The match where most of you are waiting for! Lin Dan took on Taufik Hidayat in the French Open 2009 men singles finals badminton super series event.

It has been a long time since this two players met in a finals as Lin Dan does not appear quite often in the world badminton scene as he chooses his tournaments. Meanwhile, click Taufik had trouble winning tournaments even without the likes of Lin Dan and Chong Wei.

So this is a match where most people and badminton lovers would love to see. Match of two super great champions in badminton. Enjoy the finals and i am sure you will enjoy it as much as i do!

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Set 1

Set 2

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  • Jason,
    Thanks for posting this match, I’ve waited long for it.
    Could I still buy some beer for you as my appreciation?

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Anna : Ill put the beer thing up later. Busy with the matches. Got a few more haven’t put up. Most importantly, you must enjoy yourself ok? ^^ Cheers..

  • Jason,
    Thanks again for posting all these matches for us.

  • Muhammad Afzal 8 years ago

    What a fantastic math, very superb & constant performance by Lin Dan from a long period, it is the real kind a Champion though Toufiq Hadayat is my favourit yet Lin Dan is very exiting player of Badminton World. Please Jason some of Lee Chong We’s math if available.

    Thanks a lot

  • M Noorsyah 8 years ago

    Thanks yupz

  • David 8 years ago

    Thanks a lot Jason. You do a very great job for us 🙂

    Once again, it’s cool to see super lin dan in action.
    I think that li-ning should give him a blue shirt with an S on it. 🙂

  • Watching this match it’s safe to say that the only thing that probably interests Lin Dan is another gold medal at the Olympics. And in a way I do feel sorry for players like Taufik and Gade who are great players and did set the bar higher for world badminton a few years ago. Now the bar has been raised by Lin and it will interesting to see who if anyone in the future can exceed that level. Of course Lin Dan also has to give thanks to having been able to play great players like Gade and Taufik which helped him raise his game. Without great players to lose to and beat, one cannot get greater. Someday when Lin Dan retires maybe his detractors will realize that Lin was arguably the best clutch badminton player the world has ever known. It’s stunning how he can smother superb players like Taufik and Gade at will. Hat’s off to Lin Dan.

  • Great match!

  • Lefty888 8 years ago

    Jason, you are awesome! Thanks for the upload!

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Just too good, Lin Dan only ever use his back hand agaisnt weaker players, he was toying with Taufik. There was a time when Taufik could give LD a run for his money, but looks like LD has just raised his level beyond anyone now, esp his net play, just superb. Just too good and once again he’s proven it. Lin Dan is probably the best who ever played the game.

  • Sebestian 8 years ago

    well analyzed SF, this man has mastered the art of badminton at the back of his palms.
    Hats off and great respect to Lin Dan.
    He has gotten alot more matured over the years too.

  • Lennart 8 years ago

    Lin Dan obv the best player in the world, for now. I totally agree with SF, and I wonder if Lin dan can hold on to keep improving himself. Chen Jin and Chen Long are comming up fast and I think they will be the stars from the next generation.

  • lin dan just toying with taufik…!

  • Weiwei 8 years ago

    Hi Jason, the link of the second game is broken, I couldn’t watch it.

  • Chiang Shih-Hwang 8 years ago

    I totally agreed with SF said.
    When we saw both players in this game, the footwork of Lin Dan is much easier than Taufik. And Lin Dan seemed to have more time to play, that is why he covered course well
    But Taufik is also great that we can not catch him up.

  • Blaap 8 years ago

    Not working atm =(

  • Henry 8 years ago

    can someone please fix the current link to this match? it is not working for me. thanks

  • kristi 8 years ago

    hey jason, links are down, please help

  • Tuomas 8 years ago

    Video is not working :/ It says: file not found…

  • kmbraj 8 years ago

    Could not see the videos,,could any one repair..

    thanks in advance

  • Steven 8 years ago

    thank u jason!
    really wanna see lin dan get a Malaysia open title before he retires..tat seems to be the only title that he hasn’t won …i think he’s missing Indonesia and Asian games title?

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Steven : I guess there’s no stopping Lin Dan at the moment… -_-

  • is it just me or is the second set video still not working?

