I have many comments asking for the Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Men Singles Finals video. To be honest with you all, i don’t have it at the moment with me BUT…

There will be a replay of that match and ill get it done for you guys.

I had several issues that is bogging me down for slow posting. Here are some of the issues :-

1] Slow internet connection
2] My TV Card will hang while recording long matches. [Just don’t know why, that’s the reason i don’t have the men singles finals]
3] Time constraint

Keep your fingers crossed for the latest updates. Till then happy badminton. Oh yeah, ill be having a friendly match tonight myself. Wish me luck! 🙂


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  • Jason,

    We understand, you do all this for nothing and we do appreciate that a lot. This match has a lot of interest amongst the “malaysia boleh” fans including me. It will be a classic match though on record, LCW won in straight sets but it took him nearly an hour (52 min.) to achieve this feat. Some rubber set games lasted less than that. When I come to KL, I must treat you to a free lunch. Take your time to download this match.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Kim : Your comments made my day! 🙂 Consider it done Kim!

  • adeline 9 years ago

    i dunno u but thanks too! and looking forward for those finals videos…

  • betul2_bosan 9 years ago

    go go.. jason boleh.. waiting for the vid.. thanks in advance

  • joker 9 years ago

    Good luck bro…..just hope u will upload the lcw vs lindan video soon…tc

  • yivon 9 years ago

    ya….me too just hopefully can watch the match soon
    n thnx a lot 2 u coz upload so many matching 4 us…thank you^^

  • Jason,

    your website mean a lot to badminton fans especially for those who had missed out the fansatstic tournament from Malaysia Badminton Team,really appreciate your hardwork for sharing all the tournament videos.
    Even I had watched the live matches for Swiss Open Final between Chong Wei vs Lindan,I still wish to watch it again and again as Kim said,this is the classic match for Chong wei and for Malaysia badminton supporters as well.
    Nice to meet you all Badminton supporters and fans here.
    Btw,just about to ask you,would you mind to send me the link of where to download the videos as I wish to keep it as memory as well..thanks a lot and appreciate your reply.

    Chiew Shi.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To chiewshi : I will have a download section later. Time constraint la… But i hope i can grab that match soon and share with you all ok? Thanks for dropping by! ^^

  • teddbaker 9 years ago

    many thanks really for the effort. me and friends here in UK are indeed waiting for the MS Finals. Good Luck

  • Sure sure,take your time,your hardwork for this website is really appreciated.
    Thanks for your reply,nice day ahead. 🙂

  • Jason, thanks for what you have managed to upload so far. Hope you managed to win your ‘friendly’ – is there such a thing in badminton??? Remeber: ‘No Mercy’!

  • Shriley 9 years ago

    To Jayson,

    Thanks alot for your replied.I’m looking forward for those final videos…

    Have a wonderfull day!!!Cheers

  • annie 9 years ago

    jason, i been recommending ur site to sum of my frens and family and the number keeps growing! thanks.

  • Hey jason,

    You’ve got a bomb of a site man! thanks heaps for uploading all the videos, it is great especially for fans living in countries where badminton is not televised. I really admire your dedication.. especially doing up the site and uploading the videos at your own free will and precious spare time. We are truelly thankful to you my friend!

    Keep up the great work!

  • wirabiru 9 years ago

    Thx a lot to you Jason. I found your website thru youtube. Since last three days, I keep coming to your website hoping that you will upload video LCW vs LD (men single final, 2009 swiss open). I missed the semi-final and final of swiss open. Hopefully you manage to upload the video which I think Astro showing the replay today starting from 2.00pm which I miss again because I’m working. Thx for your hard work.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To wirabiru : Will be up soon. Internet slow in uploading. Big file you know…

    • jason 9 years ago

      To wirabiru : Will be up soon. Internet slow in uploading. Big file you know… 🙂