Today is the 15th of January 2010 and it’s my Birthday. To be exact it’s my 27th Birthday. Getting old already man..

I always remember when i was young, my parents will celebrate for me my birthday every year. As usual all my best buddies in class will attend the small simple birthday party conducted by my parents. When I was young I always look forward to birthday parties because can get many presents.

I guess as age goes by, we take our birthday as just another day. Of course is an important day to remember because that’s the day I saw daylight on earth 27 years ago. Time really flies and with a blink of an eye i am already 27.

Can’t believe at the age of 27 i am still single and available! -_- Never had any relationships ever before. Really couldn’t believe it man. Many of my friends also don’t believe if i tell them that. This is something until today i can’t understand and i wouldn’t know when only i can understand.

I guess relationship with a girl is even harder then doing a jumping smash! Hmmmz.. I guess the main reason for my failure to get into any relationship is maybe because i am too straight forward and honest. I guess girls now a days don’t like guys who are straight forward, naive and honest!

I guess that is what happened to my latest project in chasing a girl… Something until today i couldn’t understand. I am not boring by the way! -_-

Anyway one thing is for sure, i would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for bringing me up, my sister who always stand by me when i need her, my buddies (You know who you are), friends and relatives. Without all of you, life wouldn’t be so interesting and so colorful. Not to forget all the fans of Badmintonfreak, without you, this site wouldn’t be what it is today! πŸ™‚

Haven’t thought of what i am going to wish for my birthday as like they say, you have one wish every time your birthday comes. So i will think properly first before making it.

Anyway on my birthday, i hope all badminton lovers can do me a small favor. Get as many people possible to visit this site as the record visitors per day on Badmintonfreak is 9287! Way low for a sports with huge fan base all over the world. Badmintonfreak has a 21k++ fans on facebook and I hope every fans on Facebook can visit Badmintonfreak so that we can break the 10k visitors barrier? ^^

Let’s break to the 10k visitors barrier for badmintonfreak on my Birthday! Let 15th January 2010 be the day we remember that Badmintonfreak has more then 10k visitors for one day! ^^

Sorry for being a little emotional but nonetheless, i am already 27 and i am not sure what is installed for me tomorrow on my birthday and i hope everybody out there will be happy and marry always… Happy smashing my brothers and sisters.. Our motto for badmintonfreak should be something like this >> (We live and breathe badminton) What say you?

Happy 27th Birthday Jason…

With Love,





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  • Happy birth day! ^^
    Thank for your good work πŸ˜‰

  • giantqtipz 8 years ago

    hey jason happy birthday dude. keep your head up.

    my friend once told me this quote
    “money doesn't make you rich, but character does”

    and jason i think you're a very humble and generous guy (especially when you provide a free website with badminton videos)

    so once again happy birthday, and i hope you have an amazing year πŸ™‚

  • happy birthday! i'm also 27 and haven't really had any relationships. you're not alone there.

    keep up the good work with this site!

  • Happy Birthday to you. Wish all the best things come to you.

  • I wish I was 27 πŸ™‚ Happy b-day Jason. I have enjoyed your badminton site.

  • chiewshi 8 years ago

    Jason,happy birthday to you…cheers !!! happy smashing… =)

  • Happy Birthday Jason! πŸ™‚
    “I guess relationship with a girl is even harder then doing a jumping smash!” – totally agreed πŸ˜›

  • Chikako Sato 8 years ago

    Happy birthday!! & wish you the best year. Many thanks for great badminton videos.
    C Sato

  • Barry 8 years ago

    Jason,,my best wishes and warmes regards!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you……..
    stay young, stay cool……

  • Harms 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday from Germany ! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the good work. Every day i meet your side too see whats new.

  • badmintonfan 8 years ago

    Happy birthday Jason !

    I am 40yo this year and still single so hope that makes you feel better ? ;p

    Anyway, focus on your career, the rest will come naturally.

  • Mathijs 8 years ago

    Happy birthday ^^

  • Simon 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday! I'm so grateful for all that you've done!

  • teddbaker 8 years ago

    HAppy Birthday JASON… more power…

  • Barry 8 years ago

    Dear Jason, do not worry too much….
    Every pot deserved a cover, you very soon get one….
    Wo knows', maybe Wang Lin from china πŸ™‚
    Very pretty (out class) and smash you to death, ha ha !!

