This exercise is used to provoke the core stability and the speed of the player. The player needs to make a lot of correction-steps to reach for the shuttles. This exercise develops great speed and balance when done often and throughout several months.

Feeder tries to make delayed strokes, see and trick shots to create variations and to force the player to make correction-steps and lose stability and balance.

NOTICE: Player tries to stay low, and making sure that the split step is very powerful. Player works with long lunges (steps) and tries to push back into the court as fast as possible.

NOTICE: It is very important, that the player reaches for all shuttles, even the impossible ones. It is often the impossible stroke that develops the player the most.

Focus Areas:
1. Fast feet and pushing back into the court
2. Reaching for all shuttles, even the impossible ones.
3. Being ready to make correction-steps and moves.


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