  • wow lin dan was awesome. his confidence and his remarkable skills are his main keys, no one could beat him at the moment. though taufik lost,but he’s showing an improving performance in every game he played after he decided to go pro. but again, if he wants to beat lin dan and lee chong wei, he has to speed up the improvement before he’s too old for it.

  • and oh yeah thanks to jason for uploading videos from french open 🙂 cheers!!

  • Hi: Sorry, but I have trouble playing Part III. Can you please check? Thanks. Many thanks for loading these videos. You are awesome.

  • Jason:
    The second video still does not work. I am pretty sure that the url for the video is wrong.
    Can you plz fix it. Itching to see the second game


  • Tatsky 8 years ago

    Great Work Jason, keep up and thanks a lot.

  • Steven 8 years ago

    i would agree but he still hasn’t won those tournments yet..hopefully i will see it before he retires

  • james 8 years ago

    Jason, you are great, thanks. Awesome, super Lin dan is a real number one, i really enjoyed it! And Taufiq hidayat, next time better.

  • Hi Jason thanks again for posting this brilliant match
    Would you mind posting the men singles final for tis year’s world championship?
    thanks again

  • Great Lin Dan!

  • mingwei 8 years ago

    first of all, thanks so much for the match!!! always exciting to see lin dan play. hope there will be more of him in the future 🙂 secondly,…. lin dan seems to be so bored right now, no competition from any one….

  • Notellingyou 8 years ago

    The thing about Taufik which i really wished he didn’t have is that, once he’s under pressure he just makes simple errors and the thing about Lin Dan is that, as what the commentator said, “when he’s under pressure,he just ups his game” and that’s where Taufik gives away points. This is why Taufik is unable to beat Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei for the recent years.

  • The thing I want to stress and to be fair to Taufik is that he is almost 30 years old .. Gade is over 30. That is old in most sports careers including badminton. Nature states that as you get older your maximum heart rate lowers. Sure, as you get older you gain more experiance but the younger players are also gaining in experiance and they are getting stronger and faster physically. Much of singles is all about cardio, and if you cant keep up, you wont do well. You can have the most awesome shots but if you cant even move to get to the shuttle on time, what good is that? Id hate to see Taufik still playing in his mid 30’s in some no name crap tournament and getting smoked by young teens. That would be really sad.

  • JeppeK 8 years ago

    Fantastic match!
    I just have to say.. this is the best site for badmintonmatches, no doubt. Great job Jason!
    Another thing.. Lin Dan is my absolute favourite but where is LCW? Haven’t seen him since.. world championship or something like that. Is he on a training camp as the chinease players were earlier this year?

  • what a great performance from both players!
    Such a long time that Taufik Hidayat did not play such a high level, but what a great tournament he made!
    Regarding Lin Dan, what a fantastic champion! he seems to move easily, always seems to have time to react, analyse the game and have option for the next shot! great art!

    thanks Jason for your effort to supply us such videos!

  • Matze 8 years ago

    Hey Jason, I can just say: great work:)

    ANother thing I’d just like to know is: why did u post these videos on youtube now and not like before as falsh videos? cuz I liked them much better when they were flash vids I don’t know whether anybody else has got the same opinion?!

    Anyways on youtube or as flash vid great games and also the games of the junior championships:)


  • awesome jason thanx, thanx & thanx

    Lin dan is oustanding, & he keeps up to his position, all the time, what a player….I wish taufiq steps up for his career

  • doreen 8 years ago

    hi, Jason
    just able to view the match due to breakdown of my pc!
    fantastic n great match of super dan , taufik is playing well too. thank you so much for your hard work.