  • Happy Birthday Bro!

    Being single is not that bad btw, am single too and loving it everyday! πŸ™‚ And thanks again to your site that I get to watch all the cool badminton matches, keep it up!

  • falx25 8 years ago

    Happy birthday Jason! Thanks for your great work.

  • Lennart 8 years ago

    Jason, happy birthday!

    It takes a lot of time and effort before you can handle a jump smash. I'm sure that nobody has done a jumpsmash without practicing, and failing a 10000000 times. Just don't be afraid to fail at things on the way to your goal. Okay, some girls will reject you, but at the end you will find the one, I'm sure about that!

    Although you might see your bday as another day, please enjoy your 27th bday. Greetings, Lennart (I'll make an account on this site soon).

  • Guo hua 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday from singapore
    i'm 26 and single/ available too.
    like your character, straight forward, honest, something that you should be proud of.
    The right girl will appear one day.

  • haha.. keep it up…
    make it 40 yr old virgin… =P
    happy bday la dude!

  • OR@cLe 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jason..dun worry being a single is not that bad
    my sister once told me..during my doom stage of life hehe..(i dunno where she pick it up)

    “Woman are like apple on trees.The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they're afraid of getting hurt. So instead, they just take the apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy to get… The apples at the top of the tree think there's something wrong with them, when, in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along – one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top. =D

    p/s: maybe u can change it to man version =P.. & may u've a wonderful birthday this yr.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Many happy returns. My birthday falls on 31 August and if you are a Malaysian, that's like July 4th to Americans. You are a good man, won't be single soon.

  • boris777 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Wish you everything best and I am sure that one day, even without searching for her, you will find wonderful girl.
    I don't have the opportunity to play badminton as often as
    I would like, but at least, thankfully to you, I can watch as much badminton as I want;-)))

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, time and badminton passion with all of us!

    Greetings from Stara Zagora,Bulgaria;-)))

  • Haha I think there's alot of single men out there.. don't feel alone in this (I'm 20 and also never had a relationship before). Don't force yourself into doing something that doesn't come natural for you (at least when it comes to meeting the woman of your dreams :p).

    Happy birthday, love the site, and all the best for another “smashing” year. πŸ™‚

    Kind regards from Belgium.

  • joemel 8 years ago

    happy birthday hope that more bdays to come thanks for uploading videos take care happy birthday

  • brianleung 8 years ago

    Hey bro, happy birthday
    get out more and talk to people, who knows who you'll bump into… maybe the girl of your dreams =)
    keep up the good work with BFreak
    have a great day!

  • Happy birthday Jason.
    I really admire you for running this site, I hope you get lucky soon and find a girl πŸ˜‰

    greets from Belgium!

  • alfie11 8 years ago

    Happy belated bday jason…keep up your good work…..really worthfull and meaningful for us.

  • imike 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday from Poland. You're doing really good job

    Thanks a lot

  • Bernard 8 years ago

    Yo Bro XD .. Heppy Burthday MAn . Nah … dun worry bout the girls part man ..enjoy while u can . Tsk tsk tsk . She's somewhere out there man . u wil meet her one day . Sabar .

    Once again Happy 27th bday . Have a blastttttttttttttt.

  • Strenki 8 years ago

    Happy birth day Jason !

  • happy birthday jason πŸ™‚

    just wanna say, there are girls who like the true individual…straight-forward and honest. i'm sure the girl for you will come around soon enough.

    hope u have an awesome one πŸ™‚

  • B goh 8 years ago

    Many Returns of the day,mate and hope there will be many more.
    I am ex-malaysian who have lived in NZ for more than 30 years and like you am indeed a badminton freak and at my age still try to belt that shuttle.
    I have followed since the 60s and have watch all the greats play and my only claim to fame was when I played against James Selvaraj in the St.John's champs–of course I got my butt KICKED.

    Keep up the good work Jason as I visit your site virtually everyday and all my badminton mates are aware of it.


  • Happy Birthday. Thank you for making this site and giving latest videos on recent tournaments for free. Your a very nice individual and I hope all goes well for you. Have an amazing birthday!

  • Jericho 8 years ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. thanks for all the uploads! May you have lots of bdays to come… God Bless

  • happy birthday jason from indonesia

  • KL Simple 5800 8 years ago

    happy birthday Jason! Cheers!

