Malaysia made history by beating Denmark in their final group game to qualify for the Semi Finals of the Sudirman Cup 2009 for the first time.

Malaysia gain victory in the Men Singles (Lee Chong Wei), buy Men Doubles (Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong) and Women Singles (Wong Mew Choo).

Denmark meanwhile sneaked 2 points from the Mixed Doubles and Women Doubles event.

Malaysia will take on mighty China in the semi finals. Bring the Great Wall on.

Malaysia vs Denmark Sudirman Cup Results :-


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  • i am happy that Malaysia made it to the semis..but WPT/CEH need to raise their’s quite surprising they lost to the Danes pair..anyway, i can’t wait for the match against China~^^

    • jason 9 years ago

      To peq : They have nothing to play for. They can take it easy.. Already win ma! ^^

  • but still that they don’t need to play the 3rd game and then gave up…. I hope they can make it up when they play China pair 2 days later.

  • Sinned 9 years ago

    Your right πŸ˜‰
    Hope they’ll manage it^^

    Really looking forward to see as much MS and MD from Malaysia as possible πŸ˜›


  • kim chua 9 years ago

    Malaysia has a 1 in 10 chance to beat China. The line up has to be this.

    MS – LCW of course
    LS – WMC of course
    MD – KKK and TBH
    LD – Ng Hui Lin and En Hui
    MX – KKK and WPT

    Rexy has to talk KKK/WPT up, they need to steal a point from the chinese in the XD and the Ladies Doubles “bo-pein, sure liao one”. Let the LD goes as sacrificial lamb. Rexy might sacriice LD in order to spring a surprise. Let’s hope more cheers for the Malaysians tomorrow.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To kim chua : Malaysia won’t get any point from mixed doubles no matter what combination. It’s better Malaysia bank on Lee Chong Wei, KKK/TBH and Wong Mew Choo.

  • what a glory day for Msia badminton team last nite..proced to 1st ever Sudirman Cup Semi final..
    Looking forward tomorrow match vs CHina. Honestly,it’s a really a tough challenge,even Indonesia team also lost 0-5 to CHina team last night,anyway,hope for the miracle and the most important is Msia team fight till the end !!! Looking forward especially Chong Wei vs Lin dan again after Swiss Open..not forget the rest of the Msia team,meow choo,kkk+tbh,pei tty+ee hui,as well as mixed double…honestly,I like the Faruizzizuan’s attitude,young,energetic and aggresiveness…this is the power Msia team need it…wish Msia team all the best for tomorrow semi final match,jia you jia you,fight till the end !!!

  • Oh, the match between Lin and Lee, and the double Fu/Cai vs KKK/TBH are guaranteed to be mouth watering matches~ can’t wait to see them in action!

  • i agree wit u Jason..WS has a better prospect of delivering the points for M’sia than XD..and of coz we can’t rely on WD too..;]

  • cooler 9 years ago

    u are the coolest person on planet

  • Jason,

    Rexy “heard” me. The line-up is trying to steal a point from the XD and allowing LD as sacrificial lamb. See my note above, I did predict a Hui Lin?En Hui line up. I saw WPT played XD, she’s not a pushover and Mohd. Tazari has been given an order”do your country proud and LYB watch out!!”

    • jason 9 years ago

      Kim : Are you rexy in disguise? haha.. Just joking… Anyway it’s still an tall order for Malaysia to steal a point from the mixed doubles. Hard…

  • wilson 9 years ago

    whatever it is, it sure will be an entertaining nite. hope lcw n kkk/tbh and of coz wmc can bring their top forms to court.

  • Jason,why you said Fairuzizuan is cold and hot player ? hehe…what is that mean ? unstable performances ?
    Btw,though Msia was lost to CHina just now,but then those who watch the match just now will definitely enjoyed it…especially kkk+tbh that match,excited level really high enough even though end up they still lost to china pair.Anyway,Msia team had tried their best to work it out…aim for semi final is achieved too !!! Looking forward their performance in next coming up badminton super series !!!

    • jason 9 years ago

      To chiew shi : Yeah… Sometimes play good sometimes play bad. You can clearly it from his doubles performance. One round they are world beaters and the next round the play like school boys! ^^

  • chiew shi 9 years ago

    To jason,
    unstable performance always the common issues among Msia players actually…just like kkk+tbh last time,but recently their performance seems maintain in aggressiveness stage even though they had lost to china pair last night,but they did played pretty well. What I always enjoy while watching badminton is the excitement level which raise from players aggressiveness attitude,especially Chong Wei,he is really a good attitude player,always enjoy watching his match because no matter how the end results,he will just like take it easy and never give up,never and never see he is giving up while playing in the badminton court,even left points behind the opponent,he will still keep on his aggressiveness and try the best to get every points he could even it is game point or match point for opponent…no matter he win or lose,he will always show his respect to his opponent and even give his opponent a big clap…that is why no matter Chong wei win or lost in the match,I will always enjoy watching the match he plays !!!

  • or@cLe 9 years ago

    to Chiew shi: well said~ =D

  • chiewshi 9 years ago

    btw,we should thanks to jason,as he is creating a great column for badminton fans to leave comments and exchange point of views as well…thanks to jason again… πŸ™‚
    btw,I just cant wait next year thomas and uber cup at Msia,extremely wish to support Msia team at stadium,just that Thomas and uber cup always crash with my final exam…:-<
    Looking forward next super series sharing and discussion πŸ™‚

  • oR@cLe 9 years ago

    same-same chiewshi =D

    ..n yeahh~~ to Jason..thanxx a lot for ur good effort n also for the great videos u’ve for us.. thank u=D

  • chiew shi 9 years ago

    nice to meet you,Oracle…:-οΌ‰here is really a great space to meet up with badminton fans…cheers !!!