  • I can’t see the vedio windows.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    You can see it in Taufiks face in the first game, he knew it was gonna be a long long night. I can almost hear him saying ” give me anyone, lcw, gade, anyone but Lin Dan in the finals!” Lin Dan was sweating but did you see the waterfall comming down Taufik’s face? holy crap Lin made him run around the court like a rented mule! The days of Taufik’s talent getting him by are over. Talent and racket skills are one thing but if your body cant move like it used to or faster when you need to then it’s over. If Taufik had taken badminton with a little more sense of urgency when he was in his prime back then he would have had an all england and maybe another big one. It’s clear from this match that there is a passing of the gaurd. it wont be long when Taufik is easily beaten by no-namers who will do anything to prove themselves.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    2005 seemed like a long time ago, at the WC, Taufik beat LD, 15-6, 15-low score, it was LD who was on the receiving end. However, LCW beat Taufik by the same low score at Indon Final. Taufik never said or think “give me LCW, PG” anytime, its your (Nomad) own imagination, your limited badminton knowledge showing up again. You are therefore welcome to watch LD playing at East Asian Final, twice he was leading but lost to a korean ranked 777 in the world. Your hero got his ass kicked. He is coming to Malaysian Open, watch his ass got kicked again.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Sorry kim but with my limited badminton knowledge i have to say i disagree. fist of all, you make it sound like LD was losing to Taufik every single time they played a few years ago..if you check the stats the head to head record for Taufik and Ld is 12 to 4 in favour of LD not counting team matches as of 2007. It’s worse now. 2nd- yes, during the french Taufik never said give me lcw or gade anytime, it is just my 2 cents and a bit of a “joke”. If you dont know what “joke” means look it up on wikipedia. But ill forgive you because it seems that you have a grasp of “limited english”. 3rd, I never said lin dan was my “hero” . look up all my oppinions on this site and you will never find the word “hero” until YOU said it. So bro, dont say that i put words into Taufiks mouth while you try to put words in mine. And 4th ,Ld has lost to very low ranked what? You think Taufik and gade and lcw have never choked in games to crap players? Why dont you ask Taufik if hes lost to any players with a lower ranking then he does? And lastly, i dont think LD gives a piss about winning in Malsaysia unless the olympics, worlds or the all England is held there. why should he? Hes the current 3 time world champion and olympic , do you think for one second he gives a rats ass if he loses….the Malaysian Open? You think i stay up sleepness nights sulking if LD loses in Malaysia? uh…Think again…bro.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    Nomad, sorry if I misunderstood you. I can only read your message, I can’t read what’s inside your little head with huge ego (its only a joke…). Yes I do get a feeling each time you mention LD, he is like an untouchable. Don’t always believe you are perfect cos none of us is. This is not the first you time you are kissing LD’s arse, each time I read your comment, you seem to praise him and while I respect what you wrote, don’t through shit on me on what I write, more so on my English. I just flew from Bali to Singapore today. In Bali, I spoke Indonesia, in Singapore I spoke their native dialet, Malay, English and Mandarin, do you speak these languages like I do?
    I can agree with you on their HTH clash, but each time you kiss LD’s arse again, I will respond accordingly. However, not all you said are shits. What I am trying to say is “what seems to be very right to you may not seem to be very right to others.’ At Sydney Olympic, the best dumb Q was from an american woman who asked “I don’t like flying but if I drive from Oregan to Sydney, how long does it take..”

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Kim..the reason why i praised Lin Dan is because of his achievements, and for that he deserves to be praised. Had he won nothing in the last 6 years i would not have praised him. Also, this affirmation of Ld does not mean that i dislike LCW or Taufik or etc. If lwc where to come to my country to play i would buy a ticket to see him without hesitation. I have never insulted anyone or their country in my comments on this site. I just respond to ppl who seem to take a zealful acception to my comments. Let me be the first to say that iam not a badminton champ, never played with ex champs, been proffesionally coached etc. Iam just a humble badminton peasant..and all my oppinions come from the games ive watched and stats and my common sense, thats all. i never said my comments were devine, i never pooh poohed others who have differring opinnions, i never bragged about myself about what i have or this or that. but you know , where i come from ,there is nothing wrong with praising someone who is a winner and a champion. And NO, despite what others may think…iam not born from China and i have never been there in my life. Fewyears ago i used to like Taufik’s game better then Lins’..but you know what..i too have to face the fact that LD has the trophies. What am i supposed to say?..”oh, Lin dan has won so much, what a loser!”