  • kimchua 8 years ago


    Other famous people born on 15 January include; –
    Mary Pierce (Tennis player)
    Martin Luther King Jr
    Lee Teng Hui
    Lloyd Bridges, and not to mention
    Wikipaedia, which went online on 15/1/2001!

  • Peter 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday, although one day too late !!

    From Holland

  • Steven 8 years ago

    happy bday man! great job on the website..I thought u were a little older though. what a surprise! such young age to manage such a site

  • thoooo 8 years ago

    happy b

  • vincelaw 8 years ago

    One more time, Happy Birthday and May All Your Wishes Come True! πŸ™‚

  • Studx 8 years ago

    Happy Happy Birthday Jason!!

    Sorry for being late :D, didint have internet. Anyway, have a great weekend and dont drink too much ;).

  • Danny 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jason, Welcome to 27 yrs, so am i. We're pig in chinese Zodiac, haha….

    Chasing girls like chasing shuttle, take your initiative move. Passive and defensive usually wont make you scores. And be confidence once you smash on it. All the best to your project mate. Thank you for your badminton website so much, it really help me improved and understand a lot about badminton.

  • happy birthday…27..
    not too young not too old..
    but still possible to smash!!..hehe..

  • frankie 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jason from Toronto!!!

  • Karol 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jason. I am 35 and feel as young as being 27. I also felt lonely without a woman and found mine when was around your age. Still you should be happier at least wanting to live with somebody instead of believing it wouldn't be worthy.

  • Happy Birthday, Jason

  • happy birthday from boston! thanks for the videos this site is the best

  • nice guy 8 years ago

    best wishes!

  • nice guy 8 years ago

    best wishes!

  • Yeah !

    Happy birthday Jason !
    If I were a woman, I would do streaptease for you…unfortunatly it won't be possible.

    Anyway enjoy this new year and thank you for your job

  • Happy birthday!! πŸ˜€
    I don't think its your straigt forward, honest character that u didn't find a girl yet! It's like the others posted here, you didn't meet the girl of your life yet. The more you wait, the beatifull she will be and the more exciting your relationship will be. πŸ˜€

    thanks for badmintonfreak!!!

  • melvin 8 years ago

    why are you not uploading any videos anymore are you busy please download more tanx

  • Happy Birthday Jason, you're a nice guy, wish u all the best..

    so u have the same birthday with Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Hui Li 8 years ago

    Happy Birtherday, buddy.

  • Steven 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jason. All the good dedication that you provided may return you the same.

  • A belated happy birthday!
    My birthday is on the 15th Jan too!!! =)

  • canney yang 8 years ago

    happy birthday, you know honest is the best condition to look for a girl. good luck to you! your writings are good, I can see that you have very good family education. enjoy your life! i love the website you created!

  • Aoody 8 years ago

    HappY BirtH DaY Jason!!

    Thanks for a good web site and also your great time.

    ..Your fanclub from Thailand..

  • m0m0e 8 years ago

    happy birthday jason!
    sorry for the belated birthday wish~
    hope u`ll always stay happy and find someone soon!
    Perhaps u should try a men instead? XD(Kidding)

  • Ryan K 8 years ago

    happi birthday! Wish u all brand-new things this year

  • Long time no see~ I was in Malaysia >o<
    anywayz, happy birthday~ sorry about the late wish~

  • happy birthday…jason is always a friendly and helpful guy…btw, he's a good pianist too… thansk jason πŸ˜‰

  • Happy Birthday! Great Site! Great Work! Thanks for giving more visibility to such a great sport!

  • kenwowong 8 years ago

    Hi Jason and happy birthday. I am a Malaysian currently residing in Canada and recently started playing badminton again, after having left it for over 10 years.

    Thanks also for posting all the badminton videos on the site – I view them to try and improve my game. Keep up the good work.


  • foster31 8 years ago

    Happy Bday Jason, thank you for all the videos you've shared with us. Jesus loves you! God bless

  • jhocfein 7 years ago

    hi jason ! while browsing the net i accidentally read ur story above hehehe im celebratng mah 27 birthday 2m ! now im experiencing 100% same on wat u felt during ur 27 bday..hayz! at least we are happy for being what we r now…godbless n TC..:)