Any of you have Malware problems on this site? Comments are appreciated.




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  • sonicboom 7 years ago

    yeah have some with this site…

  • Kabir 7 years ago

    My antivirus software shows threats when I browse this website.

  • Labucci1 7 years ago

    Yes there are a lot of problems of malware on this website…..

  • Greiner Axel 7 years ago

    yes, I get warnings from AntiVir Personal if I surf your sight.
    Thanks for your effort, it is a great job!

  • chris 7 years ago

    I never have any trouble on your site, and i have threatfire installed – on active scan it finds nothing harmful, perhaps one of the scripts in the html code looks like malware to some antivirus?

    ….anyway pleeeeeease can we have semis and finals of all world championship 2010 games?! lots of people have liked my request in the other thread… england loves your site!

  • For sure. It has malware for the a long time already. It evens can hijack your URL to other site

  • Sewkym 7 years ago

    yes, plenty…and it always provoke a lot of pop-up windows as well, which i need to disable in my browser.

  • Ulrich Stengel 7 years ago

    I had a malware problem and kept a trojaner which injected the explorer.exe, the wininit.exe and hlp.dat.
    But I don't know from where.
    Problem was solved with rescue-CD and a few hours of work.