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    I have said many times that LD is a great player, probably one of the best ever. He comes from the same province as my grandfather so I have no reason to dislike him. What I chose to differ is, unknowingly and unwittingly, you always mention LCW in a disrespectful manner, for example, in his match against LD, you mentioned that TH wished he had faced LCW or PG etc, what would you know? LCW is a national treasure in Malaysia, a knighted sportsperson. He is never arrogant, always the first to turn up for training at 6:30 am, always gives his best even during training. You mention LCW again when comparing him to a mother of one C Reid and said “would LCW be as good if he has a 9 to 5 job” Ok, for a typical ignorant north american like you, Malaysia’s sportsman are great scholars, LCW might had been a Doctor if he didn’t give up his career for badminton. Many ex Malaysian badminton internationals are Chartered Accountants like me, Malaysia’s fastest asian sprinter, Jagathesan, is a medical Doctor. Are you or C Reid Medical Doctors or Chartered Accountants? Keep LD as your hero, Malaysia does not need you to like LCW, don’t body forces you.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Yet again Kim you seem to love putting words into my mouth for me. For the record, and you can check, I have never said anything bad about LCW. And as for your comment about LCW wanting to face anyone other then LD. That’s partly true. I mentioned that as a joke. Also that comment is toward TAUFIK not LCW. Please feel free to scroll up on this page and LOOK CAREFULLY. You will find that this page is for Taufiik vs LD in the French Open. So they next time you comment about how iam disrespectful to whom ever, why dont you try to READ MORE CAREFULLY for a change? This page has videos on Taufik vs Ld, how you pulled LCW’s name into this discussion is beyond me but it shows how easily you get angry over nothing. As for LCW being a “national treasure” and being “knighted”..good for him. I dont ever recall myself dissing him. But hey , just in case someone else on this site “disses” lcw and before you go into another angry rampage on them, try to lighten up a bit. Try to understand that even the queen on england gets boos now and then. As for Malaysian athletes being doctors and etc, great for them and you too! Although strangely,I dont recall ever dissing Malaysian athletes or culture. But you seem to “assume” that i hate Malaysian culture for some reason.i dont even recall using the word” hate” on this site until now. You even assume LD is my “hero”. Yes i like Ld’s game but i do like and respect alot of others as well. I dont even recall my using the word “hero” on this site until you brought it up, oddly. but you know what Kim, i think i know what will make you feel better. Since you so obviously like to take exception with anyone who praises LD more then LWC ill say what you want to please you. goes. MAN, LCW IS THE GREATIST AND THAT SCUMBAG LD CANT EVEN BEGIN TO COMPARE WITH LCW. I MEAN, WHAT LD ONLY GOT 4 AE CAUSE HE LUCKED OUT. AND THE OTHER MATCHES MUST HAVE ALL BEEN FIXED. STINKING LIN DAN..WHAT A PATHETIC LOSER! Are you happy now Kim?

  • I think what Kim tried to suggest, although did not put properly into words.. is that no match is won until it's been played. In theory any oponent has at least the chance to win in a match versus Lin Dan. You bringing up the joke (although yes, that could be deduced from your way of phrasing) of Taufik rather having LCW or PG as an oponent, made Kim to believe that they were lesser players and he stood more chance winning against them.

    In many ways, this could be argued, this is true. But don't write off players that haven't even played him in that time, on that occasion, under those circumstances. Especially when you're basically talking about the best players in the world (at this moment).

    No need to get so “touchey feeley” (reference to Gill's remark about a doubles match:p) over such small a matter. Everyone is entittled to an opnion, and some, more than others, tend to take alot of statements personally, when they were not written with such an intention.

    I love seeing Lin Dan play, not under the assumption that he'll win either way, but under the assumption that he'll give his all and give us a good match, and in doing so, take the sport to whole new levels.

  • kimchua 8 years ago


    You are 20 but matured beyond your years. At Oz tennis Open at the moment, the 2 Belgium girls, Justin and Kim are still doing well. I tried to generate some interest in this forum and guess I did ok, lots of people are commenting now. Good to see and I should retire soon.

  • Personally I want Kim to win :). She's from the northern part of Belgium. Although I think Henin is a better player overall, and can handle pressure alot better.

    Anyways Kim you shouldn't stop commenting.. everyone deserves a point of view and if it invokes discussion, it's all the better for it :p.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Its ok. Its good to see this site has 10,000 hits a day. Now for vision 2020. Jason might have 20k hits in 6 months now. How? include other features like Wedding photos of key players, singing prowess of Li Yong Bo, he is probably the best singer who plays badminton. How LCW trains, interview with the coaches. I might start one by sending one of these to Jason to upload. May be others might have some opinion too, what do you think Matty? Alpha, Nat and all great badminton experts here?

