tsia Chia Hsin of Chinese Taipei at the World Championship 2014 men double quarter final. The Koreans pair will start as favorite.

Badminton footwork for backhand recovery

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This video teaches you the way to practice on your footwork where it emphasizes on the backhand recovery. It is very important footwork video that you need to take note if you want to improve on your badminton to anot...

This is crazy – Viktor Axelsen can speak fluent Mandrin!!

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This is something amazing which I myself didn't know about which is Viktor Axelsen can speak fluent Mandrin which I am sure many will be caught by surprise. Don't believe? Watch it yourself!

Koo Kien Keat amazing badminton show!

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Koo Kien Keat known for his show boating on court. This video compilation shows how Koo Kien Keat puts up a show in the badminton court!

Top 20 mind bending badminton rallies

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These badminton rallies really out of this world. Just watch the top 20 of these rallies here. The over the back return at 1:05 is really crazy!

Lee Yong Dae breaks a racket in a rally

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We usually see Lee Yong Dae breaks his strings in a rally when doing a jumping smash but how often do you see Lee Yong Dae breaks a racket in a rally? This is unusual but worth a view. Enjoy

Badminton drill – Attack and defense positioning

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Your position in the badminton is very essential. If you are out of position, troche you will surely have to cover more court. Practice this drill to get the best position in court when you are attacking or defending.

Top 10 fastest badminton smash in 2016

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Don't miss on the top 10 fastest smash for year 2016. You will be surprised to see some of them in this list!

How to add extra power to your smash?

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Your first step is to learn the right technique for a smash. After perfecting the technique of smashing, treat you should learn on how to add extra power to your smash? With the perfect smash technique together with ...

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