Couldn’t do much this whole freaking week. Kind of pissed off. The main reason for this is happening is slow internet connectivity.

Oh well, we have added 2 new options on the site.

1] A video Archive at the Menu Bar (Easier for you all to find your video)

2] Download links of Badminton matches (Keep your favorite badminton videos)

Sorry as those Archive + Download links are slow to apper. Hope you all will forgive me for that because of my slow internet connectivity. Nonetheless, enjoy your stay here with our 2 new services

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  • ashok 8 years ago

    pls upload india open 2009 men singles

    • jason 8 years ago

      To ashok : I am trying to but i got slow internet connection. Sorry!

  • jjtan 8 years ago

    You have Swiss open mix double final match.Thank you

  • chiew shi 8 years ago

    Jason,thanks for providing such a convenient ways for all badminton fans… 🙂

  • ah dong 8 years ago

    Jason, we appreciate your efforts. No worries. Take it easy. You always have our support! ^^