  • I would definately want some background video's on the players.. they're hard to come by.. ESPECIALLY training sessions.

    You have those? Cause there's only a few of them on youtube.. I'd really love to see that.

    I'm all for it if you have the material! I'm from Belgium and we don't really have anything to contribute to the international scene :p.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    I swear you two are like lesbian lovers or something. Everytime Little kimmy talks, Fatty comes on to stroke his ego..its they'relike two peas in a pod.. 2 zits on one nose…2 weiners on one bun. You two should get a room, a bowl of grape, and a fan made out of papaya leaves, then as Kimmy eats the grapes Fatty fans him till he sighs. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Nomad coward, back to your old self again. You are the third person on this site who follows the same pattern. First someone disagrees with you, then you created false identities, then you throw insults. 2 other persons have since did the same thing as you did. Unknown to you, you are losing all respects while Matty stood tall. I am now in Bkk for my 2nd holiday in 2 months. Thanks for filling up my time. If you need to satisfy your desire, you have a right hand, don't you?

  • You know us so well, that's exactly what we were doing.

    I love people who hate that they're talked down upon, but do so on a regular basis as a troll to anyone who has another opinion than them. There's no need to get personal and I in no shape or form have attacked you personally.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Hahahahaha, you two really are lovers. I love teasing Little Kimmy just so i can see Fatty come out to stroke him. And I even deliberatley made these comments just to see if you two dorks would pick up on it….surprise! Well, to my shock its clear you two got nothing better to do then to go on every page and check ALL the comments to see who said what. Hahahahaha. Well, Kimmy im not suprised youre still yapping here , i said before you got some form of a bad addiction you cant seem to shake. As for respect here on this fan site, get over yourself dork, i could care less.hahahahahahhaa.You think everyone here respects you for all the crap youve written? and you written alot..i mean A LOT. And as for you Fatty, i swear once again when i see Little Kimmys comments, yours is sure to follow. It's as sure as Judas will betray Jesus. Heres my advice to you Fatty, try having your oppinion instead of constantly ” licking kimmys boots” It's clear to everyone that kimmys the resident ” know it all dork” and your the apprentice.Hahahahaha.. IT'S FUNNY CAUSE IT'S TRUE! HAHAHAHHHAHHHHA

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Nomad you are a bad person and i hate chu! I have more respect then yous cause i know everything and everone honors me here. iam badminton god and iam respected by everyone here. i have no time to deal wit yous but i have alot of time only to check every comment every made here.esp my own comment cause i likes to read my writtings.

  • Matty 8 years ago

    I agree with you Kim, as i always do. I love your oppinions because you are so right. Kim, you are the pope of badminton and a true beacon of light on this site.Your words continue to inspire me and drive me to excellence day after day.And someday when you are no longer able to dispence your worldly wisdom here I hope and pray that I can pick up after where you left off. May the gos bless you Kim and may Nomad burn in the fires of hell. ps- I love you Kim.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    I know you love me Matty. I love myself too.

  • Funny, you accuse people of something you do yourself.. say if you weren't writing all these comments, how would we check them and reply to them? You're doing the exact same thing.

    Before you throw any stones take a good look at yourself, and I do agree I love interacting. Especially when it's about badminton. I think you and I can both agree that we both love badminton, or else we wouldn't be here now would we. I do check the comments because I like other people's input, I value yours too, funnily enough.

    Anyway, you've had your laughs, you're proud of your mischievous ways. I love bringing happiness to people, so I'm glad I made your day.

  • HEY how bout this screw Kim and Nomad for talking bout useless S H I T

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Youre welcome to join Fatty and Kimchi in their love orgy if you want Gay Jay. Hahahahahahahahahahaaa. Admit it, you love this useless shit, why else would you comment , Gay Jay?

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    As long as Jay screws me first, i dont care what he does with his shuttle cock.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    The above is SF's comment impersonating me

  • isnaini 8 years ago

    nice game,bravo taufik