Lin Dan’s unorthodox grip really caught my attention during the 2009 All England tournament. To be honest i wasn’t aware about this until the commentator commented on his half naked grip.

Lin Dan’s method of grip is very rare among badminton players. So what is the reason of him doing so? According to reports, this forces Lin Dan into using the full length of the grip since he used to always hold his racket about halfway up the grip, no matter which shot he played.

I guess Lin Dan’s feel more comfort doing so by putting the grip tape half way only. We can’t condemn on what he is doing because he is winning matches with it. Why change on your winning formula when it’s working?

For me, i don’t like to waste my grip tape. I would use the whole grip tape and cover my grip higher then normal. That’s how i like it.

I usually hold my grip lower when i am at the baseline while move it up higher when i am in front of the net. The main reason for me doing so is that holding the grip further down generates more power. At the front court we need more control thus i hold my racket grip slightly higher above the middle point.

Every player has a different way to express themselves. So that’s how Lin Dan holds his grip. How about you all? What do you think about Lin Dan’s unorthodox grip and how do you grip your racket?

Oh yeah this if the first time i am using flickr. Hope i have done a good job. Advice on how to optimize flickr is also appreciated.

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  • Blaap 8 years ago

    Yeah, i knew Lin Dan had a other grip. But now in the pictures i see it more clearly. And hehehe you didn’t picked the best shot of Lin Dan out there xD.

  • David 8 years ago

    I’ve allready seen the last pic in the badminton central forum and I think this grip is the one from Taufik Hidayat.

    i know he uses the same sort of grip than Lin Dan

  • toothfearie 8 years ago

    Same here, long grip for clears and short grip nearer to the net. Also have a backhand grip and a forehand grip. But my friend says to use the same grip for all shots, still researching on that.

  • john rey 8 years ago

    hmmmmm i will try using this kind of grip on my game….maybe i would be like them playing…hmmmm lol

  • me too, front court, I go higher to get some speed , back court , go lower to gain more power,
    I think that’s some kind of Lin dan’s show off, just like Sigit budiarto, who did the grib thing other way around.
    what else we can say, they are pros, everything they do, always bazaar but right.

  • Raymond Chang 8 years ago

    nope thats not taufik cause hes not left handed :O lol

  • Jonathan 8 years ago

    Not my taste of grip.

  • jason gt any new match video?

  • Amin Khalili 8 years ago

    His method (Half racket , mouth expression when smashing and some other) same like Taufik Hidayat .

  • smashard 8 years ago

    i think, using half grip is difficult when you begin to control shuttle specially in the front court. after you get use to it, you dont need to change positions all the time. since everytime we change, perhaps loosing some seconds(0.04s-0.07s), touch feelings and concentration. And i think the half grip forces him not changing position.

  • wow a nice griping…i dn’t think so f i can handle like dat bt i never try dat once bt i want to try dat griping style…in rubber grip it can be done ?hmmmmmm

  • is there recently any badminton tournament open to the public??? please can any one reply me??

  • jason 8 years ago

    What sort of badminton tournament that you are looking for?

  • cc tournament that are open to public anyone

  • Mr.D. 8 years ago

    To Toothfearie:

    When beginning with badminton, they learn you the two grips: for forehand and backhand use. As you know, you have to switch from fore- to backhand. this takes time even if it is a split of a second (some players need more time…:) )Since the game is geting faster, they’ve come up with a “mixture” of both grips so they won’t have to change their grip anymore.

    So that’s why.

  • szeto 8 years ago

    is he holdin’ a yonex racket but with lingning logo on the string?

  • Shubhanan 8 years ago

    nah.. can’t be..

    bUt I don’t know much about li ning but they seem to make clones of yonex 🙁 to me atleast.. don’t know if I saw them wrong but if you see what YY rackets chinese players used, their respective li ning racket color patterns match exactly!! e.g. Dan’s AT700, Cai Yun’s NS9000, Bao’s ARC10 etc etc..

    anybody observed this?

  • Ryan Ichiro 8 years ago

    Yea Because Many Times i See China Player Play They Rackets Logo Is Li-Ning But The Rackets Is Like Yonex Just Look The rackets use by Lindan In The All England And The Rackets he Use Now

  • adrian 8 years ago

    haha now i know that Lin Dan has a different grip.

  • adrian badana 8 years ago

    haha i wish i can play better than Lin Dan.

  • Passerby 8 years ago

    Your comment about Lin Dan's grip style being wasteful is nonsense with no logical thought whatsoever. If you can use only half of a full grip tape to replicate Lin Dan's half way down grip style, you're not seriously thinking about throwing away the other half, when you could have easily gripped another racquet with that other half in the same way, are you?

  • You can't!!!!!!! because lin dan is better than you!!!!

  • Base on observation, Lin dan is using what I called “basic grip”. He used to train this type of gripping so he can consistently do the right angle when he hits the shuttle cock.
    He is really amazing player!