As most of you know that my computer hard disk is running out of space. I have to resort to buying an external hard disk. I was suppose to go to the nearest computer shop to get myself a My Book Western Digital hard disk.

It will arrive tomorrow thanks to my buddy Irwan. He will be selling me the My Book one terabyte at RM 350. Thanks brother.

In the meantime, my friend lend me his 160 gb external hard disk for temporarily purposes. So stay tune for day 4 action.

For those that bought me beers and chip in to support the course, thanks a million. Let’s get smashing! ^^





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  • Ton-Min-Bad 8 years ago

    Great to hear! Thanks again for your efforts!

    Many greetings

  • ricky 8 years ago

    Much Thanks to your mates!
    And i am so happy to watch this lovely WC 2009 freshly and also high quality matches

  • ***WW*** 8 years ago

    Glad that you have thoughtful friends.

  • I have been looking for rare badminton videos that’s not on youtube, thanks for such great videos.

  • Manoj 8 years ago

    Hi..Your doing a great job by instantly uploading the suits office goers like me very much…Thx and keep up the good work.