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Special physical training for badminton players

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Physical training is an important aspect for badminton players. You need to by physically fit to play badminton. This video will have some insight of what you need to do to stay physically fit. Enjoy!

The correct badminton swing

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In this video, discount the coach will share to you the right standing position, healing the body posture and the point of contact when you want to hit a shuttle. Try it out to improve on your game.

Training with legendary Peter Gade

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Earlier yesterday i have shared the training with legendary player Park Joo Bong and now in this video, order it will share the training with the legendary Peter Gade of Denmark! Enjoy!

How on earth did Lee Yong Dae broke his racket?

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It is common for international badminton players to break or burst their strings in a rally but Lee Yong Dae has gone one step better by breaking his racket during a rally. Don't believe it? Watch it for yourself!

How to warm down after a match or training?

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It is very important to warm down after a training session or after a competitive match. You can expand your badminton career if you take warming down seriously. Watch this video to learn the right method and ways to ...

Training with the legendary Park Joo Bong

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Training with Park Joo Bong of South Korea will be privilege to any badminton coaches and players all around the world. Have you seen this legendary badminton player perform before?

Finger power training

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This training which is called finger power training is important in making sharp net kill, buy drive, pharmacy smash defence, backhand clear and also power smash. If you want to improve all the above skills, you nee...

Net shot badminton drill for 2 people

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This drill can be done with 2 people where the main aim of this drill is to improve your net shot. Try it out according to this video and you might just improve your net shots!

Have you seen Lin Dan training regime before?

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Lin Dan, tadalafil one of the best badminton player in the history, seek is one tough nut to crack. To achieve what he is today, there are many sacrifices need to be done by Lin Dan. Have you ever seen how he train...

Badminton racket flip

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We use to use soccer players flip the ball with their legs but Jamie Neill did the badminton racket flip with his leg. Enjoy!

How to do the shadow drill?

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The shadow drill is a very important exercise in order to improve your footwork and also movement on court. Basically you will move towards the place where the coach points to you with or without your racket. In these...

Lee Yong Dae retires with a swan song

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As we know, sale Lee Yong Dae retired from badminton after winning his last title at the Victor Korea Open 2016 in front of his fans. It was indeed a swan song for him and Yoon Seong!

Shuttle drill practice by Misbun Sidek

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Want to get some tips and secrets from the legendary player Misbun Sidek of Malaysia? Watch this video and he will impart to you his knowledge to those badminton lovers out there.

Trampoline badminton

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These 2 words does not match well in badminton. What on earth is the badminton player doing on the trampoline? Have fun and enjoy watching this video!

Legends in action – Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade, Rexy Manaiky & Candra Wijaya

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A legends double match where Lee Chong Wei partnered Peter Gade and on the other end, nurse Rexy Manaiky partnering Candra Wijaya. In this video, stuff Rexy Manaiky tried a few range of trick shots to entertain the ...

Raising an Olympic champion – Lin Dan

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This is a short documentary on Lin Dan where his mother played an inspirational role in making him twice Olympic champion. Enjoy this video as it's in Mandarin with English subtitles.

A final appearance by Lee Yong Dae

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We bid good bye to a very good badminton player Lee Yong Dae at this year's Victor Korea Open 2016. In a shocking news earlier, Yong Dae will make his final appearance at the badminton arena after this year's tourname...

Return from the dead – What a comeback!

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From 17-11 down in the 3rd set, for sale the Indonesian pair of Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo & Gideon Markus Fernaldi manage to beat Chai Biao & Hong Wei. It was indeed a great comeback from the dead by the Indonesian pair!

Jan O Jorgensen Vs Lee Hyun Il Korea Open 2016

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Lee Hyun Il is really showing to the world that age is not a factor when he edged out Jan O Jorgensen who is ranked much higher than him in the Korea Open 2016. Watch the full match video and learn a thing or two form...

Fanboy Lee Yong Dae is hanging up his racket

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One of most popular badminton player on tour, Lee Yong Dae is bidding adieu to badminton after his last tournament which is the on going Victor Korea Open 2016. It is definitely a setback to the world of badminton...

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