Morten Frost has tendered his resignation as the technical director after 2 years in charge. This is his second stint in Malaysia.

Once again, the badminton great, who still has four years of his contract as technical director with the Badminton Association of Malaysia, has cited ‘personal reasons’.

“Morten has resigned. We have accepted his decision,” Norza was quoted as saying by The Star. “We take it in an amicable way. We thank him for what he has done and wish him the best.”

Forst joined BAM in 2015 and has a contract to 2021. In an interview published by New Straits Times in June, Frost had said: “When I first came here, we were ranked number ten in the world and now we are number five. That shows that we have moved up quite a bit and we still have time to move up some more.”

He had also said he hoped to get closer again with three-time Olympic silver medallist Lee Chong Wei after a strained professional relationship.

In February this year, Lee vented his frustration when he learned Frost had told a close associate that his latest injury could be the end of his playing career.

This was following the MCL (medial collateral ligament) injury Lee suffered during training at the Badminton Academy Malaysia (ABM) in Bukit Kiara on Feb 4.

The issue between the two badminton icons could have stemmed from a personal clash in 2015. Frost was said to have disallowed coach Tey Seu Bock to accompany Chong Wei to the Japan Open then.

We wish Morten Frost all the best but it is a waste to let him go at this juncture. Once again, I am sure this has something to do with politics internally. Malaysia’s badminton does not look rosy at the moment!


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